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If the stars fell for you, they'd meet me at the bottom.

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Please don't leave me.

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Wow. I haven't been on here in so long. Ah. Nostalgia. Here's a really short chapter one until I find time to write more. Hope you like it. R&R please? xox -Z

It’s freezing.

I stare at the moon as I drag my feet along the pavement, laces untied and tongues hanging out. My fingers are covered by the long sleeves of my Misfits hoodie but they're still frozen to the bone. My hair is completely unruly with strands of blonde and brown and read flying everywhere.

I’m not entirely sure what time it is, but it’s dark and I’m cold and I can hear laughter; the unmistakable giggle of the cutest boy in my class and his friends.

I know one of them: Gerard. He’s always in Starbucks when I go in. He’s older than me though, three years my senior. We talk a lot, mostly about music and art, but only in Starbucks. Otherwise it's just an awkward acknowledgement with eye contact and a small smile.

They can see me - I can hear him telling them about me. I don’t know the cute boy’s name because I’m always late for registration but he asks why Gerard doesn’t call me over. I’m blushing. I can feel the heat from my cheeks against the cold, and I just hope it’s not possibly visible.

“Hey, Scar!”

Yes, my name is Scarlet. No, that’s not why my cheeks often light up like the most fluorescent red you could possibly imagine.

I turn, acting like I’m not petrified, and go over to them.

“Hey.” I say and smile, because I know that’s what normal people do.

“Hi.” Gerard says. And after a while of me just awkwardly standing there: “Sorry, do you need to be somewhere? Or do you wanna hang for a while?”

“No. No, I don’t need to be anywhere.”

“Does that mean you want to hang with us?” He asks.

“Yeah, ‘cause there’s a big difference between wanting to do something and just doing it.”

Oh. My. God.

The cutest boy I have ever seen just talked to me.

“No. No, I, um.. I’d love to hang with you.”

“Do you start everything you say with ‘no’?” he asks, grinning the most adorable grin.

I thought about it: “Yes.”

Everybody laughs.

“I like you, you’re clever.” Another says. His hair is a mass of curls and he’s smiling. His Anthrax t-shirt looks like it could be at least two sizes too small, but he looks incredibly friendly.

It turns out his name is Ray and he plays guitar. The cutest boy I have ever seen is called Frank and he plays too. And Gerard’s little brother (tall and awkward but incredibly friendly) is Mikey, who's always wanted to do something musical but isn't sure what. I suggest bass.

Aaand, I'm gonna leave it there for tonight. I've got some stuff to do, I'll be back asap. xox
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