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Izzy and Slash love story

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A story about Izzy and Slash

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“Slash!” Izzy gasped as his lover shoved him up against the wall. “Shhhhhh.” Slash whispered in Izzy’s ear causing chills to run up and down Izzy’s spine. Izzy nodded.
“Good.” Slash whispered in Izzy’s ear. “No one can know about us, you understand that baby?” Slash asked almost in a threatening manner. Izzy nodded looking at the ground. Slash grabbed Izzy’s jaw and forced him to look at him. “Y-yes, I understand.” Izzy said in a shaky voice. He knew Slash probably wouldn’t hurt him but Izzy didn’t want to risk it.
Izzy’s knees buckled when Slash crashed his lips against Izzy’s. Izzy moaned when Slash began to bite his neck. “You like that sweetie?” asked Slash. Izzy nodded, Slash’s hands had traveled lower on Izzy’s body and Izzy didn’t think he could form real words even if he wanted to.
Slash grabbed Izzy’s skinny hips and pulled him close grinding against him. “Uh!” gasped Izzy.
“Shhhhh! I hear people” Slash said. Then Izzy heard it to, people were walking towards their dressing room. They quickly jumped apart.
“Hey guys.” Duff said walking into the room with Axl and Steven. “What are you two doing?” Steven asked, more curious then suspicious. “We looked all over for you after the show.”
“I had a headache, so Slash was just um…..helping me find some medicine?” Izzy’s answer sounded more like a question but everyone was too hyped up, having just had a successful concert, to notice.
“ you not want to go out drinking then?” asked Duff. “No! I feel much better.” Izzy protested. He really needed a drink. He was sick of hiding his relationship with Slash and was now beginning to think that Slash didn’t care about him as much as he did Slash.
What had begun as a random drunk hookup at a party turned into somewhat of a relationship. Izzy wanted so badly to be able to tell Slash he loved him but knew that was not an option. At least right now he could pretend that Slash loved him...that Slash wasn’t just using him.
“Hey why you spacing out Iz?” Duff asked when he caught Izzy staring at the wall with an expressionless face. “Ummmm….no reason……” Izzy trailed off. “You sure you’re ok to go out Izzy?” Axl asked, feeling worried about his best friend.
“Actually I think I will just crash on the tour bus…you guys go ahead.” Izzy mumbled. His band mates looked concerned for a moment then shrugged it off. “Ok see you later Izzy.” Steven smiled waving at Izzy.
Izzy waved back weakly. Slash didn’t give him a second glance, just walked out of the room laughing at something Axl had said. Izzy sighed and sat down on the couch for a minute then walked out to the tour bus.
Izzy felt so confused so lonely. He wondered if Slash would hook up with any girls tonight. As much as Izzy hated to admit it the answer was probably yes. Now that Guns n Roses was becoming more popular they had been getting a lot of attention from girls. Slutty girls, in Izzy’s opinion.
No one knew Izzy was gay besides Slash, so Izzy always had some excuse on hand for why he couldn’t go have sex in the bathroom of some club with some desperate and drunk random girl.
So far no one seemed suspicious but how much longer could Izzy keep saying he had a cold or that he was too wasted, or that he had a girlfriend back home that he was loyal to? Because it was only a matter of time before Axl or Duff or somebody heard and busted him for lying.
Izzy wished he could talk to someone about all this but there was no one. So Izzy was left alone to obsess on his problems.
Izzy didn’t feel like eating dinner so he decided to just sleep. He crawled into his bunk and sighed in unhappiness. Was Slash so ashamed of their relationship that he didn’t even want their friends to know? Izzy never kept secrets from the rest of the band especially Axl. But Izzy didn’t know how Axl would react. Most likely he would be pissed off, if not for Izzy being gay then for Izzy lying to him.
Izzy drifted off and was sound asleep until the door of the tour bus slammed open. Izzy sat up with a start then relaxed when he realized it was just the rest of the band retuning from wherever the hell they had been.
Izzy could tell they were all drunk. Axl was leaning against Duff for support and Steven was laughing at nothing, Slash seemed to be the most sober.
“Izzy!” Axl yelled. “You should have seen the girl Slash hooked up with!” Axl was still talking far too loud and was slurring his words. Luckily he was too drunk to notice the expression on Izzy’s face turn from sleepy to completely crushed.
Slash chuckled softly and Izzy shot him a death glare. Izzy pulled the blankets on his bed over his head and rolled over to face the wall so no one would see the tears streaming down his face. Izzy had never felt so alone in his entire life.
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