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A Reply To Cancer

by FightingForever 3 reviews

I was listening to Cancer and this i kind of a reply to it if you know what i mean...

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I will tell you that i love you
Though it breaks my heart to say
I held your hand and stayed with you
Every single day

I'll kiss your lips only once
For i may never do it again
I know someday i'll be seeing you
But i cant tell you when

Promise me you'll wait for me
When your time has come
I'll smile when i think of you
I'll dream of you every night when my day is done

You were my first, you'll be my last
In everything we've done
Lets talk about our happy past
Before you have to run

I wont say goodbye to you
It will only break our hearts
One day i know we'll meet again
And our new life will start

I promise that i love you
And i'll kiss you goodbye
Let the angels guide you now
EI wont let you see me cry

Close your eyes and sleep my darling
Its time for you to go
Dream a thousand dreams of me
Until we meet again my love

My tears will flow freely now
As i stroke your angelic face
Even in your final hour
Its beauty stayed in place.
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