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He Watches

by atomickilljoy 9 reviews

He watches.

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He watches you. Every minute of everyday, he watches. In fact, he's watching you right now as you read this. But he doesn't like to be known about. He doesn't like it when people know that he's watching. But he does. He watches you sleep. If you pretend you're sleeping long enough, you can see him if you open your eyes real quick. But he doesn't like that. If you try it tonight, you'll see him. You won't know it's him, though. You'll think it's a shadow, or your imagination, or some shit like that. But he already knows that you caught a glimpse, even though you may not know it. He does. He doesn't appreciate people knowing about him. But you've already read this. Now you know. Even if you think it's fake. You know. He hates that. So, on a dark night, when everything's quiet, he'll...
Just know that he's watching you.
He's waiting.
He's planning.
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