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Bouncy castle style! (There may be the teensiest bit of Franina in here.)

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Shayla's P.O.V

I’ve got to admit, Frank’s birthday party is quite good this year. He insisted on getting a bouncy castle for it, and to be honest, I thought it would’ve been terrible, but it’s actually a lot of fun.

‘Hey Shayla!’ Ray, my best friend, and secret crush, greeted. I bounced over to him.

‘Hi Ray.’ I said giving him a hug.

‘It’s hard to believe this is a 16 year olds birthday party, huh?’ He asked. I giggled.

‘Yeah, but you’ve got to admit, this is kinda awesome.’ I told him. He smiled.

‘It kinda is. Were you here for when Frank crowd-surfed?’ He asked.

‘He crowd-surfed on a bouncy castle?’ I asked him. Ray just nodded his head.

‘Yep, and he told me he’s going to get a tattoo high up on his neck. He doesn’t want anyone to know though, so I didn’t tell you.’ He told me. I giggled.

‘What’s it going to be?’ I asked.

‘A scorpion I think.’ He told me. Ray turned around. ‘Speak of the devil.’ He said. Frank was there. He looked bright red and tired.

‘Oh my god. Are you okay?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. This is the best party ever. My cousin bought over her friend, and oh my god! She’s from London, and she’s so hot!’ He exclaimed.

‘Go tap that my friend.’ Ray said. His big afro was bouncing as much as the castle. I found it amusing, and kind of sexy.

‘You don’t treat women like that dude.’ Frank told him.

‘Oh please! You’re the school slut.’ I said.

‘Yeah, but she’s different. I think I have feelings towards her. Feelings guys. Feelings.’ He told us.

‘Then go talk to her.’ I said.

‘I would, but I’m nervous, and… oh god. She’s coming this way. I’ve got to go.’ He said bouncing away into the night of the castle. I shook my head at his immaturity.

‘Jesus. I’ve never seen him so weird before.’ Ray told me.

‘I’ve seen weirder. Come on, let’s get a drink.’ I said. We bounced out of the castle, put our shoes on, and stood at the table, getting a drink next to the speakers that were playing music incredibly loud.

I began fiddling with my short, choppy, pin-straight chestnut brown hair. I was really nervous next to Ray. I just love him, but I can tell he doesn’t feel the same way.

‘Say, are you alright?’ Ray asked.

‘Yeah. Fine.’ I answered.

‘Really? You look a bit distracted.’ He told me.

‘Yeah, by your face. It’s amazing.’ I shouted so he could hear me. That was a stupid move, but I had to tell him.

‘Not as amazing as yours.’ He shouted back. My wide hazel eyes became even wider.

‘What? You like me?’ I asked.

‘Yeah. I always have, and I always will you muppet.’ He said.

‘You’re the muppet. Look at your hair.’ I argued back.

‘Look at your muppet-like brain.’ He said. I giggled.

‘Well, I love you.’ I told him.

‘I adore you.’ He shouted.

‘I’d die for you.’ I screamed.

‘I want you to carry my babies!’ He shouted. The music turned off and everyone began staring at us. Well, everyone but Frank and that girl he was talking about. They were kissing in the corner of the bouncy castle. It seemed different than when he usually kissed girls though. He genuinely seems interested in her. That’s a first. The music started up again, and everyone started talking again.

‘I’d have them.’ I whispered in his ear. He smiled and kissed me with his big lips. It was soft, magical, and I felt fireworks inside me. He pulled back quickly though.

‘Can we not have the babies right now though? I don’t think I’m ready for it.’ He said. I giggled.

‘Don’t worry, not until we’re married or something.’ I said.

‘I can’t wait for the wedding.’ He said. I smiled and rested my head on his shoulder.

Exactly 7 years later, the altar was where we were. In the garden of the hotel, we had a bouncy castle. Not just any bouncy castle though. The exact same bouncy castle that was at Frank’s party. He stuck with that girl. She’s called Penina, and she’s one of my best friends. She’s my maid of honour.

‘I do.’ I said.

‘You may now kiss the bride.’ The priest said. Ray and I smiled at each other a split second before we kissed in front of the entire congregation. This bouncy castle has bought us a lot of luck. Maybe I could bring it with to the hotel so I can begin carrying his children. I asked the men for it at the party. They said yes. Bring on the birth!

Hey Shayla! Sorry it's short and suckish. I just had breakfast and I'm still ill and I'm just feeling all floopy. :L I hope you like it though! So... now on to the Franina, hey?!? Mwahahaha! XD xx
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