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Hold me as the heavens cry out

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One-shot: Just proving how romantic the rain can be. Mallie.

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I'm having a weird fantasy moment. If only my parents would let me go out alone in the rain...Imagine

I watched as the grey clouds formed over in the sky.
I then watched as the sky slowly began to cry.
I grinned to myself and ran down stairs.
I opened the door and stood outside.
I started laughing as I felt the rain come down harder and wash my sadness away.
I then ran down the street to the park.
Everytime I came across a puddle I jumped into it and giggled as it soaked me.
I then reached the park.
This is what I love about the rain, the fact everyones run home for shelter, meaning I have the park to myself.
I ran to slide, climbed up and streched out my arms.
I imagined I was Rose, flying on the Titanic.
"I'M THE QUEEN OF THE WORLD!" I screamed hearing my voice echo.
I then slid down the slide and splashed into a puddle.
I ran to the swing and started, well, swinging.
I tilted my head back so I looked up at the sky.
I felt the rain splash onto my face.
I then stopped swinging and twisted the chain around.
I sat down and let go of the chain.
I laughed as the world blurred around me and the rain soaked me.
As it stopped spinning I felt dizzy for a second.
When I was sure I was normalized I went to the roundabout and started spinning it around.
I then leaped on and let it spin for me.
I closed my eyes and felt the world move around me.
Suddenly it came to a very sudden stop.
I looked behind me and saw a foot.
I looked up and saw Mikey who was drenched standing there.
"How long have you been there?" I asked.
"A while, I saw that Titanic impression," he said.
I bit my lip with embarassment.
He reached out his hand.
"Come on, you're gonna catch a cold, lets stand under those trees," he said.
I took his hand and he guided me under the trees.
I noticed his glasses had rain drops on them.
I gently wiped them with the only dry part of my sleeve.
"Thanks," he said.
"Your welcome," I said smiling at him.
"So what brings you out here?" he asked.
"Rain is time when I feel free and I can do whatever I want, what about you?" I asked.
"Actually I came to look for you," he said.
"Oh, okay, can I help you with anything?" I asked.
"'s just, there's this girl I really like, I wanna tell her how I feel but I just don't know how," he said.
I felt my heart sink so far I didn't think there was a bottom.
Mikey likes someone?
And it's not me...
"Well...I guess you just...go up to her and make out with her on the spot," I said.
"Oh, okay thanks," he said.
I put my hood up.
"I hope you're very happy with whoever," I mumbled walking away trying not to cry.
"Callie!" I heard him shout.
I ignored him.
I heard running footsteps behind me.
I then felt my wrist being grabbed and pulled back.
"Mikey! What the fu-"
I got cut off by him pressing his lips against mine.
I hesitated then kissed him back.
He wrapped his arms round my waist and I wrapped mine round his neck.
The rain felt so soft and comforting as it hit me.
We carried for quite a while and we slowly pulled away from each other.
I rested my forehead against his.
"Did I just give advice to how you can ask me out?" I asked.
"Yep," he said.
I started laughing.
He then started laughing.
He hugged me tightly and kissed my forehead.
"I love you Callie," he whispered.
I smiled.
"I love you too Mikey," I whispered.

I appoligize for my crappy writing it made more sense in my head.
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