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Wasting Wishes in December

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Dreamways here are made of concrete. [Edits]

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A/N: So, I’ve not written anything for a ridiculously long time, and I swear, it’s been eating me up inside. I can’t wait until these exams are over, but they don’t even start until tomorrow. Anyway, this is a poem very much inspired by certain recent events in my weird existence, so sorry if it doesn’t make a lot of sense to anyone else. It’s written in a slightly different style to my usual poems, so I hope its okay. I’d love to know what you think, so if you’re feeling lovely, drop a review & rate when you’re done reading. Thanks!

Wasting Wishes in December

Under darkness cities are upside-down,
Bleak in the sky, stars on the ground,
Nebulous lights lie,
Ooze from polluted bar-fights,
Blot out the clouds, drain the sky.

Dreamways here are made of concrete,
Curling, smoking, obsolete,
Refusing to bend,
Under my lonely feet.

Silence here is obtrusion,
Empty lights of celebration
Fill me with pollution,
Excuses, deceit,
Discolour imagination.

A sky that’s never seen,
Replaced with dirty sluice,
Narrow minded,
Confined, glaring, obtuse;
Artificial stars,
Dull-orange fug,
The raw sky,
Astringent astronomy claws and tugs.

But when the clouds are crying,
The stars are lies,
Nervously, nostalgically, almost alive,
I stand under the streetlamps,

Lost in things,

I’ll always remember,

Cold, elated,
Wasting wishes,


In December.

Pace paths of frozen screams,
Close my eyes,
And bleed out the daydreams,
Remember stars that can’t be blown out,
But fall on my skin,
My lips,
My poem-shivered fingertips.
Not a game;
Not looses and wins,
Not decadent fame,
Not lonely popularity,
Not lipstick-smeared sins,
With no glance at calamity.

This memory is pure,
Blue and iced,
No darkness to lure me into its folds,

The secrets, the lives of the untold.

Far away,

This disenchanted city,

A lullaby to close my eyes and forget to.
Under artificial stars,

I’ll always remember,
Cold, elated,
Wasting wishes,


In December.

Open my eyes,
Stare up at astronomy,
Bleak, unblinking,
Just holding in memory,
Behind the lies,
Pure dreams are turned gory,
Strip away these sterile stars,
Look me in the eyes,
Look me in the eyes,
Until I’m there,
Where I remember;

Honest darkness ticks round time,
Perspectives marked in pebbles,
Say it all with star-broken kisses.
I can feel the midnight wash away my city grime.
The stars are real, falling on our skin,
Cold I’ll always remember.
And we’re just accidental rebels,
Wasting wishes in December.

I'll always remember being
Just two accidental rebels,
Wasting wishes,


In December.


Feedback would be really great, I hope you liked, and thanks for reading!

Lucy xo

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