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Shayla entered her new school, her eyes focused on the ground. It was her first day in a new school. It would be bad enough if this was a new school in her home town but not only was she in a new town, she was in a completely different country. She'd lived in England her entire life and now she'd moved to America because her Dad had got a job out here. And she wasn't about to stay with her Mom. Not after the divorce.

She took a deep breath and carried on walking until she made it to the front office "Hi, I'm Shayla Becker." She said quietly. She had to repeat herself twice until the receptionist finally heard her.

"Well here's your timetable and whatever." She said, handing Shayla a piece of paper. The bell rang "That's the bell for home room. Just go to this room." She pointed at a number at the top of the paper "If you get lost then just tell someone."

Shayla nodded shyly even though she knew she didn't have the guts to ask anyone for directions. So for the entire half-an-hour that she was meant to spend in home room, she walked around looking for it. But the building was five times the size of her school back in England and she was hopelessly lost.

Finally the bell rang for first lesson. Shayla sighed and pulled her time table out of her bag. She had biology in room 24. Where the heck was room 24? She walked around for five more minutes until someone grabbed her arm "Are you lost?"

Shayla shrieked and whirled around, finding herself facing a friendly-looking boy with brown curly hair "I'm sorry, did I scare you?" He asked, looking concerned "I'm Ray Toro."

"Oh I-I'm Shayla Becker." She muttered "Sorry. Yeah, I am lost. Do you know where room 24 is?"

"Oh, you've got biology? Me too! I'll show you where it is, it's this way." Ray smiled at her and lead her down the corridor. Shayla followed him, grateful that he was showing her to her lesson.

"Here it is." Ray said, opening the door. The room was filled with popular, skinny, blonde girls and muscley, tanned boys who all glared at the two of them the moment they walked through the door "Umm, do you wanna sit with me?"

"You don't have to do that, I mean, you'd probably rather sit with your friends." Shayla said awkwardly.

"I only have one friend in this lesson. And I want you to sit with us. Come on." Ray smiled at her and Shayla saw that he wasn't scary like the rest of the kids in the class. So she smiled back at him, relaxed a little and went to the back of the class with him.

Sitting at the back was a boy with jaw-length black hair, drawing something in a sketch book "Hey Gee," Ray smiled, sitting down. Shayla took the seat next to him "This is the new girl Shayla."

"Hi Shayla, I'm Gerard. Nice to meet you." Gerard gabbled, not looking up from his art work.

"Sorry, he's always like that when he's drawing." Ray laughed "So where are you from? You have an interesting accent."

"Oh I'm from England." Shayla replied in a shy, quiet voice.

There was a giggle from behind her and Shayla blushed bright red. Ray rolled his eyes "Ignore them all, they'll leave you alone after a couple of weeks if you just ignore them."

"Oh, okay." Shayla muttered, her voice so quiet that Ray barely heard her.

"My name is Shayla Becker and I'm a little freak." A mean voice mocked from behind her and Shayla hunched down in her seat. Ray glared at the girl who had mocked her but she just stuck her tongue out at him.

At that moment the teacher came in and Shayla paid attention to the lesson and nothing else. Ray kept glancing at her, feeling sorry for her.

At lunch time Shayla sat with Ray, Gerard and their friends Mikey, Bob and Frank. At the next table there was a group of boys from biology class, talking loudly in a fake posh accent, obviously taking the piss out of Shayla's accent. The boys ignored it but Shayla hunched over in her seat, staring down at her lunch. She tipped it into the bin, completely untouched "Why didn't you eat anything?" Ray asked her.

"I'm not very hungry anymore." Shayla told him, not taking her eyes off of her lap.

"Look, just ignore them. They're assholes." Ray whispered, leaning his head closer to hers.

"I can't!" Shayla whispered back, her eyes filling with sudden tears "I'm not good at ignoring people."

Ray glanced over at the popular guys who were laughing hysterically at one of the guys still mimicking Shayla "Don't worry," Ray muttered "I'll sort them out so that they don't make fun of you anymore."

After school Ray had asked Shayla to wait for him by the back gates. She was standing there by herself when the guy who had been making fun of her at lunch started walking towards her. His eye was a funny red colour and swollen up. He also had a tissue pressed against his nose. Shayla prepared herself for him to start making fun of her but he stopped in front of her and said "I-I'm sorry for making fun of your accent. It won't happen again, I promise."

Shayla's eyes widened in amazement as the popular guy looked around nervously, apologised again and walked out of the school. Why had he apologised? Nobody had ever apologised for making fun of her before.

At that moment Ray walked over to her "Did he apologise to you?" Ray asked.

Shayla nodded then her mouth dropped open "Did you beat him up?" She cried. Ray nodded "Why did you do that?"

"Because he was making fun of you and I couldn't stand it."

"... Nobody's ever done something like that for me before."

"Well I did. Because I really like you." Shayla flushed bright red and Ray smiled at her "Hey Shayla... Don't hate me for this, okay?"

"Because you-?" Shayla was cut off by Ray's lips on hers. For a moment she considered pushing him away and then realised that actually, she really liked Ray. She wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back.

When he pulled away, he whispered "I love you Shayla."

"I love you too Ray." Shayla smiled at him.

[A/N] - Sorry this is so short and awful but I'm so tired :'(
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