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Frasmine. When the gang cones close to death, what will be said?

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Yet another Frasmine! XD I don't mind these though! :D

Jasmine walked to the grocery store, looking at her list...well...she didn't have one. Frank just liked a lot of food. That was all she needed to know. She was prepared to spend a lot of money for him. Yes, she loved him. Did he know? Hell no! They were best friends since kindergarten! She couldn't let him know. That was only one reason she was prepared to spend a lot of money for Frank. The second reason was because it was his birthday. She had/wanted to do something nice.

So she was throwing him a party. Not just any party. A Halloween party. His birthday was on October 31st, so it collided with Halloween, not that she minded. It just made this day much more fun.

When she had finished getting the food, she ran back home, to prepare for the party. She was going to be little red riding hood.


She was excited. She invited everyone who was her friend to the party. The time had soon come for the party to start. At exactly 7pm, someone knocked on the door. Jasmine opened up, to see Bob and Ray dresses up as medieval nobleman.

"Make way for Sir Franklin Iero the 27th!" Ray said, in a British accent.

They both moved aside, while Bob was blowing a fake trumpet.

"Ahhhh what is that delectable scent that is filling my nostrils as I enter this house?" Frank said, dressed as a prince, being carried by Jennifer.

"Oh my gosh! Jennifer, are you okay?!" Jasmine exclaimed, baffled by the sight if one of her friends carrying Frank.

"Yes! Oh my gosh, he's so frickin light!" Jennifer said, smiling.

Mikey came in right then, riding on a plush unicorn.

"I AM THE KING OF UNICORNS!" he screamed.

"Yeah? Well, I'm the King Of Narnia! But Frank made me dress up in this tacky costume!" Bob exclaimed.

"I'm supposed to be sassy. So...I'm me!" Gerard said, walking in with a boa around his neck and a plush cat, which he was petting.

"Is this it?" Frank asked.

"Yep." Jasmine said.

"Then, let's do something fun! Let's play truth or dare!" Jennifer exclaimed. That was her favorite game. No one has ever forced her to do a dare.

"Fine! I'll get a bottle to spin!" Ray said.

Ray came back a few seconds later, a bottle in hand. They all sat in a circle, and put the bottle in the middle.

"I'll go first!" Frank said.

Frank spun the bottle, and it landed on Jasmine.

"Jasmine, truth or dare?" Frank asked.

"Dare!" Jasmine said, smiling.

"I dare you to go to the old lady next door and recite the lines if Little Red Riding Hood, when she got to her grandmother's house!" Frank said.

"No, dude! She might get a heart attack." Jasmine said.

"Are you backing down from a dare?" Gerard asked.

Jasmine didn't want to seem wimpy in front of everyone. Jasmine got up, and ran to the neighbor's house. Everyone looked outside of the window, to see what would happen. They saw Jasmine talking, then they saw her running back to the house. Everyone greeted her at the door.

"Get in, get in, get in!" she exclaimed, as she got back inside of the house, and locked the door.

"What happened?" Jennifer asked.

"Well, I did the dare, and everything, like Frank said. And then, the lady told me that she has a shotgun and that she's going to get it! So lock the doors, turn off the lights, and hide!" Jasmine said. They could see the old lady getting her shotgun from the window.

Everyone turned off the lights, closed the curtains, and locked the doors.

"I'M COMING!!!!" they could hear the old lady scream.

Everyone hid. Bob and Jennifer hid under a bed. Ray, Gerard, and Mikey hid in the bathroom. Frank and Jasmine hid in the closet. It wasn't long before they heard pounding on the door.

"We're gonna die!" Jasmine whispered.

"I know! I'm sorry I dared you to do that!" Frank whispered back.

"It's okay. Frank? I just want you to know that I love you! I have since 9th grade!" Jasmine whispered.

"I love you, too! I've loved you since the 8th grade!" Frank cried.

They faced each other, and kissed passionately, meaning every word that had come out if their mouths. They heard footsteps approaching them, and squeezed their eyes tightly, ready to die.

"Guys, get up!" Jennifer said, holding a baseball bat.

"What's happening? Did we die?" Frank asked.

"No! She has a baby gun! A pistol. Not a shotgun!" Jennifer said.

Jennifer opened the front door, to find a small old lady holding a very small gun. She pulled the trigger, but nothing came out. The gun wasn't loaded. The lady, realizing that her gun was useless and that Jen was holding a baseball bat, ran.


Everyone was out of hiding, and was staring at Jennifer.

"What? I know my guns." Jennifer said quietly.

Everyone was hugging each other, happy to be alive. Frank and Jasmine kissed, much to everyone's surprise.

"It's about fucking time, says Sparky the unicorn " Mikey said, hiding behind his plush.

Everyone laughed.

"So, are we doing this again next year?" Gerard asked.

Jasmine smiled, and took Frank's hand in hers.

"Totally. "
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