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FicWad Tiny Chat

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Let's pop the cork off this motherfucker.

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[Muffled Rap Music Playing In The Distance]
(Guess who's back...)
(Back again...)

Been a while, hasn't it? How are things? How are the kids? In jail, you say? Marvellous! That means they won't be in the way.

I've been off this site for a long time. Too long, you might say, since in the past few months I seem to have regained a sliver of my sanity. That ends today! In about one hour, my friend Anna (Colorblind_) and I are going to be hosting a tinychat.

Hitch up your stockings, ladies. Shit's gonna get weird. Possibly even a little traumatizing. Just a bit.

Boom bam, bitches. Make mama proud.

~ Haili
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