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RE-SLUTS. Haha Results! XD

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What happens when a bunch of crazy-ass teens audition for another crazy-ass teen's story? What happens when said crazy-ass teen jerks off to Rayla? ;D

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Ladies, Gents. . . (or ladies auditioning for gents) Here are the results. Because I'm a bitch I'm gonna make them all slow like on those annoying talent shows when they say The winner isssss. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . We'll be right back after a commercial break! Troll win.

Ray's Girlfriend is. .

BleedingValentine! As Harriet Lawrence!

Mikey's Boyfriend is:

AshIsNotOnFire! As Ryan Queen!

Frank's Cousin is:

ColorfulShadow! As Jasmine Price!

Bob's Girlfriend is:

Shayla_boo! As Shayla Becker!

I'm so sorry to those who didn't get the parts! D: I hope you'll not hate me and still read it but if not I understand. Please except a complimentary Ray as a consolation prize.

For the ones who did get in, you'll be appearing in the second or third chapter okay? :D It's called What Would You Rather and the first chapter is up! Just go to my profile and click on it. Please Rate and Review? Love ya, SHAYLA :3
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