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REC LIST OF AWESOMNESS...but seriously this thing is really huge.

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Hello there!
So, I've accumulated over time (actually about two weeks or so, I read these fuckers fast) tons of links to my favorite Frerard stories. And now I've decided to put em all into ONE HUGE ASS MOTHERFUCKING REC LIST.
It's bolded because it meant to be screamed cause it's just that awesome.
Anyway, I shall put down the author, link, summary, etc. and you just click on the ones you want! I'll also try and put some notes about it, the rating, other shit like that.
Okay, and I also know that I didn't include the author in the summaries and shit, but you'll see em when you read em. There's lots on here from YOU, MY FELLOW FICWADIANS, so read and enjoy.

Enjoy, my fellow frerard-ians.

UPDATE MADE 11/26/12

Starting out with the most popular fics of all time:
The Anatomy Of A Fall:
Summary: The unholy union of a high school AU and a ghost story. Gerard's life takes a strange turn when his family moves to a small town in Vermont, and he discovers the locals aren't all what they seem to be. Also includes: unexpected nature walks, murder, pining, improper treatment of crime scenes, a number of bone-related puns, high school bullies, and a short-range shrub named Ferdinand.
Notes: NC-17, Violence. I don't even have to tell you guise what I think of this, cause you've probably already heard how fucking amazing it is. Fucking ghost sex. And fluff. And just pure fucking awesomness.

The Dove Keeper:
Frank is a seventeen-year-old who doesn’t want to grow up and has little aspirations for anything beyond standing outside the local liquor store and getting drunk. But when he meets Gerard, the old, aging, and well known fag artist, he is offered something he cannot turn down.
Notes: I have personally never read this, and I really don't intend too. I've heard it's sad, and I really can't bare sad stories cause they make me anxious. But, it's one of the famous four, so I shall put it on here for your guise enjoyment.

The Splitting Of The Mind:
“I used to think I could hide from them. I used to think that they would forget about me. They’re after me, and if they find me, they will try and make me tell them. But I can’t let them know – why am I the only who understands how devastating that would be?”
Notes: Mental issues, rape, schizophrenia, adult themes, swearing, angst, homosexuality, sex, major fucking sadness. Jesus, this fucking STORY. I read it so long ago, but I still remember how fucking well written it is. I'm just warning you now, it fucking messes with your mind. Hence, the title. And it's fucking sad. avert eyes now unless wanting a tiny spoiler Terribly sad ending. But still, one of the best fucking fanfictions I've ever read. [Enjoy at your own risk.]

The Fall And Rise Of The Black Parade:
“I used to think this was Hell. I mean, I always figured that’s where I was headed, if there was any afterlife. And then when I got here…there were no lakes of fire, or anything, but I was stuck on my own in a place where nothing grows or changes, so I figured, okay, Hell’s just a little different than I always thought it would be. But then, after a while…it wasn’t so bad. I found a place where I could kind of belong, and I met Toro and Brian and Bob and Mikey…and you. And I figure…if I was in Hell, falling in love shouldn’t really be in the cards, should it?
So after that, I started thinking—okay, maybe this place isn’t anything I ever heard about in school or church. But then again, maybe it is. Maybe this is Purgatory. And I always had the idea that Purgatory was kind of like prison, y’know, you gotta serve your sentence and the only thing that’s gonna get you out quicker is good behavior or having friends in high places. But maybe—maybe you don’t have to just sit around waiting for someone to tell you your sentence is up. Maybe Purgatory ends when you get yourself out of it.”
Notes: language, violence, sexuality, discussion of drug use, deals throughout with death and related topics, including violent death, cancer, depression, and suicide. Character death on a pretty big scale. Kay, SO FUCKING READ THIS. Yeah, there's death, but like...gah I can't even explain it. It's set in the afterlife. And there's a little bit of frerard, but not much, and some rikey. Overall, GREAT FUCKING STORY. This story inspired me so much. I could literally read it over and over and never get fucking bored of it.

Boys Of Seclusion:
Gerard is a social phobic "semi-adult" who meets Frank after Frank's father dies, and as every cliche goes, they become "friends."
Notes: Overall, really great. Not something you wanna start when you're supposed to go to school the next day. It's pretty sad in the beginning, and Frankie's aunt is just a fucking bitch, but it's just great and kinda makes you warm and fuzzly.

Kay, so onto some other ones that aren't as famous but still just as great.

Wind-Up Toy:
Since there isn't an official summary, I'll make one up. So, Gerard is a recovering alcoholic, depressed, etc. He finds Frankie in the middle of the street, "dancing" to the stoplights. His whole world changes from that moment basically.
Notes: Mental illness on a large scale, mentions of rape, sexual references, homophobia (I think, can't remember too well), violence, etc. OhmyGee, this story. I can't even describe it. Fucking long, but totally worth it. It's a pretty heavy one, makes you wanna cry sometimes if I remember correctly. Just read it, it's worth everything cause the ending is happy and just sighs contently

But Now I'm All Smiles (Wind-Up Toy mini sequel):
Notes: fluffy and great.

Skin Of The Canvas:
Gerard is still at SVA, having taken a while away to enter AA and get sober; Frank is a nude model and punk rocker who’s moved to New York City. Romance (and sneezing!) ensues.
Notes: Been a long time since I read it, but I remember that it's just great.

A Kiss With A Fist:
Basically Gerard just got out of medical school, and he's out of a job. Then he stumbles across a job as a medic for illegal boxing matches. Frankie's one of the boxers, love ensues.
Notes: Violence, NC-17. This is probably one of my top five fics. I don't even know why, I just fucking love it. There's just something about tough!Frankie that makes me wanna squeal.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith:
Frank coughed, spitting blood on the floor, and scowled. "I'll fucking kill you, I swear."
"Ah ah ah, baby boy," the red head said. "Not if I kill you first."
Notes: Violence. SO GREAT

Basically a bunch of one shots about Frankie and Gee throughout their relationship, and how they met through shoes.

Forever And A Day:
Part of the Shoes!Verse

When Gerard was little, he had a system. His mom taught him this system, and it helped him deal with his insecurities. The system was simple, really.

I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker (With Flowers In My Hair):
It's the 1960s, and Frank's finally free from his parent's hold, and heads into the big city to live his life as he wants. There he meets his great aunt who is nothing like he expected, and makes a group of new friends, including one very special boy who likes to wear flowers in his hair.
Notes: Hippies!, flower power, over use of the word 'man', sexual situations, slight homophobia. Fucking great, if I must say so. As always, Frankie is kinda stupid at first. But overall, fucking great.

If You've Got The Time:
Gerard wakes up after after having a nasty bump to the head, to find himself in 2019, where the world is ran by an evil corporation known as Better Living Industries, and suddenly he's held captive by a rogue gang called the Killjoys.
Notes: Mature. Usually I hate Dustverse, but this is actually really great. It fucking goes back in time, too. READ NOW MY FICWADIANS

momentum keeps us going, gravity makes us strong:
The problem was that Gerard was a frankenstein. The Way family had five generations of frankensteins to their name and Gerard was the best and brightest of them. Frankensteins had that spark of genius which made them scientists and artists, and musicians and inventors. Frankensteins were also severely lacking in common sense, and Gerard was no exception to that particular characteristic.
Mikey was the black sheep of their family, intelligent, organized and sensible. He was the main reason why WayBros Biologic Enterprises was the success it was. Mikey was spending more and more time with the business end of WBBE, fighting off the constant maneuverings of their rival Clandestine Industries and that left Gerard mostly unsupervised.
Which was not good. Not good at all, because Gerard could (and did) get into a lot of trouble on his own.
Notes: OHGOD THIS FUCKING FIC, OHGOD ITS AMAZING. dude. read it. now. now. NOW.

First Of The Gang To Die:
With a gun in his hand and the first to do time, the first of the gang to die.
Notes: Violence, Rape, Assualt, Mafia/Mob, Sexual, Character Death, etc. [THIS IS MY FAVORITE FIC PROBABLY EVER. It's really long, but full of fluff, and just so fucking great. Seriously, if you don't read this I will come through the computer and SHOVE IT UP YOUR ASS. It's just...fgdjsafsd :3 Warning: spoiler alert Sad ending, but worth it.]

The Time Traveler's Boyfriend:
Frank thought it would get easier over time. As it turned out, time was the worst thing ever.
Notes: Sad. This is really emotional, but still beautiful.

Ghosts In The Attic:
Everyone thinks Frank is a figment of Gerard's imagination.
Notes: Swearing, sexual situations, ghouls/ghosts, mentions of mental illness, major character death, slight necophilia (but not really, I think), creepy masterbation scene, mentions of rape, murder, alcohol abuse. its really fucking beautiful. honestly. sure, its pretty sad, but beautifully tragic. please read, tis great.

Roses For Jean Grey:
"How many times do I have to tell you you're not Wolverine?" Gerard asked, applying the alcohol soaked cotton wool to Frank's eyebrow.
Frank grunted. "And how many times do I have to tell you the X-Men aren't real?"

Play Parks and Play Mates:
When Frank meets his best friend's older brother, he falls hard. Gerard is perfect, and so is his kid, so why can't things just work out for them?
Notes: kid!fic, mention of homophobia, drugs, sex, profanity, mentions of child abuse. LynZ is portrayed as a terrible person in this, thats the only thing that kinda got me. It starts off kinda sad, but its a great ending.

Sugar, We're Going Down Swinging:
Frank didn't know how long it's been since he started chasing him. All he knows is that he wants to catch him more than anything he's ever wanted before.
Notes: awesome. :3

The Beginning, The Middle and End (Of Falling In Love):
Exactly what it says on the tin.

Stitch Me Back Together:
Gerard's life falls apart when his best friend, his soul mate is torn away from him. After an idea settles in his head when reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Gerard finds himself zapping frogs, scoping out abandoned motels, and grave robbing.
Notes: death, murder, violence, gore, mild necrophilia, reanimation, paranormal/supernatural theme, grave robbing. ohjesus, okay so this starts off as basically the saddest fic ever. but, really fucking great. and really original too. i just love everything littleblackghost does.

The List:
Frank is an 18 year old virginal closet gay, who lives in a world of luxury. His parents are loaded, he's got friends in all the right places and he has girls begging to hang off his arms. None of his friends mind what Frank says or does, because he's Frank, he's known for being different. He's known for being a rebel.

Frank goes straight from finishing high school, into a job in a CD store. He's forced into it by his father who wants to teach Frank that money doesn't grow on trees, and that not everything in life is handed to you. You actually have to work for things in life. With this new job, Frank meets Gerard, a flaming gay who happens to be his manager. Gerard is the most obnoxious guy that Frank has ever met, but at the same time, Frank wants him. When Frank expresses to Gerard that he wants him, instead of being shown the door, Gerard gives him a list of tasks to do. If all tasks are completed successfully by Frank, then Gerard will let himself fall in love with Frank. If the tasks aren't completed, then Frank can basically fuck off. Will Frank complete the list? Or will he fail and lose the prospect of true love?
Notes: Homophobia, SMUT SMUT SMUT, fluff in major amounts, mentions of rape, mentions of assault, TOTAL FLAMING GAY GERARD. ohgod. i cant even describe this one. its literally my FAVORITE. ever. ever. ever. its beautifully written, funny as fucking hell, and just so much sappy fluff that everyone loves in a frerard. please. im begging

Trick Or Treat:
Frank's favourite day of the whole year was All Hallow's Eve. He got presents, candy, a party and trick or treating. One year, he also got a little bit more...
Notes: so fluffy and awesome.

After an attack Gerard is too afraid to open up enough to be with someone, but one night with his best friend Frank can heal all wounds.
Notes: Mentions of abuse and assault. its really really beautiful. frankie heals gee]

When Gerard signed the admissions paperwork for the Fordhaven School for Boys, he knew he was signing up for four years of sexual frustration. No one was gay at Fordhaven. Gerard was all-too-aware that he would be a virgin until he graduated. In his senior year, though, this stupid gay freshman disproves Fordhaven's straightness, and throws Gerard's entire world off-kilter.
Now, in between drawing, avoiding bullies, running an incredibly serious tabletop RP game, failing out of math, and hanging out with friends, Gerard is also busy kind of falling for this asshole who's way too young for him. It's not what he planned on, but it's what's happening. In conclusion: high school sucks.
Notes: [/its so funny. just read it. i put it off for a long time, cause i thought it would be bad, but its really not. :3

Way Back Home:
Frank and Gerard are finally home after their latest European tour.
Notes: fluff, domestic, sexy time.

We each play the part written for us (you can't change the future):
For Frank, being a character in a comic book is much easier than dealing with reality.

“Gerard Way,” Frank says, hoping some kind of light bulb will switch on in his brain, but nothing happens. Maybe he heard the name before. Ray probably talked about him and how awesome his comic book was.

“He went to Queen of Peace his senior year,” Ray says.

They attended the same shitty ass school but so did hundreds of people, and Frank can’t really remember any of them, except for the handful of turds who made his life a living hell for four years and cost his mom a lot of fucking money in therapy and drugs that didn’t fix him.
Notes: really great. comicartist!gerard.

Frerard-The Soap Opera:
This isn't serious at fucking all, but its literally the funniest thing ever. its so over dramatic, and just kinda stupid really. but if your having a bad day, fucking read it and itll make you piss yourself laughing. xD

L'angelo Commovente:
Gerard's looking for a reason to live, and Frank's looking for someone to tell his secrets to.
Notes: this is actually really beautiful, i just recently read it and i still think about it alot. its kinda weird too. shy!frank, shy!gerard

Mikey's Bro Has Got It Goin' On:
Frank has been in love with Mikey's brother for four years, now that he's all grown up will he finally have a chance to claim Gerard as his?
Notes: really great. sexy sex. sassy!gerard, sassy!frank

Buy Handmade:
He knows something else is going to happen; his life isn't always going to be this. He just doesn't know what has to happen for that change to come, for him to wake up and become an artist with an Etsy page and a home studio, and to never have to see a cubicle again.
Notes: ohgod. OHGOD. THIS IS AMAZING. its great. artist!gerard, lots of fluff if i remember correctly. overall amazing.

Cupid's Chokehold:
Frank taps his foot on the tile and looks at anything other than Ray’s face for a long moment. Then he groans and says, "I suck at love, alright? I’m a fucking Cupid, a servant of Aphrodite for fuck’s sake, and I suck at making people fall in love.”
Notes: really great. bert/gee, frank/gee, and franks a fucking cupid. i mean, come on. thats just motive to read it right there. a cupid falling in love.

Vampires Will Never Hurt You:*]
Gerard clenches his fists tighter. "It's a disease," he says defensively.
kid!fic, Frankie/Gee pre-slash. its cute, and kinda sad, but mostly fluffy. pre-quel to next fic below.

You Only Hear The Music When Your Heart Begins To Break:
Frank has high school figured out. His mom has given up arguing about the amount of time he spends in Gerard's basement, and he doesn't actually care if people think it's weird that he and Gerard hold hands in the hallways and go to the bathroom together. The only thing Frank cares about is figuring out why Gerard's suddenly avoiding him -- because what's the point of losing your virginity on Prom Night if you can't tell your best friend about it in the morning?
Notes: akward!gerard, franks kinda stupid in the beginning. and Gee's just downright adorable.

Take The Pieces And Build Them Skywards:
Gerard's not happy with his life, but that doesn't mean he's particularly thrilled when he wakes up dead. To add insult to injury, he finds out that instead of crossing over, he's been chosen to join the ranks of the grim reapers. Things get more complicated when he falls for one of the living, a waiter named Frank Iero. And just when everything finally seems to be falling into place, Frank's name shows up on the list of souls to be reaped. Loosely based on the TV show Dead Like Me.
Notes: warnings for character death (some pre-fic and some during), i always put this fic off cause i thought itd be overly sad, but its really not. its just really well written, and overall really original.

Strange Steps:
Gerard wanted nothing more than to make it through the rest of the senior year of high school unscathed. He was fine with being invisible. Really. The only real highlights of his life were hanging out with Ray, working on the comic book with Mikey, and weekly dance lessons with his grandma and all of her crazy old friends. But then Frank Iero (popular, pretty Frank Iero with his stupid hair and stupid sunglasses who didn't even remember that they had gym class together Freshman year when they were both awkward losers) showed up at the studio one day. And then wouldn't leave him alone. Apparently there was one thing Frank Iero wasn't good at - dancing. And he wanted Gerard to teach him. Gerard wasn't sure his life could get any worse, but, well, this was coming pretty damn close.
Notes: bullying, homophobia. put this one off also, dunno why cause its fucking awesome.

"Smokes," Mikey reads aloud. "Likes dogs in case ever get one. Likes rock music. Likes loud rock music. Is interesting. Does not hog bathroom." He looks at Frank over the top of his glasses. "Dude, it's like you're meant to be."
Notes: i havent read this one in a while, but i do remember that it was long, but so worth it.

The Summer House:
Each year after Frank's grandmother passes away, he spends the Summer at his grandparent's house in Italy, where he meets a special little boy.
Notes: okay, so this is the only fic that made me cry from fucking happiness. like seriously i dont cry usually from happiness, but this one just sent me over the verge. its just beautiful.

The Happiest Fucking Place On Earth:
Only two kinds of people worked at Disneyland Park, Anaheim, CA: Frank Iero, and everyone else. What happens when our cynical, maintenance-man-with-a-grudge meets new Disney employee, Gerard Way, a starry-eyed Mouse fanatic? Find out when you enter The Happiest Fuckin’ Place on Earth. Have a magical day!
Notes: fucking hilarious. just...ohgod its so funny. its just great.

You Know That (is nothing new):
It’s five years in the future. The world is pretty much the same, only Frank and Gerard are just now meeting. Here is what Frank and Gerard’s lives might be like if there had never been any MCR. This is how they can find happiness in the mundane and find love with each other when they are brave enough to open their hearts and let the deepest wounds close up for good.
Notes: Some UST and pining at the beginning, schmoop and fluff, followed by angst and a happy ending. There is discussion of alcoholism, social anxiety, agoraphobia, and reclusive behavior. There is detailed description of anxiety attacks and a nightmare involving a corpse, which may be triggering. Also there is graphic sex- hand jobs, oral, anal, and rimming. Some very mild dom/sub undertones near the end, and angsty sex (not hate sex!).

Life Is But A Dream For The Dead:
Gerard has always felt lost and alone, going through the world that never understands him all by himself...can someone he meets on a rainy Halloween night change that?
Notes: i actually went searching for this one a while ago because i loved it so much and couldnt remember the name. its really great, i could read it over and over again.

You Can't Define Love:
Frank's got an impossible question. Can Gerard give him an answer?
Notes:/] [/fluffy fluff fluff

10 Ways To Seduce Gerard Way:
There are only 10 ways to get into Gerard Way's pants. Can Frank work them out?
Notes: tons of sexual stuff in this one. but lots of love too.

The Greaser Gang:
Frank runs his very own gang in LA, 1952. Gerard's the boy stuck in the diner, whilst Ray plays role of advisor for Frank and his trigger happy self...
Notes: okay so i literally just read this one the other day, AND IT JUST MAKES YOU WANNA D'AWWW, tis so cute. i love it. and its got tough!frankie and tough!gerard*]

[*Heaven Help Us:

Gerard is an average high school student. He has a girlfriend and a friends. everything was going smooth until frank walked into his life.
Notes: i remember that this one was pretty kick ass. i was reading it when it was still getting updated though, so you guise wont have as much suspense as i did xD but its great. READ MINIONS READ

Nobody's Perfect, So Stop Trying:
Frank moves to New Jersey, and meets Mikey's older brother Gerard, who has serious trust issues.
Notes: rape, assault, self harm, attempted suicide. its really really sad in thebeginning, and you guise have to privelege of reading it at once, i had to read it while it was still getting updated. the author might post an epilogue to it too, so check for that eventually. honestly i fucking love this fic, its really well written, and makes you feel so many emotions. READ READ READ READ

The Lights I've Made:
Gerard revisits his old high school before it gets knocked down, only to discover he hasn't left quite as much behind as he'd planned...[Written for Music and Words: The Kids From Yesterday
Notes: this is actually beautifully tragic. its basically just flashbacks, a little frerard. beautifully written.

All I Need Is You:
Frank and Gerard talk about the afterlife.
Notes: this is just a short little oneshot, fucking beautiful.*]

[*Chicken Chow Mein:
The one with the honeymoon to England.
Notes: shower sex. :3

A Blue Ribbon On My Brain:
Frank always felt clumsiest when he's doing this.
Notes:] [Wing!fic. ohgod i have such a soft spot for wing!fics. so beautiful and erotic at the same time.

In Repair:
"Shit," Frank mutters, and shoves both hands through his hair. He looks around the kitchen like he's gonna find what he should do scratched into the old linoleum, then looks back at the bot. He gnaws on his lip. Fuck it. He already knows what he's gonna do. He's just gotta do it.
Getting down on his knees, he braces a hand on the edge of the crate and leans over the bot. It's dressed in a plain white tee and matching drawstring pants like an escaped mental patient. Frank rolls his neck and cracks his knuckles, shaking the ache out of them before carefully laying his palm against its cheek. He's pretty sure his voice is steady when he says, "Activate."
Nothing happens. Fucking shitty packaging-- the thing's busted. But Frank keeps his hand where it is, jumping a little when he feels the surge of energy beneath it. The robot's skin goes from room temperature to lukewarm, then warm. Frank watches it open its eyes, the light behind them adjusting until they're a pale sort of brown. It looks at him and asks, "Am I dead?"
Notes: THIS IS LIKE THE BEST THING EVER. LIKE SERIOUSLY. you think its just gonna be robot sex, but its not cause theres like love and omfg ;u; READ IT.

Talk To Me:
Frank can't handle talking to people without being struck with a panic attack. The only people he can talk to are his best friend, Mikey Way, and his mom. Ever since Frank was young, he's had a crush on Mikey's brother, Gerard, but his anxiety has kept him from ever doing anything about. It seems, though, that he won't have to, because after ignoring him for two years, Gerard is suddenly taking a deeper interest in Frank...
Notes: Assault, sexual situations. This fic is really really beautiful. and its like, you just wanna scream at some parts and then its like FDJAFDKLSA LOVEE. its great. really heart wrenching.

Bickering Boys In Love Series:
Frank and Gerard are getting married. At some point. Soon. Once they've planned it. Maybe. Until then, they carry on bickering and drinking tea out of bowls because they don't like to do the washing up.
Notes: OMFG THESE ARE SO FUCKING FUNNY. the proposal omfg. IRON CHEF. theyre so funny but so cute at the same time. gah love them ;u;

These Wings:
Gerard calls Frank his angel, his marvellous and perfect angel
Notes: [THIS IS MY FAVORITE WING FIC EVER. IT IS LITERALLY SO BEAUTIFUL. i ever searched for fucking ever for this last night cause i loved it so much. FDJASKFDSA READ ITS SO BEAUTIFUL]

It's The Great Pumpkin, Gerard Way!
Notes: the title says it fucking all xD

The Way They Fly:
Frank is a robot. He is in love with his genius creator, Gerard, who doesn't realize that Frank is capable of real feelings. Frank starts breaking down, getting ill, and Gerard doesn't know what to do to fix it - all his methods are completely useless, none of the programming explains why this is happening to his Frank - but it's because Frank has a broken heart.
Notes: another robot fic! i love these fics too, if you cant already tell. anyway, this is really fucking perfect. REALLY REALLY PERFECT. anything mrsronweasley does is amazing really.

Monster High:
Gerard Way doesn't belong at Madame Medusa's School for Ghouls, at least, he doesn't think he does, despite his little brother having been a student at the school for years. When Gerard joins, he begins to change his mind, with a little help from a certain monster boy...
Notes: Me loves me some monster fics. this is great, i [LOVE littleblackghost]

Like Stones In The Sea:
Gerard's mind conjures monsters, a time-traveling version of himself, and a portal to another dimension. He still isn’t prepared for what he sees when he opens the door. There’s a man on Gerard’s bed, covered in blood, and surrounding him are… feathers.
Notes: sexy time. wingfic, angst, hurt/comfort. YOU GUISE SHOULD READ THIS CAUSE WINGFICS ARE FUCKING AMAZING.

[/Guess that wraps it up there, kiddies. I'll leave you with some awesome ass authors, and some more rec lists, for all your frerard needs ^.^ xo/]

Rec Lists that kick ass:
Frerard Finder:
Frerard (scroll down through pictures and then theres a list of rec lists):
Frerard Rec List:
Rec Lists Masterpost (links to more rec-lists):

super awesome authors:
littleblackghost (list of all her works link):
novembersmith (author of Anatomy Of A Fall):
If you guise want to add any fics, or I end up adding more, I shall let you know! xo

So this is literally what I spend my time doing. Either reading fanfiction, sleeping, eating, at school, or watching Netflix.

Be Something (Time To Fly):
"Frank, this is Gerard. Gerard, this is a freak who's gonna die a bloody, stupid death. Bye, Frank."
Notes: xD featuring daredevil!Frank and akwardcollegeartist!Gerard ^.^

A Wilder Thing Is Heard...The Wing-Beat Of A Bird
And everyday, twice a day, Frank sees the same boy huddled on the rickety old park bench, directly across from the coffee shop. He’s there in the afternoons, and he’s there in the evenings (and Saturday and Sunday mornings, he’s there too), always drawing, or staring into space, or listening to his iPod.
Notes: FGDJASHDKASHFDJAS okay so I found this a while ago, but the link was being a fucking fucker, but then I found this. AND ITS SO GOOD. LIKE...LIKE...DAMNIT JUST READ IT

In a world controlled by vampires, humans are nothing more than cattle to be slaughtered. If you we're born without fangs, your best bet was to keep your head down and draw as little attention to yourself as possible.
[/Frank Iero was born a human to a mother who never wanted him, and a father who swears he knows nothing about who Frank's mother was. Everything is about to change though, and the life that Frank has led for eighteen years is about to get completely twisted around.

[/Gerard Way was born a dominant vampire to a mother and father who were practically royalty. He answers to no one, and is not a force to be reckoned with. Just before his nineteenth birthday, Gerard, along with the rest of the world is in for one hell of a surprise.

Notes: at first I was like, 'oh its gunna be one of those where Gee's a vampire and Frankie's a human and they cant be together blah blah blah', BUT I WAS WRONG. SO WRONG. this is fucking great cause its basically all fluff. but then something really sad happens. and its like Frankie can get fucking pregnant cause hes a fertile. and i was like WTF I HATE THOSE THINGS, but i fucking loved it. PREGNANT FRONKIE FTW xD fist pump

Love And Other Cliches:
Bob Bryar is the best witch in the whole damn scene, even if he does say so himself. Which is just as well, because he's got responsibilities, most of which involve his charge, Gerard. Mainly, Bob's supposed to keep Gerard from falling down a well, or losing his sketchpad - little things, but Bob is a conscientious guardian. But when it becomes obvious that Gerard and Frank are hopelessly, silently in love with each other, Bob suddenly has bigger things to worry about. Nothing he's tried has ended in the declarations of love he'd been aiming for (not the fireworks, not the sunsets, not even the four hours they'd spent in locked in a closet). In a last, ditch attempt, he resorts to real spellwork, the epic, Cinderella kind, and now Frank and Gerard are stuck in a romance novel... with only one way out.

Measured Against The Regrets:
AU where the band never happened and Gerard quit his job at Cartoon Network to paint instead. After hitting rock bottom and going to rehab, he's back at home, struggling with a vicious creative block and trying to figure out his next move. When he reconnects with Frank at a Leathermouth show, the attraction is instant. Frank inspires Gerard more than anyone or anything has in a long time, but it's up to Gerard to turn that inspiration into a second chance.
Notes: FDJASFJSDK i love realistic fics. idk why. specially the ones where Gee's a sexy artist. nods head

Natural Disaster:
(this isnt the actual summary but this is my favorite fucking part cause this story is so fucking funny)
Frank doesn’t question it, just grabs his shit and leaves. He has a moment of horrifying déjà vu when he walks into the apartment and gets hit with a wave of smoke. There’s no point in calling for Gerard. Frank just heads for the kitchen and finds Gerard and Mikey staring at a scorch mark on the wall. There is no way in hell Frank is ever getting his security deposit back.
[/“Do I even want to ask?” Frank asks wearily.

[/“Mikey killed your toaster,” Gerard explains mournfully.

[/Frank takes a deep, steadying breath. The Brothers Way, ladies and gentlemen. “What did my toaster ever do to you, Mikes?”

[/Mikey glares at his brother. “It’s not my fault. There was an electrical short or something. All I did was put the bread in and then there was this popping noise and flame.”

[/“It was pretty cool. In a terrifying kind of way,” Gerard relates.

[/“Is this some genetic thing with you guys? This inability to use appliances? Do they hate you for some past grievance or something? Did you kill a microwave‘s grandma?” This earns him a nasty look from Mikey, so Frank doesn’t press the issue.


The Plan And The Problem:
After Gerard hears of a possible squatter living in his building, he investigates, strikes a deal, and in the end, finds more than he expected.
Notes: oh sammeh loves this fic. (sammeh is mah name btw). THERES CATS. ^.^

Being twenty-one and having a teenage crush on your colleague sucks ass, Frank knew that much.
Gerard decides to take Frank to Times Square on one of their dates. To Times Square in 1945.

In which Frank is a vampire and Gerard is obsessed with The Hunger Games. Includes stupid boys in love and a bit of fluff.
Notes: HERE COMES A VIVIANSFACE SPAM. see what i do is i find a good fic, then i stalk the author and favorite all of the ones that i like xD so yeah here comes all her fics.

Wave Your Flag:
It's not exactly that Frank's ashamed of who he is. But being in a band and also in a relationship with the lead singer seems kind of complicated to him. That's why he's so afraid people would judge him if he held Gerard's hand in public. But then a Gay Pride happens and everything changes a bit.

I Would Give You My Heart:
When Gerard gets home after a really long day, he finds Frank covered in yellow paint. And for a young, art-loving person, that's really something.
Notes: that one fic where Gerard gets turned on by yellow paint >.>

Five Minutes:
Of course they want each other. That, however, doesn't stop Gerard from speed-dating and dragging Frank along.
Gerard’s here to find someone. Someone he could date. Someone that’s not Frank. It’s quite hard to forget about that and be at least a bit cheerful. No, wait, scratch that – it’s basically impossible.
Notes: speed dating. facepalm sounds odd, but its so perfect.

Save Me When The Lights Go Out:
Someone said that there is more hunger for love and appreciation than for bread. Gerard feels this hunger, but Frank wants to be free.
Notes: you think itll be sad. but its not. ITS PERFECT

If You Ever Need Holding:
This is about Frank and the best boyfriend in the world, Gerard. “You don’t have to be sorry for anything. It’s you and I love you.”
Notes: dude, im seriously such a huge fucking sucker for oneshots that are all basically fluffy fluff. like if you havent already noticed that by now xD

Love Is Simple:
The adventures of cheesy!Frank and cute!Gerard. Yes.

I Want To See Love Through Your Eyes:
This is what happens when you fall in love with a vampire.
Notes: WARNING: FUCKING SAD ENDING. if youre like me and hate sad endings. i always read the endings before the beginnings cause if i dont then i get anxiety and shit. ANYWAY, tis sad and beautiful and almost made me cry.

Happily Ever After:
Let’s admit it, Frank was cute in his own way.
Notes: DUDE, THE BEST COMBO OF SPACESHIPS AND LIKE SEX TOYS EVER. like it doesnt describe the sex or anything, cause this is really fucking short, but like this is the funniest thing ever. like. omfg xD



I Will Be With You:
An imaginary friend, deep emotions and a friend that doesn’t really exist is too much for a 14 year old.
Notes: you go into this oneshot thinking its gunna be like something, but then it turns out to be something totally different. its honestly really beautiful and very very well written. fucking love it. just..fucking love it. its so sophisticated too. idk theres just something about it thats just amazing.

Love Is Blind:
'Love at first sight' is a normal thing; except when your blind. Then, it's weird. But, as Gerard finds out, it's the best feeling in the world.
Notes: actually just finished this story today while I was in my College and Careers class. ITS SO GOOD. and theres fluff. and blind!Gerard is just so cute :3 its great, and theres a happy ending too, so thats a plus.

Christmas Tattoos:
xmas fluff fic featuring kid!Frank, kid!Mikey, and kid!Gerard as well as some healthy Frerard at the end.
Notes: OHGOD THIS FIC. THIS FIC. ITS SO CUTE. OMFG. its just so cute. i love it so much sobs

Small Petunia Of The Galaxy:
Whatever you do, don't leave me here alone my darling.
Notes: HKFDASJF HEY LOOK I PUT IT ON HERE EVEN THOUGH ITS NOT DONE. ^.^ i was gunna put it on the last one, but i forgot to added it to my alerts and not to my favorites so yeah. anyway, its fluffy, and sad, and exciting, and i FUCKING LOVE IT. like seriously. shes such a good writer. AND IF YOUR READING THIS, PLEASE MAKE IT A HAPPY ENDING ;-; i love me some happy endings. :3

179 Ways To Annoy Someone (multiple chapters, not in any particular order):

Say "Okay, you're gay" to anything someone says

Wander around a restaurant asking other diners for their parsley

Ask your co-workers mysterious questions and scribble their answers down in a notebook. Mutter something about "psychological profiles".

Tell People Their Accent Isn't Fooling Anyone

Ask People What Gender They Are
Moons And Junes And Ferris Wheels:
The fact that Frank would walk around in a public place clutching a teddy bear in one hand and holding Gerard's hand with the other was one of the many reasons Gerard was completely in love with him.
Notes: AWWWWWWWWWWWWW. Pissy Fronkie in teh beginning ^.^

All He Wants:
Frank just wants Gerard to be okay.
Notes: Kinda brings up the feels of when Gee was all depressed and shit. BUT, its so moving, ANDD theres a happy ending. short oneshot thats fucking awesome.

Up Until A Minute Ago:
The boy had tears in his eyes as he gazed up at his best friend. Well... up until a minute ago he'd been his best friend, anyway...
Notes: blubbers like a baby at fluffyness

Crayon Hearts and Trembling Hands:
He flung himself facedown onto his bed. Stupid Ray. Stupid Mikey. Stupid Frankie... No, Frankie wasn’t stupid... Stupid crush. Yes, that was better. Stupid, stupid crush.

Love In An Elevator:
Notes: the whole time I read this, and even after, I had "Love In An Elevator" by Aerosmith sutck in my head. SMUT ALERTTT

Love Song For A Vampire:
...They are entirely alone, and Gerard has been too preoccupied to even sate his thirst, and he is HUNGRY...
Notes: read this one about two or three times, I just love possesive Gee :3

When Frankie Met Slimer:
The first time Frank meets Slimer, it isn’t pretty. No one’s first encounter with Slimer is ever pretty, but Gerard thinks this could be the worst.
Notes: yeah, when I first saw the name I was like WTF too, but then I read it and couldnt stop laughing xD littleblackghost is probably one of my fav authors ^.^

I'll Color On Them All:
As much as Gerard loved painting, he’d slowly begun to hate it when it made him stay back after school.

So basically this is like Dexter (obviously the much shorter version). usually I'm all like NOOO NO SERIAL KILLER FRONKIES OR GEE'S, but this time i was like lemme try it. AND I LOVED IT. seriously. its just so awesome. so yeah this is what i did instead of studying for my spanish test >.>

I Got A Tortured Mind:
"Gerard tried to concentrate on the movie after that. But he couldn’t. There was something brewing in the back of his mind. A curiosity. Something he had always thought about, but never voiced because he wasn’t quite sure how it would be taken by people in general. But Frank understood him. More than anyone. Even more than Mikey. So he didn’t feel like keeping his mouth shut at all. “What do you think it would be like to kill someone?”
Notes: OHGOD, gee and fronkie on a killing spree. this is actually kinda weird. i was borderline scared and freaked out by this one, not by much though. its really good though. if you like blood and stuff. ANDD, theres a happy ending (as usual since im a pussy and hate sad endings)

A Little Less Romeo And Juliet, A Little More Sharpest Lives:
The rivalry between the Way clan and the Iero clan went back for centuries. Gerard’s father and another member of the Iero clan had been best friends until it was announced that Gerard’s father would become the vampire king of New Jersey. The Iero clan thought they had every right to take the throne, so it sparked a debate that had led to an all-out conflict between the two families.
Notes: SHORT, not uber long and boring like the play. i lurv this one ^.^ jokerindisguise is a great writer, totally the queen of vampire fiction.

Vampire Love Story:
He narrowed his eyes, trying to figure out exactly who he was looking at, when the guy peeled himself away from the wall. He was gorgeous. Frank felt like he couldn’t breathe for a few seconds as he watched the stranger walk up towards the bar. He had red hair and dark eyes. He wore a smirk on his face as well as tight, black jeans that left hardly anything to the imagination from the way they were clinging to his skin. He was also wearing a Misfits shirt under a leather jacket. Frank couldn’t stop staring at him.
Notes: FJDASFJDS at first I was like, NOOOO NOOO, then in the end I was like YAY FINALLY. JUST READ IT. FUCKING DO IT.

Mental Vampires:
Gerard believes he is a vampire. No, he knows he's a vampire. What happens when he ends up being institutionalized and has to deal with Frank Iero as a roommate?
Notes: two chapters, short ones at that. so i was like NO THIS COMBINES TWO THINGS I HATE. so i read the ending before the beginning, and i was like, okay thats cute i can handle it. fucking love these.

You Make Me Smile:
Even at eight, Frank knows he wants to marry Gerard.
Notes: this is one of those fanfictions that reminds you why you love frerard so much :3

I'm Coming Home:
Homosexuality is a crime on Earth. When Frank is found with his ex-boyfriend, he's sent to serve on a spaceship by the name of 'The Destorya' to serve out his punishment.Notes: at first i was like WTF ALIENS, then i was like YES YES YES YES THIS IS SO FUCKING AWESOME

Reach Out For Me (Sequel To 'I'm Coming Home'):
Gerard is happy with his life on the 'Destroya.' He has Frank, Mikey's ridiculously happy living his life in marital bliss with Alicia on an actual planet, and being a vampire isn't as much of a burden as it used to be. Add in the fact that Frank makes one hot space pirate, and he's completely fine with his life. One day, Frank goes missing and Gerard does everything in his power to find him.
Notes: i was like NO NO SEQUEL, then i was like YES YES YES SEQUEL YES

You Can't Hide It:
Gerard growled low in his throat when he sensed that someone had encroached on his territory. He sniffed the air, trying to figure out who it was. But it wasn’t another wolf. It was a human. His human.
Notes: WEREWOLD DOMINANT GEE, runs around in circles from awesomeness

And He's Bringing Me A Surprise:
Frank hasn't regretted a second of his existence since Gerard made him a vampire. Now, it's his mission to make this Valentine's Day special for Gerard.
Notes: of course Fronkies a nurse xD

Stay With Me Tonight:
"I've always loved you. I just was afraid you didn't want to be with me." I told him and some of the shine in his eyes came back; but very slightly.
Notes: GRAB TEH TISSUES PEOPLE, THIS ONES A SAD ONE. ohgod but its ssSSSSooooOOO fucking goooodddd. oomfggg. so sad but so beautiful. i have no idea why this one isnt in the fucking green.


Il Mio Angelo:
Ferard One-shot. "There's a million ways to show my love for you, but none is greater than giving you my heart." Gerard said softly, placing his fingers along the bottom of Frank's jaw.

Here's One From The Heart:
COMPLETE. Gerard Way is your average teenage freak in his final year of school. Add a Frank Iero into his life, and what do you get?
Notes: you guise have already probs read this, but i just wanted to put this on here to accetuate the awesomness of it. THE LAST CHAPTER IS JUST AWW AT THE ENDD ;u;

jokerindisguise (this is the link to her MCR stuff, but she writes other fanfictiont too):

Religion! Horror! Exorcisms! Piercings! And Gerard is a priest.
Notes: HEY LOOK I WASNT IGNORING YOU XD yeah i forgot to put these on previous lists cause like i liked it, but religion isnt my cup of tea. ive only read the first one. but, ive heard the rest are amazing, so go enjoy some religious freard ^.^

The Checklist:
-One shot!- Frank is hopelessly romanticNotes: PRACTICALLY THIS WHOLE ENTIRE REC LIST IS FLUFFY SHIT CAUSE IM SUCH A FUCKING HOPELESS ROMANTIC SAP XD PS. go read everything of blood0nmyhands, shes amazing.

All The While You Hold The Key:
Frank is in an arranged marriage and/or a mail-order bride type position (with Gerard), and is... secretly sick and hiding it! (10.573 words)
Notes: FUCKING LOVE THIS. after i read this and then went on to another freard i couldnt help but read gee and frankies line in the old english accents and shit xD

An Emergency Of The Heart:
Gerard's fat fucking birds have fat fucking asses. (Cinderella AU)
Notes: I HAVE NO IDEA WHY THE FUCK I DIDNT READ THIS BEFORE. LIKE HONESTLY ITS SO FUCKING HILARIOUS. like omfg, the birds and squirells that follow Gee around are fucking hilarious xD ohgod just read it.

Black Market Blood:
Frank's so fucking freaky he's potentially wigging out a fucking vampire.
Notes: couldnt get the images of Gee with millions of sharp pointed teeth outta my head after this XD

crack your body crack my mind:
Frank only comes out when he's alone.
Notes: SO THIS IS IN MY TOP FIVE FAVORITE FRERARDS RIGHT NOW. its like. omfg. i cant ruin it for you but its just like smut, but its like beautiful smut. like usually i skip over sex parts in frerard but i actually read this one cause it was just so interesting and different. really beautifully written. after reading this i stalked all of the authors fics for a good day or so.

Gerard is feeling grey. ::Frerard::
Notes: this is fucking great.

Not What You Think:
They're not fucking. They can't be. That moaning's just a trick, right?...Right... ADULT CONTENT HUZZAH.
Notes: xD

Got another dime for your telephone:
Totally, of course. A sex alien named Gerard dropped out of the sky to watch him jerk off. No way is his brain making this shit up.
Notes: O.O Gee is so fucking funny in this xD

Space Junk (sequel to above):
"I mean," Gerard rambles on, "how was I supposed to tell him? What was I supposed to tell him? 'Hi, sweetheart, I'm here to steal you, how about a kiss'?"

Just Like My Favorite Scenes:
Zombie fic. Mildly disturbing.
Notes: fucking feels man. so many fuckin feels. also if the person who put up that rec list recently is reading this thanks for putting this on there and some other ones cause they were fucking great ^.^

Pick A Number:
Gerard just wants Frank to pick a God damn NUMBER. ::Frerard::
Notes: Gee's sassiness is very evident in this one xD

You Are The Taste Of Something Sweet:
Gerard likes to play with his Rubik's cube during boring classes. But Frank... Well, let's say he likes to fantasize about his boyfriend.
Notes: pure and lustful smut. i only read it cause it mentioned rubiks cubes xD

I Pray You Die Slowly, So I Could Be The Last Thing You See:
Gerard struggles as he mourns his grandmother’s death during the recording of Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Frank supports and loves him and helps pull him through it.
Notes: put this off for a while thinking itd be a sad ending, but its actually really beautiful.

And A Partridge In A Pear Tree:
The Twelve Days of Christmas done the way a budding photojournalist with a crush on his high school art teacher would.
Notes: NOW THIS IS THE KINDA SHIT I LOVE XD pure fucking fluff man, thats what i love.

Coin-Operated Boy:
“How the fuck am I supposed to turn you on?"

Gerard expels a breath impatiently, patting down the robot and running his hands over the synthetic skin in search of switches. The skin feels as real as it had looked. Soft, smooth, with just a little bit of give when he presses his thumbs into the bird tattoos on either side of the robot’s hips. He digs in with his fingernails, watching as a small crescent moon-shaped indent appears seconds after he lets up on the pressure.

(Or the one where Mikey sends Gerard a lovebot in the mail and Gerard is not amused.)

burning up in the sun:
Life hasn't been the same since the Rift.

Frank hadn't been planning on getting stuck in this stupid town, kept captive in the sketchiest bar in the universe, chained to the counter like an animal.

And just when he'd been sure that nothing could surprise him anymore, he was rescued by a rock 'n' roll band of vampires.

He hadn't seen that one coming.
Notes: i enjoyed stalking this author for a good day or two too xD

radio love machine:
Frank had lost Gee in the pit. Again.

crash the cemetary gates:
It's a quiet autumn day and the light from the single high window is muted, cold and colorless. Gee sits on the edge of his rickety desk, feet dangling, and stares at the body in his bed, his body.

It's the dumbest thing he's ever done.

Pillow (2 parts):
Gerard always knew that there had to be life on other planets. He just never planned on meeting it.
Notes: OKAY SO THIS ISNT EVEN FUCKIN FRERARD. its like....okay so at first i was like WTF then i was like "AWWW THIS IS THE BEST SHIT EVER OMFG" heres a little taste of the first part:
Carefully, Gerard touched the end of the tentacle in his hand, trying to see the finger-tentacles. It fanned open like a flower, reveling five smaller tentacles. "Cool," Gerard whispered. He held up his other hand, fingers spread. Five. Pillow spread out its finger-tentacles, holding them up to Gerard's fingers. "So fucking awesome." He was totally having his own Close Encounters moment here.
[/Pillow was curious. It played with Gerard's fingers for a minute, before trailing its fingers up his arm to his face. It examined his hair, tugging a little, seemingly fascinated by it. "Yeah, the dye job's fading; need to get Mom to redo it," he mumbled. From Pillow was only the feeling of touching something new and wondrous.


holding on tight:
The video shoot had been a rough two days and they were all exhausted, physically and emotionally. The Ways were holding themselves together with cigarettes, caffeine and willpower, and Frank was proud of them both, but especially Gee. It had been almost six months, and he was still taking his sobriety seriously, even if it was killing him.
Notes: these are the good kind of feels.

Red Skies At Night (Cannibal Glow Remix):
Gerard dreams of blood and red skies. He runs, and his heart pounds loud in his ears from the exhilaration of the hunt.
Notes: no this is not a serial killer fic. tis kinda weird but awesome, just read it.

Carnivore Animal (I Am A Cannibal):
It's the news that finally catches his attention.
Notes: BEFORE YOU JUMP TO CONCLUSIONS, NO THERE IS NO DESCRIPTION OF THE CANNIBALISM. GEE'S JUST A WEIRD THINGY FROM A DIFFERENT PLANET. its really great, and its not that graphic at all. theres frerard too. just read it.

Say You're Gonna Try:
King Frank goes to visit a man in the woods that people say can tell the future. Established Relationship.
Notes: ;U;

i will guide you in the night:
Gerard wanders the city, looking for his heart.

(presumeable metaphorical) vampires:
A journey begins with a single step and can stretch across lifetimes. And sometimes the hardest part of being alive is finding a reason to live.
Notes: oneshot. major character death (not gee or frankie though dont worry). MANY FEELS, BUT STILL A HAPPY ENDING

and never be afraid again:
Frank hits the jock right in the nose and tackles him, kneeing him between the legs and punching him a couple of more times for good measure before getting up and brushing himself off. "Watch who you call names, motherfucker," he spits down at the dude, who's too busy clutching at his junk and moaning to really pay attention.

when the needle spins:
Frank sleeps, and flies.
Notes: no literally. he flies. i think this is the perfect example of gerards philosophy of letting people be their own person and telling them to never let anyone hold back their creativity or anything. its really great.

Feeling A Moment:
Frank's mouth pulls to the side. He's chewing on his lip where his piercing used to be. "So what you're saying is, you're a method actor."

Pretty Pictures:
There are a million pretty pictures in the world, but none of them are as pretty as Gerard.
Notes: married blowjobs. i always get lured into smut by the fluffy endings. xD

Hi, I'm Gerard's Boyfriend:
College au, when a guy in his art class won't back off, Gerard enlists his friend’s help. Mikey tries telling the guy Gerard only dates girls, which isn't true and doesn't work. Ray tries threats, so does Bob, but that only makes the guy behave when they’re around. Then Frank walks him to class, holds his hand and kisses him goodbye...suddenly the pushy guy starts backing down and Gerard gets a fake boyfriend. The only trouble is he's been in love with Frank since middle school and this is killing him.
Notes: very short oneshot. really good though.

He loved Bert, but he had to let him go. Now he's ready to walk away from a man he loves for the second time in his life.
Notes: Gee breaks up with Frankie cause he loves him. tsk tsk

Every Hour Is A Season:
On a day where nothing is going the right way, Gerard bumps (literally) into someone who needs to accept the past and move on.
Notes: angsty frankie and comforting gee

The Adventures of Gerard, The Boy Princess of The Ocean, and Frank (part 1 and 2):
Part One:
Part Two:
Notes: OKAY SO THIS IS A COMIC. AND LIKE. ITS LITERALLY THE FUNNIEST THING EVER. OMFG XD ITS LIKE. OHGOD I CANT EVEN CONTAIN MY LAUGHTER WHEN I READ THIS XD fucking read it, its one of those things that can bring you up on a terrible day.

The One Where They're All...Ducks?:
Gerard swam backwards sometimes, just because he could.

The Only Thing I Fear Is Fear Itself:
Frank's dad left when he was eight years old. His Mom thinks it's Frank's fault and never hesitates to tell him so. The only physical contact he has with her is when she's hurting him. No one cares about Frank Iero. Except for his terrifying homicidal neighbor.
Notes: OKAY SO LIKE BEFORE YOU SKIP OVER THIS CAUSE YOU DONT LIKE SERIAL KILLER FICS, IT DOESNT EVER DESCRIBE GEE KILLING ANYONE. like okay. gee's really really really weird. but like. ugh i cant even explain it. just give it a try cause i really fucking love this.

Up Till Now:
Gerard works a shitty job that he used to like, used to think he could be happy doing for the rest of his life, but there's no creation. He talks to the sketches he keeps at home, the ones of the friends he could've had if things were different once upon a time.
"You're lucky," Gerard says, pretending like he's not talking to his own sketches, maybe like photos of his friends instead, if he took pictures or had friends. "You always have each other."
Notes: FUCKING LOVE THIS. really slight frerard. and some bikey. or bobkey or whatever. idk but its just great.

A Soft Place To Land:
Gerard loves owning his own comic book store, working in a strip mall alongside his friends. He’s perfectly content, but everything changes when Frank Iero comes into his life. Gerard’s immediately charmed and finds himself passionately pursuing his crush. Frank seems to be just about perfect, but it quickly becomes clear that he has a secret. Gerard tries to be patient and understanding, but will he ever manage to get Frank to open up to him?
Notes: you've all probably read this one. its really great though, so just read it if you havent.


Peter Pan!AU -- pirates, mermaids, flying little boys who don't want to grow up (but eventually do...well, two of them anyway).
Notes: put this one off for like the LONNNGGESSTT time, cause I thought it ended all sadly, but it doesn't so I read it and I lurf it ^.^

Breakfast, Lunch, And Dinner at Audrey's:
Frank can’t stop eating at this place, seriously can’t stop. He’s actually a pretty good cook but lately his kitchen has seen less action than he has is the past few months. It’s not his fault, really it’s not. He’s just powerless to his taste buds and apparently his dick, because not only is the food in this place unbelievable but the chef is also so hot Frank actually misses his mouth first time he sees him.
Notes: KFLJDLKSA kickass. anything heathermouth writes is fucking amazing.

Working For Joy On Overtime:
Frank is a top player in the music industry, once the champion of the underdog, now responsible for manufactured pop on the radio. He's in Los Angeles for the biggest label showcase of the year when his star band turns supernova and completely implodes (possibly taking his job along with them). Frank's got no time and no options, but he does have a little bit of luck left in the form of a chance encounter with Hollywood Boulevard's own Gerard Way. But what happens when he mixes pleasure with business? A Pretty Woman AU.
Notes: kay so this is a long one. i read it in like an hour...maybe an hour and a half. i spend my time at work on sundays in the back reading fanfiction. cause i have no life. but anyway, tis great, and GEE HAS SO MUCH SASS XD

When you think of the word 'hero', what comes to mind? Superheroes? The good looking guy in a movie who falls in love with a beautiful girl at the end? Not for me. I thought of the scrawny red-haired criminal and outlaw, who over time came to be my best friend. The man who gave his life for me. The only person I ever really loved.
Notes: So i found this through one of the facebook pages i liked. tis really great, and sad really, but beautiful at the same time.

All The Wounds That Are Ever Gunna Scar Me:
Gerard hadn’t meant to get this deep into the relationship. He hadn’t even meant to start talking to the demon, but when he’d stumbled upon him while trying to guard his charge he was just drawn to him.
Notes: me loves me some angels and demons fics. muahahaha

Does A Happy Ever After Exist:
Being outside, alone, with Frank, in an alleyway, beside the club, sharing Frank's last cigarette because Gerard forgot his pack, didn't go down well with Gerard's brain which proceeded to scream a list of profanities at him while his heart soared every time Frank would accidentally brush his arm against his.
Notes: so this is written in a weird font that i cant read, so i just copy and pasted it into word and read it. just sayin. BUT, tis a great fic. and its one of those things that has an ending where everything in the story finally clicks. tis great.

Will it wash away this jet black feeling? (sequel to above):
Gerard had met Frank in a bar about two weeks ago when his brother, Mikey, and best friend, Ray, had dragged him from the darkness of his room to “Socialize”
Notes: still written in funky font, just copy and paste. sequel to above!

I Will Try To Fix You (short oneshot sequel to 'A Kiss With A Fist'):
Notes: fjkdsaljfsd dude i love A Kiss With A Fist, but this just perfected the ending ^.^

Beautiful Madness:
I sighed. Maybe he was crazy. Of course it would be my luck to get a crazy roommate. That’s what happens when you live in an insane asylum.
Notes: SOOO, usually i fucking hate asylum fics, kinda scarred after Splitting Of The Mind, but this one ends happily and is pretty weird and i just love it. HAPPY ENDING KAY SO READ IT.

One More Day:
He had decided that he would make that day amazing for his boyfriend. Just in case it really was his last.
Notes: AWWW, fuck me. kay so this is really sad. and happy. and just so many feels but so beautifully written. JUST READ IT.

Flippin' your fins, you don't get too far:
Ray dismissed this strange, beautiful man as a passerby who had sought some refuge or guidance; maybe he was a sailor who had been lost a sea. Ray turned around to face the front of the church, but saw that Frank’s head was still facing the back of the church; his eyes trained on the pale man.
Notes: FUCK YEAH MERMAID AU! from Ray's POV, but still awesome. FUCK YEAH MERMAIDS, MAN

"I'ma go home and do the married thing." - Gerard Way
Notes: KAY, SO I USUALLY HATE LYNZ AND GEE FICS. like not cause i hate the couple, i think theyre the cutest fucking couple ever, just i dont like reading about it. but this one doesnt have any sexual situations, cept for a tiny blurp that i skipped over, and is fucking cute as hell. i feel like this could actually happy :3

My Ferry Romance:
Socially awkward Gerard meets Frank the Friendly Cafeteria Worker on a ferry one morning. Shenanigans ensue.
Notes: you know its gunna be a good fuckin fanfic when the word "shenanigans" is in the summary.

Kung Pao With Love:
Frank and Gerard get into an argument while ordering Chinese food.
Notes: man, if gee and frankie were actually in a relationship, this would probably happen xD

When You Go, Just Know That I Will Remember You:
When Gerard kills himself, he doesn’t expect to wake up ever again. He, however, does wake up – in a strange place indeed, where he’s forced to face all his fears and past mistakes.
Afterlife AU.
Notes: SO THE SUMMARY MAKES IT SEEM SO DEPRESSING. BUT ITS NOT. i had this in my 'to read' section for like the past month or so, and i finally read it when i decided i couldnt put it off. only reason i put it off was cause it was on livejournal originally, and i hate reading chapters, i prefer A03 cause its one big thing, but then i realized it was on there. so i read it. and laughed and wanted to cry and its just amazing. KAY.

Skeleton Princess:
Frank and Gerard take their daughter trick-or-treating.
Notes: dude, bandit would make the best fucking skeleton princess ever. even though this has nothing to do with bandit, i still just thought i should mention that.

Happy Birthday, I Have Lot's Of Balloons For You:
Gee get's balloons on his birthday, and Frankie reveals a secret.
Notes: would you look at that, came up with a summary all on my own. pretty snazzy if i do say so myself.

Moving And...Handling:
Frank's moving house, and Gerard, being the amazing friend he is, is helping.
Notes: basically what the summary says. cute little oneshot ^.^

Zipper Hang-Ups:
Frank get his zipper up, luckily, Gerard is around to help. Will the zipper even get pulled UP?
Notes: hehehehehe xD

I Love You Even More Than Cookies:
Frank's so bored he's resorted to baking. He bribes Gerard into helping him.
Notes: i have SUCH a weakness for cute oneshots. like seriously they will be the death of me. i can see it now: 16 YEAR OLD GIRL DIES FROM FLUFFINESS OF ONESHOTS. yup.

The Box:
Gerard Way killed himself a week before his high school graduation. The only thing he left behind was a cardboard shoebox that had a note taped on top of it, that read, "give this to Frank".
Notes: kay so this is the weirdest little oneshot ever. JUST A MAJOR MINDFUCK IN THE END THAT MAKES YOU HAPPY AND SAD KINDA BUT ITS STILL A HAPPY ENDING. just sayin >.>

El Hombre Lobo Y el Vampiro:
A silver bullet is deadly, unless it's dealt with immediately
Notes: didn't even know it was a supernatural oneshot till i read it cause i suck ASS at spanish.

Sleeping Like Sea Otters:
Frank feels like Gerard is different, like he's changed, and not for the good. Gerard is obsessed with stating random facts one day and the last one of the day changes things.
Notes: hippos milk is pink. thats all i gotta say xD

Generation Dead:
The children just won't stay dead. And neither will the memories. Now Gerard's best friend is back from the grave, and it's not only him that's been dug up. The past's come back with him.

Love Is A Funny Thing:
In the few months that Fun Ghoul and Party Poison have known each other, Ghoul has seen sides of Poison no one else has. Their friendship is stronger than anyone else’s relationship in the gang. They’ve laughed together; they’ve cried together, they’ve made each other feel better when they just needed someone to talk to. One of those nights when they talk Poison just needs something more, or less, than talking.
Notes: usually i dont read dustverse fics, but this one was KICKASS

I'll Be There:
Frank Iero, unloved and forgotten, no one to run to, no one who cares. All he ever wanted was for someone to be there.
Notes: fluff and time traveling. thats all you need to know to want to read this. :3

Wake Me From This Nightmare:
Gerard keeps seeing something that appears in his bedroom that couldn’t possibly be real. He fears he’s losing his mind. He just wants this hallucination to stop.. but is it really just a hallucination, or something much, much bigger?
Notes: i think ive read this before, but i reread it and it was kickass. i enjoyed stalking warmseptember today ^.^

Harvest Moon:
Destiny has its way of changing lives under the Harvest moon. It took over a century to bring two lives together, but it just may rip them apart before they even stand a chance.
Notes: ill never understand why authors make the summary seem like everything is going to end in shit. cause this is badass and has a happy ending.

The Everyday Chronicles Of Gerard And Frank:
little slice of life at the everyday lives of Gerard and Frank... (not in any particular order)
Episode 26- Freddy The Lobster:
Episode 17- The Motorcycle:
Episode 48- Mom's Totally Aren't Supposed To See!:

Over The Ocean:
He stands at the dock, the wind blowing through his hair. Today is the day.
Notes: howxixdissapear writes the most heart wrenching amazing oneshots ever. idk how she does it.

This kind of fire is different and it's spreading.
Notes: poem form. kinda sad, but it gets better. really really really beautiful. like omfg. i will enjoy stalking her after typing this xD

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