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The Dance

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A Rayla fic for Shayla_Boo :) Sorry if it isn't good.

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"Hey Shayla." Ray said, greeting his friend.

"Hey Ray." Shayla said.

Kiss me now, you God. Shayla thought.

"So...I have news!" Ray said, excitedly.

Ray and Shayla have been best friends since the 2nd grade. Now that they were seniors in high school, they had a stronger bond, and always told each other everything. Except Shayla. Shayla had one secret that she refused to tell anyone, even Ray. She was in love with Ray. She had started loving him in 10th grade, but she thought that he wouldn't feel the same, so she hid her feelings from Ray.

"What are the news?" Shayla asked.

"I have a girlfriend!" Ray squealed.

Shayla's heart dropped down to the floor. She was so heartbroken.

"Who is it?" she asked, holding back tears.

"Her name is Delia! She has beautiful black hair, she has amazing hazel eyes and she's very nice. She asked me to go to the Halloween dance with her as her boyfriend, and I said yes!" Ray said.

"Hold up...Delia Winismith?" Shayla said, not believing her ears.

"Yes...why?" Ray asked.

It took everything in Shayla's power not to cry at that point.

"How could you?!" Shayla screamed "You know she hates me and has bullied me ever since I was in 1st grade! You know I hate her for doing so!"

Ray's face got red.

"You know what?! You should just grow up and forget about what happened! You're being a baby! I bet she never bullied you! She told me you bullied her! So, stop being a fucking baby and grow up!" Ray said.

Shayla slapped Ray as hard as she could.

"Fuck you, Ray!" Shayla said, through tears.

She ran home, wanting nothing more than to forget Ray's cruel words.


"Hey, babe!" Shayla heard someone say.

She turned around to see Dillon, the jock. She rolled her eyes.

"It's Shayla, Dillon. Not 'babe' " she said.

"Whatever. Want to go to the dance with me? I have no one else to go with, and you're pretty hot. What do you say?" He asked.

Shayla looked at him in disgust, but then remembered that Dillon was the one who used to bully Ray. She smiled and replied

"I'd love to."


The night of the dance came. Dillon picked Shayla up at her house, ready to go. Since no one had to dress in a costume for the dance, Shayla went in a beautiful black dress, while Dillon showed up in a tuxedo.

As they walked to the school dance, they talked a bit. They got to know each other more. In fact, they had a good time, laughing and all. It turns out, when he doesn't have his varsity jacket on, he can be really awesome.

When they got to the dance, she immediately saw Ray and Delilah. They were easy to spot, since Ray was the one in an Iron Maiden t shirt and Delilah was in a glittery pink dress. It was so glittery, it should've been a safety hazard. Seriously.

Ray spotted Shayla, and he grew apologetic. He told Delilah to dance without him. It's not like she cared anyways. He headed over to Shayla, who was all alone.

"Hey, Shayla. Look, I'm really sorry about what I said earlier. That wasn't very cool. I'm so so sorry, and I hope we're still friends." Ray said.

"Its okay, Ray. " Shayla said, smiling.

Ray smiled back.

"Here's your punch, Shayla." Dillon said, handing Shayla some punch.

"Thanks, Dill." Shayla said, smiling.

Ray narrowed his eyes at Dillon.

"Shayla, can we talk outside?" Ray asked.

"Sure. Do you mind, Dill?" Shayla asked.

"No problem! I'll go dance with Delilah." Dillon said, smiling at his new friend.

Ray took Shayla's arm and went outside with her.

"Why are you here with him?!" Ray asked.

"He asked me to go with him, and I said Yes." Shayla said, innocently.

"You know that he used to bully me in 1st grade, right?" Ray asked.

"You told me you were over that! What's the big deal?"

"Damn it, Shayla! Can't you see that I'm in love with you?!" Ray said.

Shayla's heart stopped.


"Yes!" Ray exclaimed "Ever since-"

"10th grade" they said at the same time.

"You feel the same way?" Ray asked.

"Of course!" Shayla exclaimed.

Ray wrapped Shayla in a passionate kiss. And to this day, it's the best kiss they've ever had, right next to the kiss that married them and the kiss they shared after their baby girl was born.
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