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New Kids

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A oneshot for Cookie_Monster, since she's in a bad mood. There's, of course, Franina, Rayven, Bobifer, and Milicia.

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Hey Cookie_Monster! I heard it's been a tough day. I hope this cheers you up a bit! :D

"Hozzie! There's, like, 5 new kids and you're not even looking! " Penina said to one of her friends, Hozzie, at lunchtime.

"Not interested." Hozzie said, not bothering to look up from the current story she was writing in her notebook.

"Dude, chipper up a bit!" her friend, Jennifer said "We're seniors! We're getting out of this dump soon!"

Hozzie looked up at Jennifer, but someone else caught her eyes.
A pair of brown eyes staring at her.
She was enchanted by the pair.

"Ohhhh someone is in love!" Penina said, smiling.

"No, I'm not-" Hozzie started, but saw that she was talking to their friend, Raven.

"He's pretty hot!" Raven said, staring at the kid with the fro.

"Are those the new kids?" Hozzie asked.

"Yep. They look pretty cool." Penina said.

The guy that was staring at Hozzie had short black hair. The guys he was hanging out with clearly stood out. One guy had black and blonde hair, another one had a fro, one had glasses and one had blond hair.

"We should go talk to them!" Jennifer said.

Raven was already there, making her move.

"I think fro guy looks interested!" Penina exclaimed.

It was true. He looked very interested. He kept on sexing Raven up with his eyes.

"Ohmy...ABSTINENCE!" Jennifer shouted at Raven.

The guy with blonde hair's eyes shot at Jennifer. They stared at each other for a bit, her brown eyes on the blonde haired guy's,before he walked over to their table, with a friend.

"Hey, I'm Bob. " the blonde haired guy said. "This is my friend, Frank. "

"You're cute!" Penina blurted, then blushed.

Frank chuckled and started to talk to Penina. The only guy who wasn't talking to anyone was the guy who was staring at Hozzie. The guy with glasses had started talking to that loner girl, Alicia. Hozzie decided to go talk to the guy. This was a bold move for her. She could be very shy. She sat down next to the guy.

"I'm Hozzie" she said.

"I'm Gerard. " he said.

It was clear that they were both a bit shy.

"So, what are you doing?" Hozzie asked.

"I'm drawing." Gerard answered, simply.

"Mind if I take a look?" Hozzie asked.


Gerard handed over his notebook, very nervous. As soon as Hozzie looked at it, he started to blush.

"That'" Hozzie said, enchanted by the drawing.

He had gotten everything correct. Her blue eyes, her dark brown hair, everything. It was amazing.

"You drew this?"

Gerard blushed.

"I know it's not very good-"

"It's amazing!" Hozzie exclaimed.

Gerard's skin color turned back to normal.

"Thanks!" Gerard exclaimed.

Their conversation took off from there. Before knew it, the bell had rung, and lunchtime was over. Hozzie remembered her friends. Raven and fro guy were making out, Frank and Penina were looking at each other with sex eyes, the guy with glasses and Alicia were both blushing, and Bob was trying to get Jennifer to talk, while she blushed like mad.

"Hey, I was you want to go out and get coffee sometime?" Gerard asked

Hozzie blushed and smiled.
"I'd love to."


"And that's how your Aunt Penina met Uncle Frank, Aunt Alicia met Uncle Mikey, Aunt Raven met Uncle Ray, Aunt Jennifer met Uncle Bob, and how I met your father" Hozzie finished.

"Ew." her daughter, AJ, said "I never knew that Aunt Raven and Uncle Ray were so sexual."

"And I never knew that Aunt Jennifer blushed so much around Uncle Bob!" her son, Dan, said.

"The freaky thing is that she still does" Hozzie said "She tells us it's makeup, but we know she still blushes around your Uncle Bob"

They all laughed.

"Goodnight, mom" Dan said, going off to bed with AJ.

"Goodnight, guys." Hozzie said.

Hozzie felt arms wrap around her.

"Our kids are amazing, aren't they, Gerard?" Hozzie said, knowing who it was.

"They are. Just like their mother" Gerard said, as he faced Hozzie and kissed her.
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