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Just A Quick Note.

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Bands! Well one band. Well kind of a survey... of one band...and youtubers. Just wondering basically.

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Hello people of Ficwad, hope you all had a lovely Hallo/Ieroween :3

Now I was just wondering about common interests and all that jazz. I feel like I hardly know any of you. Now I know some and my some I mean very few have heard of the band Fearless Vampire Killers and I was wondering if there was anyone else out there who like them? No? Okay.
Forever Alone.

Also youtubers, if you like any of these please review so we can maybe fangirl over them:

So yeah, please review so I can get to know some of you.
Watch as this gets no reviews!

Also if you haven't heard of Fearless Vampire Killers then I suggest you look them up because they are lovely human beings and sound kind of like early MCR. :D
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