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Jack o'lantern

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Frank and Gerard help their daughter carve a pumpkin. Short one-shot.

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"I want this one!" six year old Yasmin grinned, pointing at a medium sized, slightly elongated pumpkin. Frank and Gerard sighed in amusement and relief and walked the few steps towards their daughter.

The family had been at the pumpkin farm for over an hour. The couple had each found their own pumpkins within the first fifteen minutes and had spent the rest of the time following Yasmin around while she closely inspected each pumpkin she passed.

"You sure, Yas?" Frank asked, handing his pumpkin over to Gerard so he could kneel down beside her. She nodded vigorously, her black locks falling into her face with the movement. Frank smiled fondly, pushing her hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind her ear before twisting her pumpkin off the stem and lifting it up. He shifted it onto his hip and grasped Yasmin's hand in his own. "C'mon then, princess. Let's go carve these babies up!"


Gerard rolled his eyes as Frank and Yasmin raced through the hallway as soon as he'd opened the door, leaving him to bring the three pumpkins inside. He kicked the door shut once he'd balanced them in his arms and carried them through into the kitchen where Frank was already setting out bowls and various pieces of cutlery. He placed the pumpkins on the island and pressed a kiss to his husbands cheek as he passed, taking pleasure in the fact he could still make Frank blush with a simple gesture after all the years they had been together.

Gerard slid into the stool beside Yasmin and picked up one of the coloured pens she'd gotten out of her drawing set. He watched for a moment as Yasmin carefully drew two triangles onto the front of her pumpkin as eyes, the tip of her tongue poking out the side of her mouth in concentration, a trait she'd inherited from Frank. Taking the cap off the pen, he turned back to his own pumpkin and began to draw out his own design.

His drawing slowly took the shape of Jack Skellington's face and he sat back in his chair, impressed. He smiled when he saw Frank's pumpkin; it had large, lopsided eyes and a single, square tooth in its gaping mouth. Yasmin's was more traditional, with downturned triangular eyes and lots of spiky teeth.

"Daddy Gee, can I cut it by myself this year?" she asked, turning to him with her signature doe eyes, which she knew her fathers couldn't resist. Gerard glanced over at Frank, who was already watching him steadily. He raised an eyebrow in question and received a slight nod in return.

"… Fine. As long as you let Daddy Frank help you."

"'Kay!" she grinned, picking up the carving knife and waiting for Frank to help her.

Frank slid off his stool (Gerard wouldn't admit it to anyone, but he found it adorable how Frank had to tiptoe to get onto the stools) and stood behind Yasmin, wrapping his tattooed fingers around her wrist.

"Make sure you don't make the lid too small, you gotta fit your hand in there," he murmured, guiding her hand up to the top of the pumpkin and helping her make the first cut. He let go of her wrist, but kept his hand close as she cut out the lid. Frank passed her the ice cream scoop so she could hollow it before starting on his own pumpkin.

Gerard helped her cut the face out, since he was already done with his and Frank was still hollowing his out. He guided her through the tricky parts, but mostly let her do it by herself.

"Done!" She exclaimed, dropping the knife onto the worktop and grabbing a tea light. "Can you light it for me, daddy, please?"

Gerard reached into his back pocket and pulled out his lighter, pointedly ignoring Frank's judging look (Just because Frank had been able to quit smoking as soon as Yasmin was born, doesn't mean Gerard could and anyway, he had been stopping. Slowly)and lit the wick on the candle just as Frank switched off the light.

Yasmin grinned and stared at her pumpkin as the fire gradually got brighter, making the face glow. "It's so pretty!"

"It is, you did a great job," Frank said, ruffling her hair and widening his eyes innocently when she shot him a glare. "Go put it out on the doorstep and get into your costume while daddy and I finish up ours and then we'll take you trick or treating, okay?"

"Okay!" she shouted, picking up her pumpkin and running down the hallway.
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