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Mikey wants to know what it is about the sunshine that makes Gerard so happy.

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Two boys raced across the threshold of their small house's back door. They flung their bodies down upon the sunshine faded grass, ignoring their mother's cry for them to return for a sunscreen application. It made no difference anyway. The Way boys had never been affected by the sun, not in a physical way anyway. No tans, much less burns. However, the sun did have a effect on the emotions of Gerard and Mikey Way. The sun always made them happier. Well, it really only made Gerard happy, but the older boy's happiness made the younger one absolutely ecstatic. When Gerard was happy, that meant Mikey could be happy too. The Way brothers were strange in that way. One could not be happy while the other was sad. One could not sad while the other was happy. Despite the three year age gap, they were close like that.

That is why the sunny days were the boys' favourites. Gerard loved the heat that swam around the normally freezing cold air. Mikey just loved seeing his brother's eyes light up in the bright, lively way they always did when sunshine was due. Mikey knew that Gerard was only happy when the sun was around. Sadly, in New Jersey, the sun didn't come out of it's cloudy hiding place much. Therefore, the Way household tended to be quite a depressing place.

Not today though. Today had been the sunniest day of the year. While everyone else sat inside their homes, trying not to melt, Gerard was happy to bask in the sun. Even though Mikey had wanted to stay in the air conditioning, like any sane person would, he came outside with Gerard. There was no way he was missing out on the happiness that practically radiated from his brother on sunny days like this. He always wondered what it was about the sun that made Gerard so happy. He wanted to ask him, but he felt as if there was never the right moment to. When the sun was gone, Mikey felt like Gerard was too sad to be questioned. But when the sunshine had to compete with Gerard's smile in brightness, he felt like he might ruin the happiness that the sun brought. Looking over his brother now, he couldn't help but ask. It would drive him absolutely mad if he didn't.

Gerard looked away from where the sunshine was filtering through the large oak trees to his brother as he was asked the question. What was it about the sunshine that made him so happy? Gerard knew exactly how to awnser that question, but he had to take a few minutes to work out exactly how to say it. He took a deep breath.

"I like the sunshine because...because it's makes everything beautiful. It's makes everything dirty, look beautiful," Gerard leaned over to tuck a strand of mousey brown hair behind Mikey's glasses. "I mean just look at New Jersey." He took his hand from where he had been cupping Mikey's cheek to swing it around the backyard. "The sunshine makes everything wrong" Gerard reached over to take ahold of Mikey's hand,"seem...okay."

Mikey held Gerard's hand tighter and nodded. Gerard was an artist. He always said things in riddles of which Mikey could usually decipher with time. This, however, needed a little more thought than most things Gerard said.He rummaged through all the possible double meanings that Gerard's words could have. He looked down to where his brother and his hands were intertwined and froze when one particular played through his thoughts.

No, that couldn't be it. He thought. There was no way Gerard could ever return the feelings Mikey had for him. It certainly was dirty and so very wrong. And it would definitely explain a few things. He remembered all the sunny days where Gerard had hugged him more than normal or looked at him in a way that made Mikey positive he couldn't even begin to guess at what was rumbling through that brilliant mind of Gerard's. Mikey looked from their hands to find Gerard back to watching the sunshine. Mikey reached up shyly to turn his head to face him. Gerard was right. Sunshine made everything beautiful. The sunshine had cleansed Gerard's hazel eyes of the dark brown, leaving his them a glimmering green. It was gorgeous. Hopefully, he was right about the sunshine making the wrong, okay too.

Mikey crooked his head to the right and ungracefully crashed his lips onto Gerard's before his cowardly side could talk him out of it like it had done so many times before. His brother wasn't responding, but Mikey kept kissing him. If Gerard never wanted to see him again, he wanted to make it worthwhile. After another few seconds, Mikey finally pulled away, ready for his brother to be disgusted or angry or both. He looked up into Gerard's eyes to find nothing but shock. No disgust, no anger, just shock.

Mikey stared at his own hands as he fiddled with them in his lap. He didn't know what to say. All kinds of thoughts ran through Mikey's mind. Most of the thoughts were those of self loathing. He couldn't believe he just risked losing his brother for something so selfish. That was it, though. He hadn't lost him yet; only risked. There was hope. His thoughts skipped to what it would be like if Gerard felt the same. But that was silly. Gerard could never. Mikey was just a sick freak, but Gerard? No, Gerard was perfect. But what if he did? Mikey looked up from his calloused fingers to see Gerard with the unchanged dumbfounded expression still on his face.

Mikey started, "I'm so sor-"
He flinched as Gerard leaned over quickly. He was expecting a hit, but instead he received something much more loving. Gerard's chapped lips were softly working against his and it took him a moment to realise that he was supposed to kiss back. He wrapped his arms around his brother's neck, but kept the kiss sweet and light. They both knew it was wrong, but god, did it feel so right. Gerard pulled back and now it was Mikey's turn to be surprised.

"I love you, Mikey. But...but I don 't love you how a brother should. I just- I just can't help it, Mikes. I love yo-" This time is was Gerard being cut off by a kiss. It was just as sweet as the last and much too short.

"I love you too, Gee. I love you way too much." Mikey whispered as he pulled Gerard to lay down in the grass with him. Gerard wrapped his arms around his little brother and Mikey snuggled into his chest. They sat in the backyard of the Way residence like that for hours. The two boys said nothing, but the love in the air said all the words that the Way brothers couldn't come up with.

The sun began setting in the New Jersey sky, making the Way boys' hometown fade back into nothing more than the dirty alleys and murders. Just before the sun disappeared completely, Gerard pecked Mikey on the lips once more. Then the sunshine was gone. Everything was dirty again; everything was wrong. There would be no more of the sweet kisses until the next sunny day. Mikey had one last thought before he drifted to sleep wrapped up in his brother's arms.

'Gerard and I should move to California.'

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