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The Hero

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What is it like to be Sonic? Have you really ever thought about it? Can it really be all fun and games? This fanfic explores the option that maybe Sonic doesn't like his job as much as he appears t...

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Chapter One

What is it like to be Sonic?
My whole life I've wanted to be like him, to be him later, even, since he always tells me I can do anything I want to, if I only try hard enough. In fact, I still wanted it, until a few nights ago, when I suddenly realized it was four in the morning and I still hadn't gone to bed. I didn't want Sonic to know I was still awake. He gets up at five to run. He has some place he likes to watch the sun rise. I think he sleeps afterwards anyways.
I was...well, I was sneaking upstairs to my room, trying not to make any noise (and especially not to wake Sonic), so I guess that's why I heard it. At first I thought it was me, breathing real loud in concentration or my heart pounding in my ears maybe, but when I stopped to figure out why it seemed so far away from me I realized it was coming from Sonic's room. His door was closed.
I wasn't trying to be nosy. I know Sonic doesn't close his door a lot, and I know I'm not supposed to bother him when he does. But I just wanted to know why he decided to close his door tonight. I was just concerned.
I think he would've been upset anyways if he knew I saw him crying like that.
It wasn't sad crying, you know like when you break your hard drive and you forgot to back it up even though you have a million sticky notes reminding you to, or when you watch a sad movie. It was like someone that Sonic loved a lot had died, multiplied by a googol. It was the kind of crying that makes you shake so hard you can't control it, and makes it hard to breathe, and goes on and on long after you have no tears left.
I never thought I'd see Sonic like that.
I closed the door, knowing he wouldn't notice it was opened, and I went into my room, but I couldn't sleep. What would make Sonic so sad he would cry like his heart was breaking?
Before I knew it I saw his eyes glowing in the dark and my heart sped up. I guess he noticed after all. I couldn't pretend I was sleeping either, since I had been staring in the direction of the doorway.
"Can't sleep?"
"No," I said with more hesitation that I would have liked.
"Went to bed late again, huh bud?"
Sonic laughed, but I didn't mind. At least he wasn't crying. Until an hour ago, I thought he didn't know how.
"You wanna come with me?"
"Yeah." He stood there for a minute, not saying anything, which made me kind of nervous. Why was he inviting me anyways? This was his private time, his time to be alone when he was so often surrounded by people. I knew that even though he had never said it to me.
"Uh, Sonic...I want to...but why do you want me to come?"
He was silent.
"I...kinda don't...wanna be alone right now," he said finally.
I felt even worse about seeing him cry.

For the next few days I went to bed at around the same time, the first time on purpose.
He cried the same way every night.
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