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A Child's Innocence

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(SPOILERS)Tezuka's just returned from Munich, only to have a misunderstanding with his tensai that leads Fuji into a world of trouble. Can Tezuka fix what's been done before the rest of Seigaku, an...

Category: Prince of Tennis - Rating: PG - Genres: Angst, Romance - Characters: Fuji Shuusuke, Tezuka Kunimitsu - Warnings: [!!] [R] [V] [Y] - Published: 2006-07-18 - Updated: 2006-07-19 - 1142 words

Disclaimer: YES. I OWN TENNIS NO OUJISAMA. ...and if you believe that, you have problems and need to see a counsilor worse than I do.
A/N: This. Is what happens when I get pissed off. I wrote most of this last year, during school, while pissed at friends and teacher and parents. This gets violent later on and may contain content not suitable for younger children. Also, I put the underage sex warning, because the boys are 15 or 14. This chapter is fairly decent. LATER CHAPTERS ARE THE ONES THAT ARE VIOLENT. ...So. If I haven't scared you away yet, enjoy.

Tezuka's Stressful Week
Syusuke never cared what happened to him, only his friends and family. He had his off days, too, though. Those days he just wanted to crawl under the clubhouse and die, and those days he just wanted to be left alone. Those impulses never lasted more than two or three days at a time, especially since Tezuka had come back. When he missd the first day of practice, no one said anything. The second day, they began to worry.

"Oishiiiiii, I wanna go see Fujiko!" The small red-head whined, as he had been since the day before. Oishi looked down at him, then at Tezuka and shook his head at Eiji. Without their buchou's consent, they couldn't do anything about the missing tensai.

Tezuka had felt the stare, but refused to meet it. Fuji had been with him last, on Monday that it was Wednesday, he couldn't help but feel it was somehow his fault.

-'-Monday Night-,-

The teenager looked up from his piled homework and went down to answer his mother. Instead, he found a smiling tensai. He twitched visibly, and turned on his heel back to his room. Fuji followed out of habit, never once faltering his smile. Once inside, Tezuka closed the door and turned on his tensai, "What are you doing here, Syusuke?"

"I can't come to see my buchou anymore?" The smile portrayed a soft pout, but wasn't held long under the annoyed look, and the angel smile returned, "It's been months. You expected me not to come by?"

"I would have prefered you call. I do have homework, you know." He had expected it to get rid of the boy, instead earning a small laugh, "I know. Your mother told me, and said I could probably help since you'd been gone for so long." The glare hardened, only faltering the angel somewhat and causing him to bow in apology, "You know I don't mean to tease, Kunimitsu...but...I know."

The glare softened to confusion. Cobalt eyes had opened, and even though he was still smiling, Tezuka couldn't have been sure whether or not he was going to get yelled at or guilt-tripped. He kept his collected look best he could, when he tried to verify the answer, "Know what, Syusuke?"

"What happened in Munich." So simple. But that did it. The look wasn't hate, anger, revenge, or the all-knowing-I-win look that usually accompanied the opened eyes. It was...regret? Sympathy? Happiness? He honestly couldn't tell, but the look made him want to embrace the smaller boy. He resisted, and kept the poker face, "How?"

"Hana-chan...I kept in touch with her. In case something happened. In case one of us had to come keep myself occupied...I don't know.... But she let it slip once...I knew she wasn't suppose to say anything, and it was probably an accident...but she was kind enough to fill me in after she realized what she'd let it slip."

The answer was unexpected; he'd thought there would have been some psychotic duet plan with Kikumaru or Sadaharu. Once Tezuka was sure Fuji wasn't going to cause him any bodily harm, he loosened up, slowly, and cocked his head to the side, "I see...?"

"I suppose...I just wanted to congradulate you...and I haven't told anyone you don't have to worry about Eiji or Inui...but," he paused, hesitating, and swallowed nervously, "I...had to know...."

Here it comes, Tezuka felt his muscles tense to brace for anything, keeping his face set and the stone look on the smaller player. Fuji nervous was never a good thing...supposedly. He'd never been nervous before.

"Did you forget...the promise we made?"

The look tore the captain apart, as did the question. When he couldn't find his voice, Fuji's eyes slowly closed once more to their usual smile, "I'll see you tomorrow, /buchou/." And he ran, not even attempting to give Tezuka nor his parents a chance to stop him. They looked after Fuji, then at their son; he just stood at the top of the stairs, in silent shock and regret.

Snapped from his thoughts, the captain urned to his assisstant, almost irritably, "What?"

"Practice is over...Eiji wants to check on Fuji as well...."
"I'll do it myself. Tell everyone else to get rest. Ranking matches will still be held tomorrow." A look of shock passed over Oishi's face, "Even...even if he's not...."

"Even then---"

"Where is he?!"

The two turned sharply. Fuji Yuuta stood there, his breath heavy from apparently running all the way to the school, and his eyes narrowed as he glared the upperclassmen down, "Where. IS HE?!"

"What are you talking about Yuuta-kun?" Oishi tried to calm him down, resulting in getting grabbed by his shirt.

"Syusuke! Mom just called and told me he never came home! WHERE THE HELL DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING TEZUKA?!" But he was already long gone.

Tezuka ran to the only place he could think to look. As he thought, he found his desired object. Sitting in a swing, with honey brown hair dishelved and white jersey mangled and bloodied, there was little he could do but keep his temper in tight check. The head rose, slowly; revealing blood running down over the closed eyes from seperate sources. At least he prayed to God they were closed. The thought made it harder to keep from snapping in half, but the attempt made to speak kept him sane as he carefully moved closer. He couldn't tell if the tone was still mad, or happy by chance; it was almost dead, "" The tensai was struggling to stand. At first, he succeeded; only to lose his balance, and consciousness. When he fell, the captain just barely managed to catch him.

"Syusuke?!" The only response was a soft, painful moan.
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Next Chapter: We go through Fuji's week and find out what happened to him and why he went missing for two days...and ended up in his condition....
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