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Wow. O-O

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Not a story just a note, not sure if it'll be a rant. Though I just wanted to talk about FicWad.

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Okay. . .

Well let's start. I love each and every author on this website (Minus trolls, obviously) even if I haven't ever talk to you. I, well I don't even remember when I started reading and writing on this site. . . Oh, okay, I joined March 23, 2011.

I remember loving this website, I thought it was just so amazing; I had just started reading Frerards and I feel in love with it. After I left to join mibba, I started using this site less and less until I just stopped. I had came back another time and posted a note possibly similar but really I just came back again and well, Ficwad's terrible.

I am so sorry if that offend any of you, it's not any of the writers because I'm sure you all have great potential but this website is horrendous. You can't control you ratings because many people try rating you down. There are trolls every where and there is no one that you can report it to. I remember once that I posted something on here and I comment that said:
go slit ur fuckin wrists!!!!!!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

I had no way to report it.

Also, you every time you attempt to make a new section for another band, it won't let you. Which ends up mixing different bands in the MCR section. I found a few Black Veil Bride stories. I just think it's wrong that you can't make another section for any other band.

I wonder to myself, How the fuck did I ever use this stupid website?

Well, I don't mind if people continue to use this site, but I still want to encourage you guys that don't already have a mibba, to use mibba. Or if you like Avenged Sevenfold or My Chemical Romance, try going on or

Those two websites have just recently been started by mibba and there aren't a load of stories on them yet. I'd be so happy if some of you guys attempted to help make the websites grow. :3

Well, that's the end of my slight rant.

With love,
~Pansy Xo
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