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When Gerard and Jennifer pulled up outside the house, Jennifer waited for Penina to run into the house before turning to Gerard and saying "Thanks for your support back there."

"Hey, I'm not a psychiatrist. And a lot of what she's saying makes sense." Gerard said.

Jennifer was about to reply but her phone started ringing. She turned away from him to answer it and Gerard sighed then went "Hello?" Jennifer answered.

"Is this Mrs Way?" A female voice asked her.

"Yes, who's this?"

"This is Sister Judith from the orphanage. I'm sorry to bother you but did Sister Abigail make it to her appointment with you yesterday?"

Jennifer paused "Yes, why?"

"It's just that she hasn't returned since yesterday and I'm starting to get really worried."

The police found Sister Abigail's body and went straight to the house to ask Jennifer and Gerard questions though they were both still in shock "We'll help in anyway we can." Gerard said "We at least owe her that much."

"Do you have any idea who could've done this?" Jennifer asked.

"We have a suspect in custordy based on an anoymous tip." The detective told them "We're just trying to place him at the time we think the murder took place."

"Who is it?" Gerard wanted to know.

"I can't tell you that right now. But he was found with the murder weapon."

Jennifer glanced up and saw Penina sitting at the top of the stairs, just watching them.

The next day Jude sat in a large recliner playing a video game while Jennifer did some researching on the internet. She typed things in like 'Character-disturbed children' and 'Anti-social Persoanlity Disorder.' She went through the websites and then finally typed in 'Children who kill.'

Penina walked into the room holding onto Mia's hand like she was her pet. Mia numbly followed her. They walked up to Jude in the recliner "We want to sit there." Penina told him, looking into his eyes the whole time.

"Penina, Jude was there first." Jennifer said, minimising her internet search and looking over at them.

Jude eyed Penina, wary but defiant. Penina sighed and made a slight cutting motion with her fingers that Jennifer didn't see. Jude quickly switched off the game, got up and left the room "Jude?" Jennifer called "Jude?" He didn't look back. This made Jennifer worried.

Jennifer showed Gerard some of the pieces of paper she'd printed off the internet from her google results "This is what Sister Abigail was telling us about." Jennifer told him "Character-disturbed children. Look at the symptoms." She started reading outloud "Superficially charming. Difficulty at making and keeping friends. Cruelty to pets. Bossy and controlling. Overly affecionate with stranger."

"Extended period of bedwetting." Gerard read outloud, raising his eye-brows as if it were a joke "Speech pathology. Abornmal eye-contact. She doesn't have half of this!"

"I still think that Doctor Browning could've missed something." Jennifer said patiently "Penina could've just told her what she wanted to hear. Look." Jennifer flipped over a page of the printed out sheets and started reading it outloud "'Character-disturbed children are adriot manipulators. They can be exceptionally charismatic, oftentimes playing people off one another to get what they want.'"

"Are you going to show this to Doctor Browning?"

Jennifer hesitated then said "I'm not seeing her anymore."

"You're not going to therapy? When did you decide that?"

"When do you think?"

Gerard sighed "I know that you're upset. But we have to at least consider the possibility that she's right."

"No, we don't!" Jennifer cried "Why does everyone around here get the benefit of the doubt from you except for me?"

"That's not true." Gerard told her "I'm just worried about you, that's all. We can hire someone to help you with the kids if it's getting too much for you."

"I don't need help." Jennifer hissed "All I want is for a Doctor who knows what they're doing to give us a second opinion."

Penina was in her bedroom. All the lights were off and all the curtains closed. Only the aquarium light was switched on. Penina was adding finishing touchings to her lion painting, the flourescent paint only visibile in the light of the aquarium. In ordinary day light, you couldn't see it. She could hear Jennifer and Gerard's voices travelling up the heat vent.

"We're not going to keep taking her to Doctors until you hear the answer that you want." Gerard told her sternly.

"That's not what I'm trying to do. I want this to work just as much as you, but there are serious questions that we still don't have the answers to." Jennifer paused "If Sister Abigail was right about Penina then people are dead because of her."

"She didn't really believe that."

"She didn't want to believe it. But she was worried enough to think we should put her in foster care until we found out for sure."

"For all her good intentions, Sister Abigail was not a trained physciatrist. She had certain suspicions about Penina and they turned out to be wrong. Why can't you accept that?"

"What if somebody else thought there was somebody wrong with her?" Jennifer asked, thinking about it "Like the director of the orphanage in Russia?" Penina stopped painting, suddenly paying very close attention.

"If it's a dead end, I'll drop it." Jennifer told him "But if they say the same thing then I'd need a second opinion."

Gerard considered it. He didn't want to be unreasonable so he nodded "All right. See what you can find out."

Penina fumes. She chucked her paint brush across the room and leaped onto her bed.
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