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UPDATED VERSION: Amy has too much to say about herself =D

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Ficwad cut half of this off, so lets try again!

Real Name: Amy and I’m 15 years old

Username: xxMikeyxx (I love Mikey, you should know that)

Gender: I think I’m a female, I could be wrong

Country: UK!

City: I live in the county of Kent, but I’m not gonna be too specific, incase there are any stalkers on here…

Religion: I’m supposed to Christian but I’m not religious

Relationship status: I’m single, but hopefully one day I won’t be =)

Picture of Yourself: What makes you think I’ll you a photo of me!

Favourite Musicians/Bands:
My Chemical Romance (MIKEEEEEY!!!!!)
Betty Curse
Paramore (I saw them 13th November 2010!)
Mindless Self Indulgence
You me at six
Green Day
Panic! At the disco
Fall Out Boy
The Pretty Reckless
Tokio Hotel
Cobra Starship
Linkin Park
All Time Low (Zack Merrick!!!!!)
The Academy is...
We are the in crowd
30 seconds to Mars
Black Veil Brides
Kids in Glass Houses
Hey Monday (VOTE FOR CASSADEE ON THE VOICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
Forever the sickest kids
Blink 182
Kill Hannah
Cute is what we aim for
Black Cards
Bring me the Horizon
Miss Conduct
New found Glory
Good Charlotte
The Young Veins
Cherri Bomb
The Hype Theory
Boys Like Girls
The Maine
Digital Daggers
Call Atlantis
Courage my Love
The Nearly Deads
Tonight Alive
Farewell My Love
Car Party
The Gallery

Favorite Movies:
The Avengers
Harry Potter
The Hunger Games
The Amazing Spider-man(Andrew’s British NOT American, Andrew is beautiful =D)
Spiderman triology
Star Wars
Star Trek
Pirates of the Caribbean
Edward Scissorhands
Corpse Bride
Men in Black triology
The Nightmare before Christmas
Home Alone
Toy Story trilogy(All the happiness of my childhood)
Home Alone
Alice in Wonderland(Tim Burton)
The Final Riot!(Paramore)
Straight to DVD(All Time Low)
Anywhere but home (Evanescence)
Life on a murder scene (My Chemical Romance)

Favourite TV shows:
The Vampire Diaries (Ian Somerhalder!!!!!!!!!)
Secret Circle
Teen Wolf
Doctor Who (Go David Tennant!)
Torchwood (I’ve met John Barrowman at a book signing with his sister!)
Young Americans (Ian Somerhalder!)

Favorite anime:
Mew Mew Power
Fruits Basket
The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya
Vampire Knight
Code Geass

Favourite Books:
Fallen Novels by Lauren Kate (My favourite author, met her the day before my birthday, I got her to sign all six of my books by her)
House of Night series by P.C. and Kristin Cast (Creepy that a mother and daughter write books with dirty scenes in them)
Harry Potter by J.K Rowling
The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins
The Immortals books by Alyson Noel
A Witch in Winter books by Ruth Warburton
Haunting Violet by Alyxandra Harvey
The Vampire Diaries by L.J. Smith
The Secret Circle by L.J. Smith
(Too many more to list!!!!)

Gerard Way
Mikey Way (Beautiful!!!!!)
Frank Iero
Ray Toro
Bob Bryar
Hayley Williams
Alex Gaskarth (He was arms length away from meeee!)
Jack Barakat (Never fails to make me laugh)
Zack Merrick (Beautiful!!!!!!…what is with me and bass players?)
Cherri Bomb (They are inspirational =D)

Bandoms you write for:
MCR and ATL (Haven’t posted any on here)

Pairings you ship: Mallie, Bobifer, Rayla…I’ve forgotten the rest

In your opinion, what is the best story on FicWad you feel you’ve written?: Rise of the Killjoys

Your favourite authors on here: Look on my fav authors list

Favourite stories on here: Again look at my fav list

Favourite personalities on here:…Lots

Sample of my writing:
I’m on fanfiction as well: xxTHE PARAMORE FREAKxx
This story I kinda gave up on, this scene has never been seen before.

My Chemical Romance: Like a blade you stain

SPOV (Sam’s point of view)
I couldn’t bear this. So basically I got chucked out my house a few months ago, so I’m in care. I meet these guys from this cool band My Chemical Romance. I fall in love with Gerard Way, the singer. He then loves me and now I’m going back home. I finished packing and walked down the stairs. I said goodbye to my little friend Jess and walked out the door. Gerard wasn’t there; he was so upset he couldn’t bear to see me go. I would have cried but I have never cried in my life. I try to but I can’t.
I got in my mum’s car and we drove away. I couldn’t look back.

A few hours later…
I lay in bed. You see the problem is I never could sleep until I met Gerard and he helped me go to sleep. Suddenly I felt water coming through my eyes. I was crying! Then I got out of bed put my Evanescence hoodie grabbed my bag and ran out the door.

GPOV (Gerard’s point of view)
I sat there on the bed my eyes red. I couldn’t sleep eat or drink. I heard a knock on the door. “Go away and leave me alone!” I shouted. “Gerard you can’t stay in there forever!” Mikey said from outside the door. Usually I would listen to my brother, but this was serious. “I can’t live without her Mikey,” I cried. “She’ll come and see you!” Mikey said. “When Mikey, When!” I shouted angrily. “Soon she will,” he replied. “When! Weeks, months, years!” I shouted. I heard him sigh. “I can’t live without her, I gonna die!” I shouted. “Gerard no don’t!” Mikey pleaded. I saw he was trying to open the door.
I walked into my bathroom and turned on the bath tap. I didn’t change my clothes or anything. When the bath was full, I turned the tap off. I stepped in the freezing water. I then slid down until I was completely under. The longer I spent under the weaker I felt. Memories flooded through my mind. I then saw a figure run in. I recognised it. It wasn’t Mikey. The person kneeled down and pulled me up and into their arms. “Gerard!” they cried. I then saw their face. It was Sam. “Your clothes are soaked!” she cried. Oh my god she had been crying. “How did you get in here?” I asked. “Up the drainpipe through the window,” she replied. She went to the towel rack to get me a towel. She wrapped it around me and walked me into my room.

I then realised someone was trying to open the door. I opened it and Mikey was standing there. “Oh Sam you stopped him from drowning himself!” Mikey said hugging me.
He then looked at me and Gerard, “I’ll leave you two by yourselves then,” Mikey said closing the door behind him. Gerard looked at me.
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