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My Franina one shot for tmbfucks :) Of course there's going to be a bit of Bobifer, Gozzie, and Rayven in this!

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"Are you...positive?" Penina asked the doctor, giggling at her own pun.

The doctor was not amused.

"Yes. You are indeed pregnant." the doctor stated, with a very serious face.

"Wow, someone's got a tampon shoved up their ass" her best friend, Jennifer muttered.

Penina giggled, while the doctor gave them a death stare.

You may be wondering: why is the guy who knocked her up not there? Well, the answer is simple: he's on tour. Okay, that's not very simple. Here's the thing: Penina's boyfriend is a rockstar. His name, Frank Iero. His band, My Chemical Romance, is on a tour in the United States. Penina didn't want to tell him false news when he went to London to see her. She wanted to make sure it was true, that the reason she puked at the scent of perfume was because she was pregnant.

Now that it had been confirmed, she had to figure out how to tell him.

"Isn't his birthday in a few days?" Jennifer asked Penina, as they walked outside of the doctor's office.

"Tomorrow" Penina corrected.

"Maybe you should tell him over Skype" Jennifer suggested.

"Are you nuts? You don't drop news like that someone's face!" Penina exclaimed.

Jennifer rolled her eyes.

"Don't roll your eyes! Would you tell Bob that you were pregnant over some computer?" Penina asked.

Jennifer got a spark in her brown eyes.
A spark that could mean trouble, but it could only mean genius.

"Oh god, Jennifer. The spark. It's in your eyes. That's the same spark I saw when you got the idea to write fan fiction entitled 'Franina' " Penina said, unsure of whether she should be scared or excited.

"It's also the same spark my mother saw when I started a band, got my first tattoo, and decided to move to London. She had to suffer, now it's your turn!" Jennifer said " But you'll like this idea. Start with subtle hints, then move up. If he gets it in the first few hints, it'll be exciting. If not, go to more drastic things."

"Amazing! But do you'll think he'll get the hints?" Penina asked.

Jennifer smiled.

"He can't be THAT naive."


Penina got to her house, after having lunch with her friends, Jennifer, Hozzie, and Raven. She unlocked her door and saw a guy with black and blonde hair standing there.

"Miss me?" he said, with a grin.

"Frank!" Penina exclaimed, jumping into his arms.

Frank kissed her passionately. He had missed her so much during the tour, as she had missed him.

"Weren't you supposed to arrive next week?" Penina asked, pulling away and staring at him with her big, green eyes.

"Yes, but I couldn't stay away from the most amazing girl ever for too long." Frank said, smiling.

"So, I'm your baby?" Penina asked.

"Of course!" Frank said.

Penina sighed, as she kissed Frank again. She'd have to try again later on.


"I'm going to the store real quick! You want anything?" Frank asked.

This was her chance!

"Yes. Diapers, baby bottles, baby powder, baby formula." Penina said.

Frank blinked at her.

"Why do you need that stuff?" he asked.

"I've got a bun in the oven." Penina said.

Frank grinned.

"Seriously?!" he exclaimed.

Penina nodded.

"I'm so excited! When will it be ready? Wait, when did you find the time to make a bun?" Frank asked.

Penina sighed heavily

"Just...go to the store Frank."


The next day had arrived, and Penina had done her best to give off hints about her pregnancy towards Frank. She hadn't succeeded, so she decided to try one last thing before Frank's birthday/Halloween party that night.

Frank came home from a band meeting with the band, to find Penina's friends, and the band member's girlfriends, gathered in the house.

"Hey Jennifer, Hozzie, Raven, Alicia, and, my beautiful girl, Penina. What is everyone here for?" Frank asked, entering the house.

"We're planning a baby shower." Raven said.

"For who?" Frank asked.

Everyone looked at Penina.

"Oh my" Frank started.

Penina smiled. She knew he'd get it.


Penina sighed.
Hozzie and Raven held back a giggle.
Alicia facepalmed.
Jennifer bit her lip, trying not to tell Frank the truth.


"Gift opening time!" Penina shouted.

Everyone in the living room that had gathered for Frank's party, Gerard and his fiancèe, Hozzie, Ray and his wife, Raven, Bob and his girlfriend, Jennifer, and Mikey and his girlfriend, Alicia, got quiet.

Frank hopped into the living room, high on sugar and excitement. He loved opening gifts.

"Gimme the first one!" Frank exclaimed.

Penina smiled and handed him the gift she got him. Frank took it and unwrapped it, like an eager boy on Christmas morning.

When he opened it, he saw a picture of a sonogram, framed, on top of some baby clothes.

"Oh my gosh..." Frank started

Penina smiled. She knew he finally got him.


Ray kissed Raven, calming her down. It took everything in her power not to yell at Frank.

Surprisingly, she wasn't the one who shouted at Frank.

Jennifer was.


Bob looked up at his girlfriend, shocked. Him and his girlfriend both had a lot in common, including their tolerance levels. They could deal with Frank, from his sugar highs to his laziness. Shouting at people wasn't something they normally did.

Frank stayed still. He was shocked, for a couple of reasons. For one, Jennifer had never screamed or shouted at ANYONE. Second of all, he was going to be a father! It was so surreal. And finally, he was shocked because Penina's turtle wasn't pregnant.

"I'm going to be a dad?" Frank asked, quietly.

"Yes, Frank! For god sake's, yes." Hozzie said, frustrated. Gerard kissed her forehead, which calmed her down.

Penina giggled, as Frank ran through the house, shouting "I KNOCKED HER UP."

Frank stopped and kissed Penina.

"I'm sorry it took me so long to realize it. I can't wait to be a dad! I love you so much!" Frank said, pulling away.

"I love you, too." Penina said, leaning in for another kiss.

I hope you liked it! I'm not a good writer, but, hey, I tried!
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