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This Is How I Vent

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Gahhh. Venting.

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Sidenote: the auditioned horror story is coming soon. Today or tomorrow. Maybe today. Also, I'm putting up another story. Not a Fanfiction one but just a fiction one, featuring two of my newest OC's. Look out for it!

Okay, so since I want to vent my problems, I'm doing it in third person/story form.

This "story " is a true story. Names have been changed to protect the identity of my friends, my ex friend(it's the right thing to do, even if he doesn't deserve it.),and I.

Here we go.

AJ sat alone, in the cafeteria of her high school, at 7 am. She was drawing some fan art in her notebook bbefore class started.

"Hey, AJ." a voice said.

She looked up to see a tall boy.

"Hey Alex." She said, smiling at her friend.

Her and Alex have been friends since the 5th grade. She was the very first to talk to him, since he came from another country and it was his first day. AJ had known what it was like to be the new kid, since she had transferred there in 3rd grade.

AJ closed her notebook, knowing that they would talk and talk, and she wouldn't even touch her notebook while they talked.


AJ walked upstairs to the boarding area of the train station.
When she got upstairs, she heard a few familiar voices. She went to the area where she always waited and saw the friends she waited with, Kayla, Grace, Karen, and Ariana there, talking to Alex.

"Hey guys!" AJ said.

"Hey AJ "they all said.

"What are we talking about?" AJ asked.

"Nothing." Grace said "So, like I was saying, you're really hot."

Alex smiled.

"Yeah, we're not hitting on you or anything, but you're really hot" Kayla said.

AJ gagged. Alex was anything BUT hot to her.

Soon, two of Kayla's friends who went to another school dropped by. They took one look at Alex and said "Ohmygod you're beautiful! "

AJ gagged again, while the girls looked at her weirdly.

"I hope his ego doesn't grow." AJ said, under her breath.

"AJ, don't gag just because you don't find me attractive! Remember the guy you liked for three years?"

"Oh no. " AJ said.

"His name was Aaron, he was blond-"

AJ covered her ears and squeezed her eyes shut.

"NANANANANANANANANANANANANANANANA BATMAN" AJ sang, so she couldn't gear anymore.

That's how she stayed, because Alex then proceeded to tell the girls all about her three year crush. He didn't even know the full story, yet he was telling everyone.

I'll live. I guess I can tough it through. AJ thought.


The following week was filled with Alex telling everyone about AJ's 6th-8th grade crush, right in front of AJ. She toughed it out, and managed to survive the week. This day was like every other one. She was in the cafeteria, Alex would join her, and he would tell whoever was by them about her crush. They walked upstairs to class, while Alex was still talking to a few people about AJ. They waited in front of their classroom for the bell to ring.

"So, AJ did not go out all summer. She trolled people on Facebook. She even trolled me!" Alex said.

"I did. " AJ confirmed.

"Can I add her on Facebook?" one of the guys he was talking to asked.

"No her picture isn't her! It's so not her. " Alex said.

"Didn't have to throw me under the bus like that, Alex. Not cool. " AJ said jokingly.

"You're the one who's not cool! Letting me hang out with your gay friend, I think his name was Dillon." Alex said.

Dillon was AJ's gay friend. She loved him because he was such a sassy, daring, and trusting guy. AJ loved him like a brother. Dillon had only told a few people about his sexual orientation, and was very careful about who he told.

Jennifer felt anger rising up to her cheeks. She felt her cheeks redden. She also felt her hand collide with Alex's cheek, meeting with a satisfying slap. Alex held his reddening cheek, shocked at the usually calm girl.

"Yeah, I'm not hanging out with you anymore " AJ said.

They still haven't talked.

Sometimes, you have to drop friends, no matter how long you've known them. Because, frankly, some people can be dicks.
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