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Halloween isn't about trick or treating anymore (VERY LATE HELLOWEEN FIC YOU AUDITIONED FOR)

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I would've gotten this up sooner but I have been so fucking sore; AND IAN FROM MARIANAS TRENCH REPLIED TO ME

"God this fucking sucks." An angry Kassper growled, hugging her knees into her chest waiting for more fucking trick or treaters to come by.


Rolling her eyes the pink haired girl stood up and walked to the door, revealing 2 guys, one wearing a skeleton tee and the other a yellow shirt.

"Bit old for trick or treating huh?" Kassper crossed her arms as yellow shirt leaned over whispering something to the more awkward one.

"No." They both answered

"Well then what are you fucking dressed as?" A new sassy attitude took over the BVB warpainted girl

"I'm a skeleton." The awkward one shrugged

"And I'm a..uh LEMON!" The yellow shirt smiled triumphantly.

"Sure, have fun with your candy." Kassper turned to go back and curl up on the couch when a hand shot out to grab her arm.

"Well we're going to a party? Wanna come?" Kassper would never take up an offer like this on any usual day, but right now she would do anything to get away from the mass amount of unoriginal costumes.

"Okay." Smiling she locked the door and put out the bowl of candy for the little savages.

"Well we have to do..NOW" The lemon screamed as skeleton smacked her face into the side of the secluded van.

"Runrunrun!" The two shoved the girl into the back climbing into the front.


I walked into a pretty empty restaurant, feeling all eyes turn to you as your large black cloak flies behind you as you find an empty table by a halloween decorated window.

Fuck you people, I'm the grim fucking reaper I can and will kill you if you keep staring

Sighing, and resiting the urge to rub your face (shit load of costume make-up later)  you look over at two men who are loudly bickering.
Suddenly a thought pops into your head,

They could be brothers
Then another,
They are so look alikes to Mikey and Gerard
Is it Mikey and Gerard
Smile Bitch, No Faggot
Hiss Hiss Faggot
Okay what the fuck
I start by thinking of MCR then randomly ATL pops up
They have guns
In the middle of a resturaunt
Come with your arms raised high!

Distracted by all your inner monologue, you haven't noticed the two had pulled out guns, causing a gunfight.

Being a large MCR fan you can't resist the urge to sing,

"IN THE MIDDLE OF A GUN FIGHT! IN THE CENTER OF A RESTAURANT!" You wail, feeling someone grab you by the waist.

"WHA-" Your cut short by a face you've seen everywhere right before your eyes.

"Hi I'm Gerard and we need to go." You nod, following behind him like a little puppy (a/n don't start, if you were in this situation you would be doing the same thing)

Being in shock of meeting the man you have been idolizing you don't realize he has pressed a cloth to your face, covering your mouth and nose.


You stumble home drunkenly, top of your foot scraping the unforgiving pavement as you trip.

Cursing loudly you regret your choice of costume; a sexy devil.

"RAE I LOOOVVVEE YOUU!" Your overattatched ex calls from behind you.

"FUCK OFF, I-" You burst into laughter "I..hate you." The last part is rushed, making you sound like a second grader who had just said "crap" outloud.

"Hey leave her alone." A new voice defends, the owner walking up beside you.

From your skimpy costume you can't help but cling to this stranger.

"Ya know what, your cute! Let's..fu-" Unable to finish your sentence you drag the mystery stranger into a dark alley, before the alcohol in your system takes over and causes you to nearly pass out.

"How about I give you a ride." He offered, leading you to his car.

"Mmm yeah okay." You slur.


Standing at the cash register, you stare out at the flood of people in the mall; in attempts to forget about the burning pain in your feet.

Right as the large clock in the middle of the mall struck 2:30 everyone suddenly tore off their large coats revealing costumes hidden underneath, and started partying.

Oh fun! A flash mob Sarcasm takes over your thoughts

While watching the people have a good time, almost mocking the fact that you have to work on the best holiday ever you feel a pair of arms slide around the waist if your bat costume.

"DAFUQ?" You scream, unable to be heard from the partiers that had taken over the mall.


Smiling widely you listen as Green Day finished their set. 
"WHAT ARE YOU SUPPOSED TO BE?" A voice screams over the fans wailing and music playing.

"DEAD DOLL, WHAT ABOUT YOU?" Your voice going raw from screaming all night you look over to be greeted by Gerard.
Gerard Way.
Gerard Fucking Way.
Singer of MCR Gerard Way.
Frank Iero's secret boyfriend Gerard Way.

"A SKELETON! YOU SHOULD COME BACK STAGE WITH ME." He offered, knocking the hood of his PJ's off.

"WHY?" He may be amazing, and you would say yes in a heartbeat a feeling of paranoia and fear pushing in your mind.

"I KNOW THE BAND, YOU COULD GET YOUR SHIRT SIGNED!" Smiling you accept his offer and follow him backstage once Green Day was fully finished

"Um Gerard where are we going?" I asked as he led me to a van.

"The guys want to party, and this is the van we're taking." I nodded, gripping the drink he gave me earlier.

"So," You drone, taking another sip of the alcohol. "Where are they to sign my shi-" You were cut off by black dots appearing in your vision, knocking you into a pure black world.


You walk home at a fast pace, feet scraping against the pavement, Thank You For the Venom blasting from your headphones.

All of a sudden a black van pulls up beside you, a familiar blond guy with a lip ring leaning out to you.

"Hey kid, want some candy?" He asks as you pull out an earbud.

"You're legit? Bob Bryar is offering me candy?" You ask, staring face-to-face with your celebrity boyfriend (he doesn't know it but you two are dating).

"No, not at all I'm Frank in disguise." He joked, causing you to smile.

"Meh, why not." You shrug as his smile widens.

"Really?!" He asks like a kid on christmas.

"No!" You start up your fast paced walk once more, hearing a loud "FUCK IT" as a pair of arms grab you.

"FUCK NO!" You fight against the drummers grip and run, uncaring to the little kids screaming at your skeleton costume and Bob chasing you.

"Come here babygirl, you're drunk and we have to go home." He whispers like a boyfriend, grabbing you tightly around the waist, nearly dragging you back to the van.

"SUPRISE!" The rest of the band screams.

"WHAT?!" You scream back, looking at the faces of the band you adore.

"It's not kidnapping if you yell surprise." Frank answered shrugging.


Sniffing you round another corner.

Fucking Trick having all the girls in the fucking world
He dumped you, the guy you loved with all your heart ended it all because "it's not working out".

"Hey what's a beautiful girl like you doing out here?" A guy in a van asks, giving you a look.

"Just got dumped." You mention trying not to smudge your already tear smudged make-up

"So what were you supposed to be?" He asks, leaning his head against the headrest of the seat.

"Vampire Angel Princess." Not in the mood for talking you say goodbye to the stranger and continue on your walk home.

"How about instead of freezing, you hop in and I'll give you a ride." The stranger offers, once again pulling up beside you.

"I don't even know your name!" You point out, crossing your arms.

"Mikey, yours?" Taking in a deep breath, you answer.


"Pretty, now come on in." He opens the door and allows you to enter his warm car.

"Don't you need to know where I live?" You whisper as he starts to get going.

"Nope, you're not going home honey." Mikey smiled, continuing up the road.


Relieved that you no longer have to be wandering around with Snow White and Batman as they go around asking for candy.

"Hey, what are you supposed to be?" Looking up and realizing Mikey Way had just asked you a question, your shyness begins to take the best of you.

"Esther." You mumble, playing with the ribbon that's wrapped around your wrist.


"From the movie Orphan." You mumble out,


"Ah, original..Why are you walking in the dark?" Mikey asked, staring around at the dark street.

"Babysat the neighbors kids, live right here." You point to you're house.

"Nice house, just a shame you'll never see it again." Getting scared, you begin jogging down your driveway as he grabs your arm.

"Not so fast." He flashes an evil smile, pulling you away from your house, driveway and neighborhood.

Throwing you into a van, knocking you out in the process.

----Jennifer once again----

You're eyes widen as Frank explains how all the dog jokes are true.

"About 13 of them have the same name." Laughing, glad they brought you back to the band house rather than dragging you into the woods somewhere and gang raping you than murdering you.

"Jennifer,leave." Bob commanded, gaze set on the window.

"What?!" You ask, catching a glimpse of a second Bob.

"Who the hell?" You're getting scared adrenaline racing.

"Go to the police, now!" He screamed as you got up and ran through the street, which was lit up by the street lights.

"HELP HELP I NEED HELP!" You scream, tears falling off your face.

"What happened hun?" An officer walked up, holding your hands.

"The band My Chemical Romance abducted, well not really but we were hanging out and then a second Bob was creeping by the window and I DON'T know!" You scream, in hysterics.

"That's not possible, we have the  in jail for the murders of 7 teenage girls." Face dropping everything explains itself.

Those guys weren't MCR.
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