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Read it, it's about shit thats happening and writing MCR fics some more

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Hey guys,
This is fucked up,
Very fucked up

....Uh how can they answer if they don't know whats going on?


So you guys remember myMcR epitaph? (well at least my ficwaddle family) 
That was SAM resigning from the category..

As some seen I still write some MCR, but thats not me, exactly...

So I decided way back when to make an alter-ego, 
This alter-ego is going to share an account with me....
Why? Because I don't want to make and have to remember 10 diffrent accounts info,

And I really don't want to be that person who makes gazzillions of accounts while only being one person and claiming to be Gerard, Mikey, Frank Ray and Bob (if I didn't mention him AJ would probably sick Ryan after me)

So there's 2 of me..not physically (because you know everyone has a person hanging off their arm)

No, there is me
-Sam Alexx (not my real name, my real name is confusing...well last name)
-Kassper Weston

So it'll be Kassper writing McR, Sam writing everything else..

Oh and the Ieroween fic is almost done (I had no time this weekend...we went to Jeff Dunham on friday, and got home at 2Am, and I was doing shit all day yesterday)


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