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Izzy and Duff Valentine's Day story

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Izzy and Duff both hate Valentines day.(I know it's not actually anywhere near valentines day.)

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Duff really didn’t feel like getting out of bed and going to the recording studio today. Today was Valentine’s Day and sadly Duff had no valentine.
Duff could hear Axl shouting at Slash about something and Duff smiled sadly, even though Axl and Slash fought a lot, they were still a couple in love. Always there for each other. That was all Duff wanted, was that so much to ask?
But Duff didn’t want just anyone. He wanted Izzy. But Duff wasn’t sure if Izzy was into guys and Duff wasn’t about to admit to any one in their newly formed band that he himself was gay. Sometimes this scared people away. Duff had worked too hard to get in this band to let himself be kicked out.
Duff sighed and rolled over so his back was to the door. In self defeat Duff pulled the covers over his head and tried to fall back asleep.
But Axl had to walk in the room and start screaming at him about how they had to go to the studio, RIGHT NOW, because otherwise they would lose their time spot. Duff ignored Axl pretending to be asleep.
Axl took off one of his boots and was about to fling it at Duff but Slash appeared and grabbed Axl around the waist pulling him out of the room. Duff assumed everyone had gone when he heard the front door open then close.
Duff felt close to tears. He didn’t know what to do so he fell asleep, for real this time,.
Duff woke up when someone was tapping his shoulder. Assuming that it was Axl Duff growled and sat up fast punching whoever it was that had woken him up in the nose.
Izzy yelped and fell to the floor. Duff stared at Izzy. “S-sorry, I didn’t ,mean to wake you up.” Stuttered Izzy. Izzy was blushing and trying not to stare at Duff’s exposed upper body. Izzy wasn’t sure if Duff had clothes on at all.
Duff climbed out of bed wearing sweatpants much to Izzy’s relief. Duff knelt by Izzy’s side and grabbed his jaw, gently, pulling his face close to make sure he hadn’t done too much damage.
“I’m so sorry Izzy I thought you were Axl, he tried to throw a shoe at me earlier…….” Duff trailed off. Izzy chuckled. “That’s sounds like something he would do.”
“I’m really sorry for punching you Izzy.” Duff said. “It’s alright….” Izzy said quietly. “Hey why aren’t you at the studio with Axl and Slash. “They aren’t at the studio they went on a date because it’s Valentine’s Day.” Izzy spat out the last two words with disgust.
“Why don’t you like Valentine’s Day?” Duff asked curiously. Izzy sighed. “Because no one will ever love me.” He said sadly. Duff frowned.
“You’re not so bad looking.” He said jokingly. “There are plenty of girls out there for you.” Duff said trying to cheer Izzy up while his heart was breaking because he would give anything to be with Izzy.
Izzy mumbled something. “What?” Duff asked. Izzy spoke again but still too quietly to hear. “You’re gonna have to speak up man.” Duff said.
“I SAID I’M GAY!” Izzy yelled tears rolling down his face. “No one will ever lo-“Izzy was cut off by Duff pressing his lips to Izzy’s in a caring manner.
Izzy froze but slowly began to kiss back. Duff pulled away and smiles\d at Izzy who was blushing furiously.
“Wh-why did you do that?”He asked Duff his voice shaky. “I like you.” Duff said simply. “Really??” Izzy asked his eyes lighting up.
Duff chuckled. “Yes baby, I like you. Hell I love you.” Izzy smiled back, Duff helped Izzy to his feet then grabbed his shoulders and pushed him down onto the bed. Izzy layed back propping himself up on his elbows. Duff quickly straddled Izzy’s narrow hips pinning him to the bed.
Izzy looked up at Duff with wide innocent eyes. Duff smirked and leaned down kissing Izzy passoinatly. Izzy moaned softly. “D-Duff” he whined.
The way Izzy moaned Duff’s name drove him crazy.
Two hours later they lay side by side bodies covered in sweat, breathing heavily.
Duff turned to Izzy. “Izzy?” he asked almost shyly.
“Yes?” Izzy answered.
“Will you be my valentine?” Duff smiled.
“Izzy smiled back, leaning over and kissing Duff. “Yes Duff I will. Will you be my valentine?” Izzy asked back.
Duff smiled. “Of course.”
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