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what it says on the tin.

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Hello Lovelies.

Before anything happens, no, this is not a suicide note. There will be the smallest amount of drama in this goodbye possible, I will really try. No promises though. I can’t promise anything about it being happy either, saying goodbye is always sad in one way or another. Here we go, anyway.

I’m leaving this site. Plain and simple.

There are many reasons why I am, but one stands out more than the rest:
I’ve lost hope.

This was the place that got me into writing stories, original or fan fiction; this was the place where I saw all these amazing people with so much talent and stories that would twist me up and let me go in the sincerest best of ways. I fell so, so much in love with this place. It was the escape in my life. People were the nicest I’d ever met. I placed you guys so high up in my heart. Where I hoped you could breathe through all the shit in your life, and with your hands to create something. To create your art.

It went sour.

A couple bad apples got thrown into the mix. People left. Great people left. My friends left. My family left.

And no, I didn’t just log in here today and go “Wow, this site is going downhill…” I’ve been putting this off because I still had hope, I still had faith this site might go back to what it once was. I still hoped we were still a family. I couldn’t leave when I was still so attached.

I’ve given up.

Maybe I’ll post on a different site, but it won’t be anything like how I felt when I was here in this place. This place was my home. It’s been burnt to the ground and trampled over; overkill and I can’t look at it anymore.

That’s why I’m leaving.

I deleted most of the things I posted here. All that I’ve left are the pieces I hope you will benefit from and, of course, this note.

I want to say I’ll stay to review on the stories I find interest in, but I can’t give you promises I’m bound to break. I will say I might log in once or twice, just for old times’ sake, but not like I used to. Not with happiness or excitement, but with unease and slight fear of what has become of this dear place I love so much. A tinge of hope as well.

I watched this place go up in flames.

Regrettably, I’ve made this much more sad and dramatic than I had hoped. This must mean it’s time to pull the plug.

Goodbye. I have loved you all exceedingly, so much more than I should have.


p.s. – my name was never Syra Cowl.
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