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Pennia has news, that Frank doesn't pick up on

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"JENNIFEEEEERRR, since when am I so fat?!" Pennia growled, staring down at the scale

"I don't know, how much did you weigh before?" The other girl walked up, leaning against the doorframe

"Um, well about that..." Pennia stood there akwardly, spinning the diamond engament ring around her finger.

"You don't know." Jennifer rolled her eyes, this girl was a smarticle particle 

"So? WHY AM I SO FAT!" Pennia liked being her normal weight, whatever it was.

"Well have you done anything to gain weight? Like overload on food, get pissed and start eating your finance's dogs" This last suggestion making the confused one sick to her stomach.

"FUCK!" She screamed, tripping her way to the toilet.

"Penny I'm sorry." Jennifer apologized, holding her long chestnut brown hair back.

"Not you..." She stated in between gasps. "We need to go to the store." Jennifer raised her eyebrows, dirty pictures filling her drummer obsessed mind.

"M'kay, don't puke all over the place though." She rolled her eyes grabbing the car keys.

"JENNY COME HERRRE!" Jennifer heard a familiar british accent scream throughout the store.

"Pen, since when are you british?" Jennifer walked over to were the girl was standing outside the washroom.

"I come from London...we talk all the time and you just noticed this?" Mocking her friend, Pennia dragged her into the gas stations women's bathroom.

"WELL AT LEAST ME AND BOB AREN'T LIKE BUNNY RABBITS!" Jennifer screamed, causing her friend to flash bright red

"Shut up and how does this work." Playing with the paper inside, Pennia well peed on a stick. 

"FuckfuckfuckfuckFUCKINGFUCKITYFUCK!" Pennia growled, walking into the studio's band house.

"What's wrong?" Mikey asked, looking up from the bass part he was recording

"Pennia and Frank fucked and now their having a kid." Jennifer shrugged walking out of the room to find Bob.

"WELL FUCK JEN!" Pennia screamed, flopping down on the couch.

"Hey hun." Frank walked in, pulling his fiancé into a passionate kiss.

"Hey Frankie? What do you think about kids?" The girl asked, wrapping her arms around the guitarist.

Shrugging he answered "They're okay. But I like dogs better." 

"Mhmm defiantly no need to like kids at all." Mikey commented quietly, resuming the part he was trying to play

"Mikey, shut the fuck up or I'll make you watch the part of Cabin In The Woods where the unicorn kills people." The bassist's head snapped up at the girl's comment, giving her a glare.

"Well we should get back to recording, so love you." Frank gave her a hug before leaving to grab his guitar.

"Fuck." Pennia growled, wandering off to find someone who she thought could help her.

"Hozzie? Why is Frank such a dumbass?" Pennia kidded siting across from the singer's wife.

"Because he doesn't have enough room is his itty-bitty body to fit any smarts?" She looked up from her phone, gaze becoming serious when she saw a look of stress.

"Why? Do I need to whoop his ass?" She smiled causing the stressed pregnant girl to smile along with her.

"I hope not, but maybe." Pennia raised her eyebrows, thinking of ways to hint towards Frank about this without just telling him.

"PENNIA WHATS THIS?" Frank called, causing the girl to stiffen from her spot on the couch.

"What's what?" She asked, letting out a sigh of relief when he walked in with a pair of her boots she forgot.

"Oh wow, sorry. But can we talk?" She asked, receiving a fearful look from the man.

"That is never good."

"Would you ever want kids?" Pennia asked, receiving a nod from Frank

"Oh of course! But when the recording and touring to promote is over." Her heart sank

"So not right now?" She whispered, receiving a look from Frank

"Are you trying to tell me something?" He asked, grabbing her hand

"Yeah, yeah I am." She whispered

"We can have kids after; it's just that I want to be in his or her life rather than right now; where I could miss their birth, never be around to help." He explained,  receiving a sigh from the girl, who now had tears forming in her big beautiful green eyes.

"Woah I'm sorry!" He pulled her as close as she could get.

"Okay I understand it's something she should tell you but FOR FUCK SAKES FRANK SHE'S PREGNANT!" Mikey yelled; obviously frustrated with Frank's naive behavior.

"Pennia, is this true?" Frank whispered, eyes bright

"Yes Frank, it's true." She whispered wiping away tears.

"THIS IS AMAZING I'M GOING TO BE A DAD AND ALL THE DOGS WILL HAVE SOMEONE LITTLE TO PLAY WITH! THIS IS AMAZING! Why didn't you tell me?!" Frank was smiling wider than when he was allowed puppy 136580087725441427 the second.

Not wanting to break his bad mood Pennia just smiled, stood and placed a kiss upon his smiling lips.

So I won't get sued..I don't own Hozzie (Cookie_Monster does) or Jennifer(AJ I USED YOUR OC OKAY?) sorry if you don't want me using them O.O
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