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39. The Tour

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Harry's POV
I shoot my eyes open looking for my phone. My phone seemed to ring extra loud this morning. 
"hello?" I answer sleepily. 
"good morning Harry!" I check the caller ID and become even more awake then what I already was. 
"good morning Mike. How are things?"
"great. Tour plans are going great. I have the date and the tour for AV ballet starts in 6 months."
"that's great. Where does the Tour start?"
"in New York!" he chuckles.
"wow, that's interesting."
"but... One minor problem."
"and what is that?"
"that's where you come in. Care to meet me up at the Grand Cuisine in New York?"
"you're here?"
"of course I'm here! Getting things done for the tour."
"alright, at what time?"
"noon. If that's okay with you." I check my watch.
"yeah it's fine."
"perfect! And bring Edith with you. She is in your company right?"
"yes, yes she is."
"great. I want to speak with her too. Please bring her."
"sure will."
"alright, I'll leave you alone now. Noon, don't forget."
"I won't. Goodbye now." I hang up throwing my phone somewhere in my bed. I rub my eyes and then feel a hand touch my bare back. 
"ouch." Edith says. I look at her but she still has her eyes closed.
"why would you throw your phone at me?"
"oh I'm sorry." I chuckle. The phone landed on her stomach harshly. I kiss her stomach and then make my way to the restroom. 
When I come out of the restroom, I find Edith still sleeping. 
"wake up!" I throw her a pillow which lands on her face. 
"hmm." she moans and sits up.
"your hair is all over the place."
"I know." she combs it down and enters the restroom.
I was cooking breakfast when I see Edith come down in pajamas. 
"good morning?" I question taking the two plates to the table. She looks to be in a bad mood. 
"hey." she responds. 
"what's up? Are you mad?" she sits across from me and looks at her plate. 
"this is it? A muffin and coffee?"
"well, If you would stop being so cranky I'll explain why you're eating so dull this morning."
"fine." she sits down criss cross on her chair. 
"Mike is here in town and wants to talk to us both."
"Mr. Turner?! Oh my god why does he want to talk to me?!"
"I dont know, I guess to say hello? But he wants to talk to me about his problem on his tour. He apparently thinks I'm the solution." I laugh. 
"aww, this is gonna be great! I can't wait to see him!" she starts to eat her muffin. 
"so why a muffin again?"
"oh because we're going to a resturant to talk."
"oh." she nods and continues to eat. 

I clean up my house while Edith is upstairs changing. I'm sweeping my living room floor when Edith comes down the stairs wearing a short black pencil skirt with a light pink sleeved shirt with a decent revealing chest. She added a necklace with black panty hose and black heels. She looks amazingly stunning and daring. 
"you look great." she steps down the last step and twirls modeling her body. 
"thank you. You do too." I have on denim skinny jeans, a light brown blazer with a black T-shirt.
"you're sweeping?" she laughs. 
"hey, someone has to clean up!" 
"My little Cinderella." she jokes kissing my cheek and helps me tidy up the place. 

We park the car and enter the restaurant holding hands and look for Mike. We find him reading a newspaper with a cup of coffee on the table. 
"hello Mike." I greet him. He puts his newspaper down and the first thing he notices Edith's and my hand held together. Then he looks up at us and smiles. 
"well hello! How pleasant to see you both." he hugs me then he turns to Edith. 
"ahh, Edith. My best ballerina. How are you?" 
"I'm great! Happy to see you." 
"I'm glad. Come, sit." we sit across from Mike. He observes us and cocks a dark thick eyebrow. 
"so, how have you two been? I see you guys were holding hands." Edith looks at me and I smile. 
"we're a couple now." I chuckle nervously. 
"why did I have a feeling this would happen. Since when?"
"well, we started off in Canada."
"huh, the master class. And have been together since then?"
"yes." I respond. 
"interesting. That's very nice. You two are a good couple. Now, let's get down to business." our waiter comes by taking our order. 
"so as you both may now know.." he starts once the waiter leaves, "that AV ballet is going on tour. The first tour in 2 years ever since our performance of The Nutcracker."
"oh I remember that. It was really fun." Edith comments. 
"yes, I'd have to admit I had a lot of fun watching it. Anyway, this year we plan to do Swan Lake."
"oh my god.." Edith covers her mouth, "that's my favorite ballet piece."
"I know, you did an excellent job when you were with Ms. Joyet. It was an excellent piece. Everyone is very excited to do that one. Do you remember Charlotte, Edith?"
"of course I do." 
"well, she's taking the role of the black swan."
"oh I'm sure she'll be great."
"yes I know, that's why I asked her to be it." he laughs.
"so what is the problem?" I interrupt Mr. Turner. He looks at me then back at Edith. 
"well, we were having a meeting about the tour when, Edith's name came up. We were discussing about how great it would be if she could tour with us once more as the white swan since she is the most graceful out of all. We were just saying how much we miss you."
"I miss everyone too believe me. I miss dancing ballet."
"so then I started thinking, what if Edith came back just for this tour. So now the purpose of this meeting is to ask you Edith, would you like to come back to play the role of the white swan? With the permission of Harry of course." I look at Edith who's eyes are wide open.
"oh my god, yes! I would love that!"
"perfect! I knew you would agree. But.. That means you have to go back to Canada." I look at Mike, "what?! She can't!"
"yes! I can't go back!" 
All of a sudden, he starts to laugh. 
"it's was a joke. I have a very good friend who'd like to see you again. Ms. Joyet and I met up and I explained to her my proposition. She agreed to teach you the white swan role. So you don't have to go to Canada."
"oh god, this is great! I would love to see her again too."
"she's very happy to see you. She's amazed of how much you've improved. But this also means, you have to leave AV contemporary for the moment." I look at Edith and she looks at me, "so I'd like to ask you Harry, If that's okay." I think about it for a minute, "I'm okay with it if she's okay with it."
"but.. Your piece."
"if you want to do this, it's okay."
"fine, I'd love to be the white swan."
"perfect." he sits back on his chair and observes both of us.
"are you sure?" she asks me in a low voice.
"hey, it's your life. Do what you want. And I know how much you miss ballet."
"fine. You're the sweetest." she leans and kisses my cheek. We hear Mr. Turner laugh and we look at him.
"tell me, how did this happen?" we laugh and spend the rest of the talking about our relationship and how our lives have been since Canada. 
"it was nice seeing you Mr. Turner." Edith hugs Mike goodbye. 
"nice seeing you too Edith. Now, I have to go but take care. Both of you." he turns to me, "goodbye Harry." 
"bye Mike." we wave goodbye and walk opposite ways. 
"where to now?" I ask Edith as we hold hands walking to the parking lot.
"I have dress rehearsal for Linda's wedding so if you don't mind, can you drop me off?"
"what if.." I unlock both car doors, "we both go to the dress rehearsal huh?" I start the car and make my way out over to the studio.
"no Harry."
"why not?"
"I don't want you to fight with Gerard."
"I promise I won't this time. I'll behave."
"how do I know you're gonna control yourself?"
"because if I love you enough, I'll learn to behave and trust you." she looks at me and I look back at her. She smiles widely and caresses my cheek.
"thank you." 
"you're welcome."

We drive in silence over to the studio. At the studio, like always, I sit with Jade and talk about random stuff while we wait for our partners to be done. 
"oh my god." I hear Jade say looking ahead of me. I turn around and find Mikey with Edith. We both stand and embrace our lovers. 
"wow, this dress looks amazing on you."
"thank you. I thought you'd like it."
I kiss her rosy pink lips before she has to walk in the studio. 
"do you think we can enter and watch?" Jade comes by my side once Edith and Mikey leave. 
"I dont know, I want to though."
"I do too. Let's ask."
"okay, I agree." we walk over to Linda's mom who happens to appear around the corner. 
"can we enter and watch Ms. Valentíne?" Jade asks. 
"I don't think so. It's final rehearsal so they want it to be a surprise kind of thing."
"aww, well okay." we walk back to our seats in the lobby. 
"sucks. I wanted to see how good Mikey looks." she pouts. 
"yeah, I wanted to see Edith too. Anyway, wedding is tomorrow so I guess we can wait one more day."
"true, true."

Edith's POV
Gerard and I still don't talk. He looks amazing in his black vest and black dressing shirt. His hair is getting longer and he's become
more fit and muscular. I just wish to hug him and tell him how great he looks but he's the one that won't talk to me unless it's work related. He won't even look at me. 
"okay, places!" Chad yells. I walk to Gerard and he carefully places his hands on my mid back and grabs my right hand. 
"your dress looks nice." he finally speaks in a whisper. It makes my heart skip a beat.
"thank you." our cue starts and we move our feet to the music just like we have been told for the past rehearsals. The light is dim, and the music seems to hit me this time. It's Linda and Henry's second time dancing with us in this piece and they make this dance extra special. I watch them as we dance and just feel so moved of their love and the way she looks at Henry with deep love. I then face Gerard who keeps a straight face as he lowers me into a small back bend. He looks straight into my eyes, then down at my lips and the lifts me back up. He lifts me, grabbing my waist tight and close to his body. When he lowers me, he slowly moves his hands away from me, caressing my waist and hips slowly. He's never done that before in this move. And that's when the song stops. He stares into my eyes as we hold our final position and the lights turn back up. He flinches and looks away, letting go of my hand. 
"that was great! I'm so proud. Everything was amazing!" Chad cheers and everyone claps. 
"can I step out for a minute?" Gerard asks. 
"yes." chad replies and Gerard runs out the door. 

Gerard's POV
I run to the restroom opening the door harshly and stepping in front of the mirror. I wet my face over and over till I think I've lost my feelings for Edith again. These past few days, I've been giving up on Edith and not caring whether she's mine or not. I've been trying to forget her. If she's happy with Harry, I'll try to be happy elsewhere without Edith. It's going to be hard to forget her. Especially now. She's wearing such a beautiful gown and the dance today felt extra special. I just wanted to hold her in my arms forever but I couldn't. I can't. Harry is in the building and he could beat my ass any minute if he saw that. That guy is scary as hell. 
I look at myself in the mirror and stare right into my feelings through my hazel eyes. You'll never forget Edith. You love her no matter what.
I wet my face again before making my way back. I walk out and bump into Frank who's about to enter the restroom to change. 
"are you okay?" he asks me.
"yeah I'm fine. Just felt like I was gonna throw up."
"hmm okay. You can change now."
"cool, I'll go do that right now." I walk out and head inside the studio to get my cloths. 
"here. I thought you'd be looking for this." Victoria approaches me with my cloths as I walked over to the studio. 
"oh great, thanks." so I make my way back in the restroom.

When I stepped outside, I bumped into Edith and Harry. I walk right by them trying not to make eye contact with them. 
"oh hey wait!" Edith calls. I turn around putting on a straight face.
"yeah?" she walks over to me leaving Harry behind. 
"that was great!" she comments with a sweet smile. 
"I know, I thought it was great too. Thank you."
"you're welcome. So I was thinking tomorrow we should meet up before the wedding to go over some steps. The others agreed too."
"sure why not. Where?"
"I'm not sure yet. You should ask Frank."
"okay cool. I'll do that."
"great! I have to go. But I'll see you tomorrow." she embraces me in a hug. Something that hasn't happened in a long time. Specially in front of Harry. I look at him and he stares back. 
"bye." I tell Edith and smile at her for the first time in the whole day. 
"bye." she waves and leaves. Surprisingly, Harry didn't beat my ass. Must be my lucky day. 

Victoria and I drove back home talking about how we're so excited for tomorrow. But for some reason, Edith comes up.
"why are you ignoring her? I noticed it."
"I dont know.. I'm trying to forget her."
"why so?"
"because she seems to be happy with Harry. She doesn't love me anymore. All she wants is to be friends."
"you know Gerard, you might be right. But don't let that discourage you. I honestly believe you and Edith were made for each other. Your bond with her was once very strong and great. There's just no way it was a short period thing. It just doesn't happen." 
I don't respond. Vicky might be right. Edith and I were once so close. It couldn't have been just high school love. I know it's stronger than that. But for the moment, I'll let her decide. I have no say in it anyway.

Hey... Sorry for not posting yesterday. I meant to, but I was writing my English essay for school which was a total fucking hassle. Anyway, hope you enjoyed this chapter and sorry that it's so short. I personally am not too fond of this chapter. 

@BrutalCrayon hmm, I'd like to tell you but I think I do explain why in later chapters. You'll get to them.. Don't worry lol. But when you read them and it still doesn't make sense, let me know and I'll be happy to explain. 
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