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Candy And Boas

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This one is for ColorfulShadow. Frank and Jasmine have been friends since the 3rd grade, and in love since the 5th. What will the group do about this?

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I hope I write it well! I don't want to screw this up! And update Deck The Halls, soon! It seems like a framazing story!

Grade 3

"Yo, wassup, people" Frank said, as he walked into the third grade classroom for the first time.

"You're not a thug, Frank." the teacher said.

"How do you know my name?!" Frank exclaimed.

"You're the only one who was missing, Frank. Go take a seat next to...Jasmine. Raise your hand!" the teacher said.

A girl in the very back shyly raised her hand. She was the only one who didn't have a Cinderella shirt.

"Yo, wassup?" Frank said, approaching Jasmine.

"You look stupid." Jasmine said, looking so sure of what she said.


"You heard me."

"My friends like it."

"Get new friends."

"I will! Frank Iero will not look stupid anymore!" he exclaimed. He tapped on the guy in front of him, a guy with an fro.

"What?" the kid with the fro asked.

"We're friends now." Frank said.

"Um...okay?" he said, then faced front again.

Then, he turned to Jasmine.

"And we're friends now, too!" Frank said.

And, from that day on, friends they were.

Grade 5

"I think I like her." Frank whispered to the fro guy, Ray, during lunch.

"Then tell her!" his other friend, Gerard, exclaimed, playing with a boa.

"Yeah, tell her!" Gerard's little brother, Mikey, said.

"Stop being so scared and tell her!" their friend, Bob, said.

"Tell her!" Jennifer said, appearing out of nowhere, a handful of candy.

"Jennifer! Where did you come from?" Frank exclaimed.

"My mom's vagina. Frank, you have to tell her!" Jennifer said, as she walked to the bathroom, candy in hand.

In the bathroom

"Jen?" Jasmine asked, as she walked in the bathroom.

"Yeah?" Jennifer replied.

"I think I like Frank." Jasmine said, blushing.

"Then tell him!" Jennifer said, before adding "I have hunch that he may like you,too!"

Later on

Frank had agreed to talk to Jasmine that afternoon. The gang had agreed to not spy on them. Of course, they did so anyways. What kind of friends would they be if they didn't?

"Hey, Jasmine?" Frank asked.

"Yeah, Frank?" Jasmine said.

"I want to tell you that..."

Gerard, Mikey, Ray, Bob, and Jennifer were behind a bush, listening to see if Frank would tell her.

"Say it..." Ray whispered.

"Come on, Frank!" Gerard said, twirling the boa around his neck.

"Where did you get the boa from?" Jennifer asked, her hand full of candy.

"Where did you get the candy from?" Gerard asked.


"That..." Frank said, getting nervous.

"Do it!" Jennifer whispered.

"That you're a great friend and you'll always be my good friend!" Frank said, quickly.

"Awww!" the gang moaned, behind the bush. He didn't tell her.

Present time/ 5 years later

"Wanna go to a party?" Jennifer asked Jasmine.

"I'm bored. This is a chance to fuck shit up! I'm in." Jasmine said. Most 10th grade parties were pretty awesome, if you were as daring as Jasmine was. And with the gang, they were a whole mafia of trouble.

Jasmine got ready while Jennifer called each and every one of the guys, telling them to come along. Jennifer stayed on the phone with Bob the longest. Jasmine had to bitch slap the phone out of her hand in order to get Jennifer to stop talking to him.

"It's for your own good." Jasmine had told her.

When they arrived at the party, the guys were already there. The house looked familiar to asmine and Jennifer.

"Who's house is this?" Jasmine asked.

"Some girl named Carly Rae Jepson's house." Ray said, shrugging.


"But then she came out and started singing some annoying pop song about calling her maybe." Jasmine said.

"Let's go steal some shit from her in her basement!" Jennifer said.

They all headed towards the basement. The guys didn't know why they were going to steal from her, but hey. They vowed to fuck shit up.

"OHMYGOSH THEY HAVE CANDY!" Jennifer exclaimed, running towards the shelves and stuffing her pockets with candy.

"THEY HAVE BOAS!" Gerard exclaimed.

Frank and Jasmine headed towards the closet.

"They have awesome shit in here!" Frank said, leaving the door open.

"I know!" Jasmine said, looking at Frank.

They both stare at each other, each feeling the urge to kiss. All of a sudden, the door slams shut, startling them both. They're both trapped in the closet.

"Let us out!" Franks screamed.

"Not until you confess shit" Ray said.

"And kiss." Gerard added.

"Oh good god." Jasmine said "JENNIFER,LET ME OUT OR ELSE I'M TELLING BOB!"

"It'll be worth it!" she shouted back.

"JENNIFER LIKES YOU,BOB!" Jasmine shouted.

"That isn't going to get you out of the closet!" Bob shouted.

"It's true!" Jasmine said.

She heard some whispering, and could picture Jennifer blushing like mad. Jasmine laughed at the thought.

"You look pretty when you smile." Frank blurted.

"Thanks, Frank!" Jasmine said, blushing.

"You look pretty all the time..." he said, shocked at the words that came out of his mouth.

"Frank, I have a confession..." Jasmine said.

"No, me first! I've liked you for 5 years. Ever since the 5th grade." Frank said "What's your confession.

"I like you, too." Jasmine replied.

Frank wrapped his arms around her and kissed her. Little did they know, the group was looking through the keyhole of the closet door. The door suddenly burst open.

"It's about freaking time!" Bob said, his arm wrapped around Jennifer's waist.

"We could say the same for you." Jasmine said, looking at Bob and Jennifer.

"Well, it's good not to have all of this sexual tension in our group anymore!" Mikey said.

"Hello?" a voice screeched from the top of the stairs.

"Holy shit!" Ray exclaimed.

"Get the candy!" Jennifer said.

"And the boas!" Gerard exclaimed.

They gathered everything and slipped out from the basement's back door.

"That was close!" Mikey said.

"Yep, it was!" Jasmine said.

"We're doing this again someday." Frank said.

And, instead of having a bachelorette party the day before her and Frank's wedding, they stole from the same house. Nothing had changed at all.

They still stole candy and boas.
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