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An Afternoon With Shadow

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Shadow is calm but tormented as he sits in his apartment when he gets a visitor.

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It was Saturday November 6, the heavens cried and boomed it's fury. Through this mysterious aura a single soul is broken from immortality and becomes tied to that of a women's heart. On a lonely street in New York there is the apartment building, the Hunter's Stay. In apartment 42 there is lone soldier broken by grief and blood shed his own hand caused. He almost destroyed the planet he walks on twice but he couldn't do it. This forsaken place would not stop his pain through it's own destruction. No, it eases the pain. This his favorite time of year too, when his planet mourns with him. It cries for his loss and the truths that were hidden. Now, he has to rebuild himself. He will always have his torment but he will always have hat love and happiness that came before. He will move on. He is Shadow the Hedgehog, he doesn't need anything else. Right?

Again it's another night of he and himself. Shadow lays on his bed letting the rain filled Saturday pass him by. The room is dark with his black bookshelf, dark brown desk with his laptop on it, the silver waste bin in the corner, his brown wood frame bed with black sheets. The plain lamp that hangs above him is off. The only thing that is permitting light is his locked window letting in whatever the clouds don't take siege over. He is calm without worry in this time for he sees no flaw in the world at this time. The rain that hits his window a simple rhythm that ushers the world to sleep. For him to sleep. He feels fine, though a nap couldn't hurt.

At the peek of entering his state of dreamless darkness a knock on his black door forces him to rise from the peaceful oblivion sleep brings. Shadow wanders over to the door in his jeans and socks. His chest is bare and muscular. Shadow has always been strong but for some reason his body shape has actually been changing. This and many other thing like this have been going on with him, as if he were mortal. He reaches the door and there standing in front of him is Rouge in a black short cut top with red breast plate, tight black pants, black boots with red hearts on the toes, black gloves that went to her elbows, and red eye-liner. She had been crying, he could tell by her running makeup.

"May I come in?" Rouge asked in a gloomy mood.

"Sure," Shadow replied curious as to why she had come to him if it was for comfort.

Rouge found her way to Shadow's bed as he closed the door and went to the kitchenette in another section of his apartment. Shadow gave a glass of water and tissues to clean her face to Rouge and sat down beside her on the edge of the bed.

"Are you sure you're alright Shadow?" Rouge asked him not looking but cleaning her tears and running makeup. Shadow thought this was an odd question.

"Why wouldn't I be?" Shadow asked. Rouge looked at him now, her blue eyes piercing him. She had given up on trying to salvage her makeup job and just took it all off.

"You've been acting strangely lately," Rouge replied not looking away from him. This was one of those times Shadow felt mortal. His emotions and confusion overwhelming him made his head hurt and the worse part was he didn't know what his emotions were.

"I don't really know what's been going on, I'll tell you honestly. I don't how to stop it, I don't know if I should stop it, and I don't want to know it seems unworldly painful if I do find out knowing my history," Shadow said not looking away from her eyes.

"Why do you want to know anyhow?" Shadow asked.

"Oh Shadow you still don't get it..." said Rouge putting her hands on his shoulders. There was a lot of things in this world he still didn't get. What did she think would be so obvious he'd get it right away?

"What? What don't I get? What is so important?" Shadow asked frustrated now. Tears started to well up in Rouge's eyes.was it something he said? Rouge bent her head down breaking their stare.

"N-Nevermind, just stop making my heart bleed," Rouge said. This caught Shadow's attention. He pulled her closer to him and forced her to look at him. Tears were streaming down her cheeks and her cheeks flushed deep crimson. He didn't know why all of the sudden this self loving, jewel crazed bat was acting this way. He cared for her and somewhere inside him the fact this was happening scared him.

"What do you mean? What have I done?" Shadow asked intent on finding the answer.

"I- I care for you and you don't seem to see that," Rouge replied getting even redder. Whatever was going on she at least stopped crying. That was good enough for know but her answer confused him.

"I know you care for me Rouge. We're partners, friends even," Shadow said awkwardly. He'd never had to be this open but what he said only chilled the red on her face to pink and made her eyes solemn again. What did he do now?

"Of coarse, we're friends," she said quietly. Now she was driving him mad. Wasn't that what she wanted or was he that horrible?

"Well then, what do you want?" Shadow asked reaching his last nerve.

"What do you think is between us? What is wrong? What's going on?" Shadow asked exasperated. He stared into Rouge's blue eyes and they were brighter.

"I- well," Rouge said overwhelmed the tint returning to her cheeks, "I care for you deeply. More than you realize."

"Yes I know that," Shadow said feeling like they were going in a circle.

"Oh! Do I have to spell it out for you?!" she asked as she shut her eyes. Then before he could reply she pressed her lips against his. He didn't know what this was but he liked it and followed her lead. She gently licked the top of his mouth making him shut his eyes and shiver a bit. He fought her tongue for entrance to her mouth and gently traced her mouth. As he explored he found spots that made her moan and come closer to him wrapping her arms around his neck. He felt mortal again and loving every bit of it. If he wasn't mortal, oh hell he was going to find a wa to be.

As they fought for dominance and twined with each other they felt at home. They kissed each other sweetly but gently. they found out more about each other than they thought they would. And then Knuckles came crashing through the door yelling at the top of his longs. The loud noise and shock caused by Knuckles made Shadow and Rouge brake apart.

"Alright Shadow, whatever you did to Rouge you're going to-!" Knuckles said stopping in mid-sentence noticing the position they were in. Rouge had found her way onto Shadow's lap as well as taking off her boot and gloves. Shadow's hands had wandered to less than decent places on Rouge's body. Knuckles stood there for a moment and blinked at them. Shadow was actually rather stunned by this while Rouge felt awkward and regretted telling Knuckles of her troubles while he and Sonic were at

Amy's and he happened to be needing advice so went to Amy. Though the fact the big lug cared to this for her was sweet of him.

"So, should I assume all's well?" Knuckles asked trying to break the ice and awkward silence.

"Everything was perfect until you broke my door," Shadow replied certainly upset by the moment being ruined.

"What he means to say is we're together and happy. You have no need to worry," Rouge said smiling a blush still tinting her cheeks.

"Well, then maybe you could come along with me. Everyone's at the bar down a way if you wanted to celebrate," Knuckles said.

"If you're buying. You did break down my door," shadow replied giving Knuckles a smirk.

"Pack up your things and you can come over to my place until you get it fixed," Rouge said with a smile. This made Knuckles twitch obviously caring about the bat. He didn't want Shadow to harm her.

"Oh relax self-claimed big brother of Rouge," I'd never think of harming her. This made Knuckles grumble and there by making Rouge giggle. In the end Shadow found mortality in the oddest of places and Knuckles found anger for all new reasons.

"Shadow, have you ever thought what it was like to have a kid?" Rouge asked as they walked down to the bar.

"What? Already?" Knuckles started his rant. Rouge chuckled at his performance.

"You did that on purpose," Shadow said.

"Of coarse, but wait till I tell him he'll be the godfather," she said.
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