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Questions to Amelias parents

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Dear Stranger,
I'm getting out of england soon! Yes, today we should be trying to find out about housing flights and... ADOPTING AMELIA, this can't get better, were going to ask her what she thinks later. I do hope she'll come with us, I'm in a really good mood, thinking about all the opportunities we'll have in the US! I hope I can take the dog Buddy, he's a border collie, maybe even the cutest one on the planet, he's my best friend. Apart from Frank! I need to get ready soon because I'm meeting Frank to discuss things, we can't adopt Amelia until were 22! which I will be in a few months. We need her parents to agree and let her move with us as well.

Bye now, Emily. Xo

I toss my diary onto my bed walking over to my wardrobe, opening it. I look at my vast selection of clothes choosing a dark green v-neck shirt and a pair of plain skinny jeans completing the look with a red hoodie. After changing I take my makeup bag and start applying foundation onto my slightly tanned face adding blush to my cheeks and eyeliner around my olive shaped light blue eyes. I then tie my dark blonde streaked with bright red into a messy pony tail with my small side fringe hanging out the front. I drag my feet walking down the stairs before leaving the house, I slip on a pear of purple converse. I step outside of the front door, the cold wind hitting my skin. I pull my hood ontop of my head mounting my bike, thankfully Frank doesn't live to far so I don't have that far to go.

Soon enough I'm sat in my bestfriends living room. "I hope they let us take her." He says to me.
"Yeah me too, maybe we should phone her parents?"
"Okay, where your phone?"
I slip my mobile out of my pocket searching for their number asking Frank if he's ready before dialling it.
"Hello" I speak into the phone worried already.
"What the fuck are you phoning for" Amelia's Father answered.
"Um I was wondering how Amelia is..?"
"Why the fuck do you care, she's a useless piece of shit, the world would be better off without her" he responds shocking me and Frank.
"Well if you feel like that then why don't I take her, she's not a piece of shit, she's a beautiful young girl. May I speak to Henrietta?"
"Whatever" he said followed by the muffled sounds of him calling his wife over and handing her the phone.
"Yes?" She says.
"Um I was wondering er how about I look after Amelia, for um like a while or until she can.. Move out?" I say slowly trying not to anger her Mum
"Yes, do it, get this fucking midget off my hands"
"Okay! I can't adopt her until I'm 22 so you'll have to wait a few months and when we do you'll need to sign the papers handing her over, can we come and see her sometime this week?"
"Yeah whatever, come on Saturday. Bye." After saying her bye she hung up.
"OH MY GOD" I scream hugging Frank tight, tears threatening to escape my eyes.
"This is going to be rad. We need to celebrate as well!" Frank said with a hint of his New Jersey.
"All I needed to hear" I say smiling like an idiot. "My house or yours?".
"Mine!" He shouts running up the stairs to ask him Mum if I can stay over with me close behind. She agrees knowing that hopefully her son will be moving out a flying the nest soon!
I text my Mum knowing that she'll say yes as long as me and Frank don't get up to any funny business.

Frank POV

We're sat in my room watching Orphan, I look at Emily, she seemed to be getting bored of the film so I decide to get another and make pizza
"I'm gonna go make some pizza" I say walking to the kitchen I make food of the gods; pizza and I get some pringles and more films from the living room. I walk back upstairs singing American Idiot by Green Day
"You've got such a nice voice" Emily complements me. "Thanks Rosie Posie, I got more films!"
"Did you get The Lion King?" She asks me.
"Of course!" We settle down next to each other to watch our favourite film.

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Emily xo
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