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The Tragedy of Bob Bryar

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Gerard is the wicked witch of the underworld. Frank desperately wants free. Or does he? This is a frerard...

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Welcome to my Halloween Special Cliché!!! evil ghoul laugh that’s on all of the horror movies
I tried really hard to make it perfect so I really hope you enjoy and that it’s not shite.

Happy Birthday Frank Iero!!! We all wish you very well!!

Baba Yaga is a haggish or witchlike character in Slavic folklore. She flies around on a giant mortar, kidnaps and eats small children. Other mythological stories have been known to seek her out for her wisdom, and she has been known on rare occasions to offer guidance to lost souls. Other stories, she has been known to curse those who have damned each other and take in prisoners.

I have absoulutly NOTHING against any of the characters in this story… Do NOT feel any way offended by anything.

The language here is Russian. It’s written in English format for pronunciations and I don’t have a Russian keyboard. I do not know if my Russian is true or correct- but I will NOT use Google translate. So excuse me if it’s off. All mistakes are made by me and only me- not the editors- and sorry if anything is offensive.

But I DO know for a fact that Baba yaga is pronounced baba yi-gah.

Thanks to my BFF Eveey for editing.

Warnings: R - X - V - ? - !!

Oktyabr’ 20, 2002

“Wassup’ my man?” Jimmy Armstrong. The son of rage and love. The best friend to a guy like Frank Iero. Jimmy and Frank had been best friends since grade school all the to high school and also collage. They had scored the same job together at the Eye Ball Records. The two sit around and just record new coming artists. The two were now waiting in the back room for the next band to show.

“Nothin’…You?” Frank said as he light up a smoke and offered another one to Jimmy; which he took gladly.

“Ugh…Some fucking kid showed up imitating One Direction. Fuckin’ retard didn’t even have a guitar…When’s the next group coming in?” Jimmy sighed. Frank did feel a bit bad for him- he’s always stuck with the Beiber and Gaga wannabe’s while Frank got to listen to the more Black Flag wannabe’s.

“Uhh,” Frank lifted his arm and studied his watch. “Should be here pretty soon…”

“Who’s gonna show?” Jimmy rocked in his chair but stopped when Frank kicked him. Iero pulled out a manila tabbed folder and examined the paper work.

“The band called The Used. They’ve played here before it says. Actually a couple times.” Both Jimmy and Frank were surprised by that. They weren’t really the ones to get older people- they always got beginning bands.

“Oh wow,” Jimmy said full of sarcasm. “We got the big shots.” Jimmy had always wanted to record a big shot because then they would look up to him, not the other way around. Frank actually liked the new kids- they weren’t as pompous as the older ones.

Frank was always mean to the new kids, he knew that they wanted to ‘go big’ and that the newbie’s would do as there told. So that gave Frank the right to be as mean and cruel that he wanted.

“Oh look here they come…” Jimmy said and rolled his eyes. Five tall grown men entered the dark recording room. Frank and Jimmy both said through the separating glass with poker faces. The band started setting up there instruments and hooking up all the gear as Frank clicked a button on his counter and spoke into a microphone,

“Start whenever you’re ready and click the red button on your mics.” He said in a bored tone that actually meant “ ‘I need a fucking promotion.’”

The band started playing their music, Jimmy was taking notes with Frank.

Scratch that- Jimmy was taking notes and Frank was drifting his mind off into space when he should be taking notes and filling out paper work.

He thought about his old band that never made it, Pencey Prep. He thought about –despite Jimmy’s attitude- about how he really –did care for the music and how he really did want the company to make it. Jimmy should have already gotten Brian’s job.

Brian Scheatzer was the manager of the company. He loved the company just as much as Jimmy. He thought of Eyeball like his child. He was a total hard ass too. He always made Frank actually work.

Frank jumped back into reality when the band stopped playing and asked if it was alright. Frank clicked his favorite intercom button,

“What was that? My ears are bleeding- Ya’ll aren’t doctors, are you? ‘Cause I don’t think that you need to have any musical talent for that…”

“W-what?” Bert McCracken stuttered, heart brokenly into the microphone. “Wah-would you like us to do it again”

Do it again? You wanna do it again? You didn’t think that was enough torture for one day?” Frank mocked with a fake, sarcastic, heart broken tone of voice. He looked like Bert had just insulted him.

“That was just awful… It makes me actually consider letting One Direction step foot inside this fucking building! And that’s a lot coming from me. I’m just surprised that you were even able to play, let alone listen to each other…just, wow…”

Bert looked as if he may collapse and throw a major tantrum. But he doesn’t. Instead he mutters something in some foreign language.

“YA proklinayu tebya, chto eto Frenk vniz, v logovo ved’my…YA proklinayu tebya, chto eto ty, Frenk vniz, v logovo Baby Yagi.” McCracken said in a dark, creepy hushed tone. Then he added, ”Baba yaga, Baba yaga, Baba yaga.” Bert even said it with a natural and excellent accent.

Frank perked up at the mention of his name and the name of the so called witch that is Baba yaga. His mother told him stories as a child about Baba yaga. Frank just now remembered his mother’s voice; always sweet and caring, but scratchy when telling Frank what to do.

-”A witch who fests on little children who don’t behave. Now eat your damn supper and clean your damn room.”-

“Okay…You go ahead and chant all you want…Not going to make your so called music better. Hey! I heard Miley Cyrus is looking for an opener!” Frank mocked again. Bert looked like he was debating on screaming his head off or staying still and silent. Bert decided to storm out the door with out a word. “That’s right, you go too.” Frank ‘smiled’ and the other members left too.

“What was that for?” The black haired man named Jimmy questioned. “I kinda liked them…”

“So did I.” Frank shrugged as he stared into the glass window. His reflection was appearing more vividly on the window. He thought that was because there was nobody on the other side staring at him.

“Then why did you do that if you liked them?” Frank shrugged again. Some of their cigarette smoke had escaped into the other room to that was once occupied by Bert and company.

“I dunno…How about you go and schedule them for another appointment.” Jimmy got off his chair and left the room as quickly as possible. Frank still stared back at his changing reflection in the window as more smoke filled the room. Drummers always smoke, Frank thought.


Later that night, Frank was brushing his teeth in his bath room. He gargled and spit mint-y fresh tooth paste into the sink. When he looked right beck up at his bathroom mirror- it cracked. One shattering line went straight through the centre of the mirror. The shards were still intact on the frame- but that was just really weird.

Frank stared at the mirror in awe, fear, and more importantly, confusion. As he continued to stare, the crack slowly grew bigger and more mini cracks bloomed off the original. The cracks weren’t horrible or gaudy, they were just noticeable. Noticeable enough that Frank would get charged from his landlord.

Frank took a step back, thinking that the mirror might explode. He hit the wall with his head and freaked out- he turned around swiftly and somehow managed to trip on the wall, falling flat on his ass.

He annoyingly groaned and saw that the mirror had stopped cracking.


At work, Frank and Jimmy were listening to some underground band that nobody in history has ever heard of. Frank had not told Jimmy of what happened to his mirror- mainly because Jimmy would either not believe or think he’s crazy. Both would probably be the same.

In Jimmy and Frank’s opinion, this band really sucked. Like, ligit-ly sucked- bad. They seemed like they didn’t know what they were doing. The bassist thought he was probably playing a guitar, the singer sounded like he had a rat up his ass; the drummer must have really hated his drum set because he was just beating the living shit out of it. How the hell did the make it past the drive way?

“Okay, just – stop. Please just stop?” Frank demanded but sounded like he was actually begging. The band did stop, but not all at once…It was a tragedy, really. “Can I tell you the truth? I’m being perfectly honest here. Trust me.”

“You. Guys…Make me wanna actually listen to Gangnam-whatever the fuck it is… I simply cannot bare to listen to any more of your crap…I’m sorry…Crap is an understatement!” Nobody noticed, but when Frank said the word bare, a very, very, very tiny crack lined up in the edge of the window.

“How do you guys even stand listening to each other!? I mean…I would have blown my own fucking brains out by now.” On the syllables of stand and fucking, the cracks on the glass window grew larger- but Frank didn’t seem to notice…But Jimmy did.

“Frank?” He asked quietly.

“You ‘so called band’ make me wanna puke!-” More window cracks that were more noticeable- streaking across the middle of the pane.

“Frank?” Jimmy asked staring at the window with fear.

“You guys are a disgrace!” The crack grew huge and gaudy- the surprise was that Frank didn’t even see it.


WHAT!?” The whole entire glass window shattered into tiny pieces. Shocked screams emitted everyone’s mouths. Next, Frank screamed in pain and agony. His right palm had spilt over. Blood gushed from every angle of his hand. Frank grabbed it tight with his left hand and continued to scream.

The weird thing was that no glass had touched him. His hand just magically split open with absoulutly no force of matter.

“FUCK!” More and more scarlet blood spilled out… heavier than before. He could’ve swore before his very own eyes- a pallid man with black greasy hair was laughing at him. Frank had never seen this skinny man before- and he was the only person who had seen him. Jimmy and the band full of crap don’t even see him. It was just Frank…

Frank didn’t know if it was because the pain was so immense or he simply just ran out of blood to give- but Frank blacked out into a fiery pit of blackness. –

Day one

Frank woke up moaning and groaning. His hand hurt like hell, but not only his hand, his whole body hurt like hell. He felt like he was playing dodge ball in a different dimension.

He didn’t wake up in his studio where he thought he would. He didn’t wake up in a hospital or even his own house- he woke up on a very cold, damp, dark floor, alone. He sighed and tried to stand up.

When he slowly rose to his feet, he was greeted by a tall man with puffy Halloween-ish hair.

“Name’s Ray.” He said. His voice was scratchy and worn out. His outfit looks like he was born in the nineteen thirties. Dirty, tattered, old waist coat, topped off with a black jacket and trousers. His outfit was unbuttoned and…was it mentioned…old and dirty? His hair and face was also covered in dirt.

“Frank. What the fuck and who the fuck are you supposed to be?” Frank scolded. Ray flinched at the amount of meanness in his words.

“You shouldn’t speak like that…” Ray said.

“I will speak however the Fuck I want. You don’t tell me what to do.” Frank retorted with much sass and anger, enough to make Ray flinch again.

“Pl-p-please-stop!” Ray screamed but didn’t. It wasn’t loud enough to be considered a scream, but it was still enough to make Frank even flinch. Frank wondered what his deal was- why Ray was freaking out.

“I. Said. Don’t tell me. What to fuckin’. Do!” Frank screamed even more, making Ray almost cry. He didn’t, he was just really upset.

Next, a tall lanky, skinny boy walked up to Frank and placed a hand over his shoulder to try and calm him down. This boy looked like he hasn’t eaten anything in decades. His clothing was probably made in the fifties or sixties. He was bundled up in layers, topping off with a dirty black pea coat. His thick glasses were cracked and also, as usual, dirty. He had straightened brown hair too.

“Leave him alone, Frank.” He said in a soft scared voice. Either Jimmy was playing a very cruel and yet, well thought and play joke, or these kids had been here too long…Where the fuck was here?

“Who the fuck are you?” He threw the kids hand away. Frank guessed that he was probably fifteen or sixteen.

“I’m Mikey…Ge-His brother.” He held out his hand, which Frank shook warmly- his professional-ness always got in the way.

“Who’s brother?” –

“We shouldn’t speak beneath him.” Ray whispered to Mikey.


“Who the fuck!?” Frank yelled again.

“Frank, you ‘ought to get to work before you get in trouble. I don’t wanna repeat what happened lat time…” Ray sighed and stared at a huge- human…Bear sized furnace with flames burning inside. Frank stared at it with wide terrified eyeballs. Jimmy wasn’t that smart to get a furnace installed.

“Wh-where is Jimmy?” He couldn’t remove his eyes from the six-eight foot high fire.

“That’s what happens to children who are…naughty…” Mikey whispered. Frank was about to question him more so, but was interrupted by a…dog barking. It didn’t sound like a dog though, more like it was a human being… mocking a dog.

When the thing walked out from a large cage, it barked even louder. It wasn’t a dog at all. It was a large, blond, human being standing on all fours with a chain around his neck. Ray and Mikey new something was wrong, so they all headed for a large wooden table- along with another member with brown hair.

Frank saw that he was wearing a red uniform with a name tag the read ‘Pelissier’. The three all sat at the table in silence, just listening to the man bark. Frank just stood in his spot, cowering in fear.

Frank jumped a mile high when a creepy hand lingered down his back. He turned to look at the man. He was the tallest, very pallid skin, black long hair, a very clean, velvet black suit. If Frank didn’t know better, he’d say this man was unbelievably gorgeous. Despite his angry fierce look, he actually was; with the piercing black eyeballs. It was only his pupil and iris that was black- the rest of the eyeball was white. It was all so intriguing to Frank.

“Why aren’t you over there with the rest of them?” His dark silky voice sounded so good that Frank actually forgot what he said. After a second of Frank just staring at him, he yelled more fiercely, “Answer Me!”

Frank jumped and whispered a not so audible ‘huh?’ But then he stuck out his hand and said in his most professional voice ever, “Hey there, m’ name’s Frank. Frank Iero. How do ya do?”

Everyone at the large table gasped. The taller man grew angrier by the second. How could someone actually be this rude him. Frank was truly and properly fucked…hard.

“What. Did you say to me?” He scolded in a voice so deadly, that Frank was scared for the first time. Frank put on his best seductive face and stared directly into his eyes. Nobody. Nobody sane would even dream of doing that.

The man grabbed Frank by his chocolate truffles of hair, and yanked him harshly to the cement ground. Frank had been beaten up before- but nothing ever felt as bad as this did. Next the man kicked frank in the gut with what felt like the weight of an Army tank, but really was just his foot. He was unbelievably strong. Frank felt like he wanted- will die.

“You. Never. Disobey me or speak like that to me again…I am so very frustrated with you right now… I could kill you right now-” The man was interrupted by Mikey crying,

“Gee! Please don’t!” Mikey was sobbing harshly. “St-op…” The man stared angrier at Mikey. He glanced back at Frank then back again at Mikey.

“Fine. Then, get the fuck up and help Mikey out.” He narrowed his eyeballs at Frank, full of rage. “Now!” Frank jumped to his feet immediately and sat at the wood table next to Mikey. Then he shouted something at Mikey in a language that was totally obsolete to Frank, “Tridtsat’ minut!” Then he stormed out the room, kicking the ‘dog’ on his way.

“You better get to work…we only got thirty minutes left.” Mikey whispered. Frank looked at him like he was crazy, but after a minute he grabbed a potato and attempted to peel it with a knife. “He wants us to prepare his feast for him…’cause he can’t do it himself.”

“What the hell just happened back there?” Frank wondered.

“You shouldn’t swear. It’s uncouth and mostly, he doesn’t like it.” Frank still stared, forgetting about his chores. Mikey sighed; he hated explaining things to the new comers. “He…He is the Baba Yaga. He owns this place. You do exactly as he says… you disobey, you die and become the next feast.”

“I- become- I what?” Frank found a whole new meaning to the word ‘horror’. Mikey sighed again.

“You will become his new dinner. If he has any problem- he will not hesitate to throw you in the oven.”

“What am I, Hansel and Gretel?” Mikey sighed for the umpteenth time.

“-No…you’re not…no.”

“So then, why- how did you- here?” Frank began to scalp his potato and Mikey began to help.

“People who are here- they’re here because they are very mean. They’re assholes. I was really mean to some kids at school… one kid cursed me and boom. I’m stuck here till I die.”

“But- but, you’re so young. How old are you?” Frank nicked his thumb slightly, but he didn’t care; he was too interested in Mikey.

“I’m sixteen. I was born in nineteen sixty-two….I know you’re going to ask,” Mike cut off Frank’s next question. “The only way out is death, and the only way to die is if you’re chosen by…him.”

“But- bu…” Frank was truly speechless. This obviously wasn’t any of Jimmy’s stupid pranks.

“You cannot commit suicide either…it’s impossible.” Mikey sighed as if he had actually tried to commit suicide. Frank felt a huge pang of sympathy for him, and Frank never feels sympathy for people.

“Well…” He tried to change the subject because he felt Mikey may be getting more upset. “Well, what about Fiddler on the Roof reject over here?” Frank gestured towards Ray. Ray looked at Frank coldly.

Ray did not look so pleasant. It wasn’t because he was just insulted, no. It was because his self esteem agreed with Frank…

“I got here in nineteen thirty-three…” Frank was seriously shocked. Legit. “I was a mob Don. The leader of the mafia. That pretty much sums it up. But, anyways, my men didn’t like the fact that I sent them out on more ‘suicidal’ missions and raids. I never went with them…”

“How the hell did you last that long?” Ray ignored that question and replied,

“One day my Consigliore gave me a mirror as a ‘gift from raid’. Then he said ”YA proklinayu tebya, chto eto vniz, v logovo ved’my…” Which means, ‘once the mirror breaks, you’ll become one in his layer actually don’t know the exact translation. You gotta be really fuckin’ tough, kid. I bet you won’t even make it here a week.”

Bert McCracken. The lead singer of The Used. I was a dick to him and he cursed me.” Frank shrugged as if it was no big deal; or like it happens all the damn time. “So how much longer do we have until we leave?” Frank knew the answer to that. Both Ray and Mikey made ‘pfft’ noises.

“I was here since nineteen thirty-three. What is it now, like, nineteen seventy?”

“Actually it’s two thousand two…” Frank said in a trance or horror.

“We’re here for a long time then.” Ray said, wearing the ultimate poker face.

This place felt worse than prison. Because it was. At least in prison, people get clocks that don’t work. But here, they’re no clocks.

Day two

Frank had learned from Mikey, the Baba yaga’s real name was Gerard. Mikey wouldn’t say anymore. Not his age, or why Gerard –or how- he became Baba.

But this night at dinner had been particularly interesting.

Bob the dog was barking louder and more violent. Mikey and Ray were extremely quiet.

Gerard walked into the room with a smirk and a black bag. All of the other boys were already sitting at the dining table, prepared for whatever adventure supper brings. Gerard kicked Bob to shut him up and stepped closer to Ray.

“Ray…you’re first this time.” Gerard was still smirking but his voice was still deadly as ever. Ray reached his hand from the black bag and pulled out something small. He never released his hand, so Frank couldn’t see what it was.

Next, Gerard walked over to the man called Pelissier. Frank hadn’t said a word to this guy. In fact, he’s sure this guy hasn’t even said a word to anyone. But the man did as he was supposed to without question. He reached into the bag and pulled out whatever it was.

Frank whispered to Ray as Gerard walked over to Mikey, “What is this?”

“Whoever picks the black marble gets to leave.” Frank perked up at this information.

“Leave? Really? We have a chance to be free?” Ray said nothing in return. “Why?” Frank was able to sense his uncomforted gaze.

“Whenever we get a new member, someone else has to go. There has to be four people at the dinner table and no more. You being the extra.”

“Mikey.” Gerard actually laughed his name. Mikey’s trembling fingers picked out a marble from the bag- still unable to see any colors.

Gerard walked over to Frank. Frank couldn’t stop staring at his pale face. For being a so called witch, his face was amazing. Frank hesitated to move; he didn’t. Gerard sharply nudged Frank’s shoulder to force him to stop staring. Frank slowly reached into the tiny bag.

Gerard just nodded his head. Frank didn’t know what the fuck that meant. Mikey seemed to be shaking in his seat and Ray didn’t look anything.

Ray, Mikey, and Pelissier all opened their palms at the same time revealing marbles. Frank caught on and did the same.

Ray had a white marble. Mikey sighed with relief so hard that it looked like it hurt. Mikey had white. Frank involuntarily groaned, (quietly to avoid attention) he had white. Pelissier had black. Frank felt happy that he got to leave, but he was also super jealous.

“Go.” Gerard chanted. Pelissier stood up and followed Gerard to a giant black door. Frank stared in horror to what could only be called the furnace. He wasn’t leave back to the real world – he was going to be burned alive. Frank actually didn’t know what was better. Going back to the real world would be nice but, he’d probably be way too traumatized to even move.

Pelissier turned and said the first words that Frank heard. “It’s better this way. At least I’ll be free.” Without hesitation, he walked straight into the fire, screaming the second Gerard slammed the door shut.


There was a weird vibe going around the dinner air. Oh, Frank couldn’t place it; probably because Gerard, the Baba yaga was fucking eating the burned remains of Pelissier! Was it considered to be cannibalism? Frank didn’t know. The other three boys were provided potato mush. It wasn’t mashed potatoes, it was just mush.

“I’m so glad to be vegetarian.” Frank really was. He bulged his eyes out when he accidentally blurted that out. Mistake.

“Oh you are, are you?” Gerard actually smirked. Frank didn’t think that eating meat was hot at all, but somehow Gerard was able to break that rule.

“Well than. Here.” Gerard passed his plate of empty Pelissier bones over to Frank. “Clean up.” Just like that, Gerard left the room.

Day three

Frank woke up at what humans call midnight-ish. There wasn’t a clock, but he could feel it. More like three A.M. The other two guys and Bob were all asleep on the floor. Frank yawned quietly and looked around the room. The furnace was on. It was always on.

He didn’t know what or why he was doing. He just knew he was going to. Frank stood up shivering (he only equipped a small sweater) and walked over to the fire. He wasn’t going to actually do anything, but the fire warmed him up significantly.

He stood there for a few minutes for no reason when something caught his eye. Bob was tied up, but he was probably the second most important human there. He was guarding something.

Behind Bob lies a big box. Frank desperately wanted to know what was in that box. It could be the key to going home.

Quickly and quietly, Frank slid over to the big box.

“Wow.” Frank gasped. But to his amusement, the big box also had a lock. He yanked at the lock for a moment to try and open, but no avail. Frank nearly jumped mile high when a very quiet voice said,

“Are you enjoying yourself, Frankie?” It was obviously Gerard. Yes, for Frank, freedom would have come that easily. Gerard’s voice didn’t sound agitated or mean at all. In fact, it could be considered pleasant.

“I-I-I” Frank was lost for words.

“No need to be afraid. Everyone here has tried to break open my treasure.”

“Everyone?” Gerard nodded. Possibly because Frank was very short height wise, and sitting down, but Gerard was extremely tall.

“Yes.” Gerard cooed as he knelt down to Frank’s level. Gerard grabbed Frank’s wrist to pull him closer.

“You know what I hate about humans?”

“W-what?” Frank could barely stutter to save him life.

“Their curiosity.” Frank badly wanted to ask Gerard what the hell he even was. “They can get so smart sometimes. But their own knowledge forces their ego to want even more. Then they make the stupid decision of intruding where they aren’t welcome.”

Frank was once again lost for words.

“I-I’m sorry.” Frank said earnestly.

“Oh, please!” Gerard actually giggled. “You’re human. That’s what all humans do!”

Frank couldn’t tell if Gerard was mocking him or he truly did understand.

“Now, get back to sleep before you join your little friend Matt.” Gerard scolded bitterly.

“Y-yes-s.” Frank stood up way too quick -to get a head rush- and went back to his area on the floor.

Day four

“Ray, Mikey, you have a special job in the barn, today.” Gerard said as everyone was ‘preparing’ potato mush for dinner. Ray and Mikey left the room to leave Frank all alone with Baba or Gerard.

“Frank.” Gerard said when he noticed Frank staring at him. Frank had always had a thing for authority and assertiveness. Gerard was wearing a clean black suit, so how was Frank not to stare?

“Yes?” He asked sounding innocent. His hazel eyes bore into Gerard’s black ones.

“Don’t look me into the eye.” Frank blushed scarlet flames and gazed at his carving knife.

“Frank.” Gerard repeated. Frank only nodded, fearing Gerard’s reaction. “Tell me. Why are you here?”

“Because you won’t let me leave?” Frank said it more as a question. He wasn’t asking to leave; he was asking if his answer would suffice.

“No. I mean. Why or what did you do to get here?”

“Because I’m an asshole.” Neither man was expecting such a blunt answer.

“Well, no fucking shit, dumbass. I couldn’t figure that out.” Gerard spat, and Frank winced at the sharp tone of voice.

“I was an asshole to some regular person. Everyone here, I take it, are assholes. You’ve got to be the king of assholes. Having to govern other assholes. You are probably the biggest of us all!”

“Listen here, you little shit!” Gerard picked Frank up by the collar. “You must have some real balls, talking to me like that. How would you like if I chopped them off and ate them for dinner! Then you defiantly wouldn’t talk to me like that again!”

“No!” Frank grabbed his balls before Gerard actually could do anything. Frank had to grip as hard as he could because his only thoughts were: boner, boner, BONER!

Gerard could sense Frank’s discomfort quite obviously.

“Re-fucking-lax! I’m not going to do it tonight!” Gerard threw Frank out of his hands. “I’ll do it later…”

“C-c-can I u-use your b-bathrooom?” Frank annoyingly stuttered. Gerard thought that
‘Frank’s love for his own balls even though, they’re still attached’ was pretty cute.

“I said relax! I didn’t cut them off! I’m highly aware of-” Boner. “I’m sure you would know if you didn’t have a sack…”

Fuck. He was fucked. Although, he wouldn’t mind being fucked. Being fucked by Gerard. Frank hadn’t let go of his balls yet; if he did, then he’d reveal that his fucking boner was getting bigger!

“Frank, are you okay?” Gerard was actually getting creeped out by Frank. “Come here.”

Frank inched closer to Gerard. Unfortunately for him, Gerard grabbed Frank’s hands and held them tightly in his own. Gerard glance down then back up at Frank: smirking in the process. For him being an asshole, he was awfully happy…

Gerard sat down on a chair and pulled Frank onto his lap; in a straddle position.

“You’re weird.” Gerard breathed into Frank’s ear. Next he began to suck on his ear lobe. Frank let out an unwilling and unwanted moan. No. He couldn’t be seduced by Baba yaga. He knew he was fucking honey as hell, but if he banged him, then Frank would soon become Gerard’s personal thrall. That’s different from what he is now.

“No.” Frank said. Gerard retracted and frowned,




“Because.” Gerard physically rolled his black eyes.

“Because is not an answer, Frankie.” Frank also rolled his eyes.

“No. Don’t do that to Frank.” Mikey and Ray ha walked in. Mikey didn’t seem surprised or anything, he just seemed bored.


That night, during dinner, Frank ate in silence and tried to talk his boner down. He thought of things to get it down, such as: his mother, grandmother, father, fucking Ray. Nothing worked.

After dinner, Gerard had left the other boys alone in peace. Frank found a dark bathroom too. There was no official lighting, so the brightness was gone.

He jacked of as quickly and as quietly he could.

Day five

Dinner tonight was exceptionally awkward. Silence literally flooded the room. He was too afraid to look at Gerard after yesterday’s little incident.

Day six

Mikey and Ray were sent out to work in the barn again.” Frank used to be jealous – until he learned that the barn meant killing animals. So he is the happiest fucker there that he gets to remain in the dining room.

Frank was now chopping up a potato and Gerard was just watching him. It wasn’t weird or uncomfortable at all. Oh no.

“You don’t need to watch me…”

“Shut up. Yes I do.” Gerard stated. That pushed Frank’s mental stability off the edge.

“No! No you don’t fucking need to!” Frank chucked his vegetables and knife at Gerard’s face.

Gerard immediately jumped up and smacked Frank across the face. Frank landed ass first on the cement floor. Enraged, Gerard pounces on Frank and attacks him with fists.

Gerard stood up from Frank and gestured for Mikey –once he came back in- to ‘help out’. Gerard left the room soon after that.

Day seven

Frank woke up the next day tied to a pole his ‘sleeping area.’ Mikey and Ray were both gone. Gerard just sat on the table top – watching him. Again.

“Good morning, Frank. Or, should I say, good afternoon?” Gerard grinned. Frank scowled, and he didn’t answer. “No matter.”

“What ‘a fuck is your problem?” Frank slurred out. He was still very groggy from his sleep, and his face hurt like a bitch. He contained two purple bruises along with a black eye. He had also forgotten who he was speaking to…

“Now, now, Frank. No need to be so rough.” Gerard stepped off the table to corner Frank. Frank could just feel the other’s warm breath trickle down his broken skull.
“Halloween is coming up. You know what you’re gonna dress up?”

What the fucking fuck?

“No. I don’t fucking know what I’m going to be for Halloween. How the fuck should I know that? And how the fuck would I dress up?” Frank was particularly angry by Gerard’s dumb question. But he soon forgot about that when Gerard’s fucking hands were resting on his face.

“Halloween is my favourite time of the year. Also the stupidest. Little children try to dress up and pretend to be me. When they don’t even have a fucking clue… That’s why it’s my favourite.”


“I also have my own little celebration on the thirty-first. You know what that is?” Oh, yeah, Frank’s sure he goes around in little children’s mirrors and steals their candy…

“You steal…candy?” Frank was just making sure.

“Why would I steal it, if it’s free?” That would be…interesting?

Frank shrugs. “Seems like something you would do.” He tries to shrug while being tied up.

“Fair enough.” Gerard agrees then slaps Frank across the face. It didn’t hurt Frank at all. It was just annoying. Gerard just wanted to show who has the power. Unfortunately for Frank, he got off on Gerard’s authorities figure.

“You know, Frank. You’re my favourite here. Nobody has ever stood up to me the way you did. Truly profound. I find that…sexy…” Gerard continues to stroke Frank’s cheek.

Frank still didn’t reply. Gerard was basically having a one sided conversation. But Frank couldn’t reply. Bob made a very high pitched barking noise. Gerard let go of Frank and
walked over to Bob.

“It’s here already?” Bob nodded and pointed at the spot where Frank woke up seven days ago.

Exactly two minutes later, a dark haired female showed up where Bob previously pointed. She also had a scar on her hand…

“Well, well, well. That was fast.” Gerard said to the girl. “Frank, she’s new here. Help her out.” Gerard left the room with Frank still tie up.

The girl slowly walked up to Frank, almost like she was studying him as a piece of an artifact. It was kind of creepy.

“What are you?” Frank didn’t like her, anymore.

“What the fuck do you think I am!?”

“Why’r you tied up? Who is he?” The way too young girl pointed to Bob.

“I pissed him off. That’s Bob. He’s incredibly awesome and don’t make him angry, because you’ll regret it.” Bob smiled at the compliment. Frank figured people here don’t really speak well about him. Bob deserves much better.

“why?” This lady asked way too many questions. She was probably just scared.

“You writing’ a book?” Frank spat back with high amounts of sass.

“No. I’m scared.” She admitted. Frank suddenly felt a huge pang of sympathy for her. Frank was this persistent too. He must know how Mikey and Ray felt. Frank was probably annoying to them.

“We all are.” The two both sighed.

“Oh…I already know everything about Baba yaga.” The lady said.

“Okay…” Frank didn’t really care what she had to say. He’s been there for about a week so, he doesn’t care.

“My names’ Kaitlin.” She smiled and almost went for a hand shake. She stopped her self before she could embarrass herself.


“Nice to meet you, Frank.” Kaitlin smiled again. Frank tried to shrug; because he is tied up so a shrug wouldn’t go far.

“Can’t really say the same.” You’re the biggest cunt clown, cock collecting, bum fondler, bitch smuggler, fetus bag, chode raming,asshole alive! Frank mentally scolded himself.

“You really are a dick, huh?” She pretty much summed it up…

Frank sighed. “Yeah. Why’r you here?”

“Same reason everybody else is here.” She laughed. Not only was Frank a cunt clown, cock collecting, tit waffle, bum fondler, bitch smuggling, fetus bagging, chode ramming, asshole; he was also an idiot., as he thought. “I’m a major asshole.”

“Makes sense.” Frank lives in a world with out time. He doesn’t have the time to care about being an asshole if he’s surrounded by assholes…

“I studied witch craft.”

“Great. Now we have two o them!” Frank sarcastically replied. She rolled her eyes so hard – even Bob rolled his eyes.

“Not to use it ever. It just interested me.”

“Alright.” Why did Frank care again?

“You don’t even wanna know?”

“I’ve been here for…sometime…I think I know how Gerard works…” Bob made a laughing noise. Rank was only a baby in this new world…

“Gerard,” Kaitlin whispered. “I meant, I know everything about him. -” Kaitlin was interrupted by the sound of Frank’s voice. She rolled her eyes once more.

“So you know how he became!?” Frank finally exclaimed.

“Yes I do! I know all about Bob too!” She winked at Bob.

“I’m sorry I was rude. Please, please do tell!” Kaitlin smugly smirked.

“Sure. But you tell me first. Why is there only one of you? Where is the other two? Where is Matt? Isn’t there supposed to be three tyur’ma?”


“Prisoners of Baba yaga.” She stated with pride in her work.

“Yeah, They’re all working somewhere…Ra-“ Now Frank was interrupted by Kaitlin.

“Ray, Mikey, and Matt.” Frank actually felt very guilty for Matt’s death. As I it was his fault. It was his fault.


“You must be new. Who’s all here?” She really did know her stuff. Frank is impressed.

“Just me, Mikey, and Ray… Pelissier left.” Bob quietly laughed again…

“I’m sorry. He worked at Target and made fun of the customers…” Frank started to giggle and so did Bob. Soon, their giggles turned into laughter when Kaitlin joined on the humor. After the laughter had died down, she added, “You know. Mikey is Gerard’s brother?”

“That’s weird. How did Gerard become Baba or whatever?” Bob looked like he knew the story too.

“There is only one way…”

“Which is?”

“Death. Baba yaga cannot die. It can only be murdered.” Frank really liked this girl. He’s glad she talks a lot.

“Oh…So…he murdered that old Baba yaga?”


“So… you’re saying…If I kill Gerard, then I will become the next wicked witch of the bitch?” Kaitlin chuckled at Frank’s rhyme.

“It’s, Frank. It’s really not that easy. But, yeah. That’s how it works.”

“Yes, Frank. It’s really not that easy. I would know.” Both Frank and Kaitlin jumped six miles into the air when Gerard spoke. “Kaitlin, go tend to the pet, please.”

“He’s not an animal! Bob is a human being!”

“Okay, go tend to Bob, please.” Kaitlin nodded and went to Bob.

“Frankie, how’re we feelin’, today?” Gerard asked then struck Frank across the face with way too much force. Frank was immediately knocked unconscious.

Day nine

Frank woke up in a haze. He was feeling sick and nauseous. Probably because he was tie up for the past few days with nothing to eat or drink.

He actually woke to Gerard stroking his hair. Gerard looked paler than usual, too. He normally has a good expression to seeing other’s pain, but today he looked pained.

“Get off me!” Frank said when he opened his eyes. Gerard respectively obeyed too. That was weird for Frank. He was expecting a slap across the face or a knee in the balls.

“As of yesterday, October twenty-ninth, your execution has been-“ Frank interrupted Gerard because Frank likes interrupting.

“Execution!? What the hell does that mean!? And since when did this place have a calendar?” Frank didn’t know if this was a dream or not; because if so, that’s a terrifying dream.

“Time waits for no man. And, you have been a disappointment to me and broke my rules. We have a new member.” Frank looked around to see Ray, Mikey, and Kaitlin all sitting with their heads bowed at the table. When Matt died, Gerard couldn’t be happier; now he looked like death was the worst thing imaginable.

“And you know the rules. You broke them, so you have to go.” Gerard can’t even look at Frank. Not because of disappointment, because of sorrow. Gerard’s voice even cracked at the last sentence.

“Your sentence will be held on November first, two days time.”

“Gerard?” Frank whispered. Gerard didn’t reply, he didn’t even look at anyone. But, Gerard looked into Frank’s eyes for one second, and then stormed out of the room. Frank saw that his eyes were blood shot and wet. He didn’t know to feel sorry for Gerard or not.

If Frank was honest, he would say that he actually liked Gerard. He liked how stern and assertive he was. Despite all the evil acts Gerard had committed, Frank did like him. Gerard was also highly appealing to Frank.

“Frank?” Mikey whispered. “Frank?”

“What?” Frank almost felt sorry for being rude to Gerard, now…

“I’m glad it’s you…” Mikey said in a weird voice. Mikey wanted Frank to die.

“Yeah. Yeah…Me too.” Frank said with full sincerity and honestly. He wasn’t even mad that Mikey wanted him to die – be brutally murdered in the worst way possible.

“Its way better this way.” Now, Frank thought, now he’s just making fun of me.

“Yeah, I got that!” Frank spat back at Mikey. Mikey rolled his eyes like that was a huge trend.

“No. This way you won’t live as long as we have. Here. You won’t be a slave for like, hundred years. You won’t have to experience all this pain and loneliness we have.” Frank understood exactly what Mikey meant. Maybe Mikey really wanted to go? Or even Ray? What about Bob?

“Gerard told me…” Bob spoke! Bob hasn’t spoken before in Frank’s presence. “He said the reason that you have to go.” Everyone stared at Bob. Everyone.

“…What, why?”

“He said that he’s been way too soft on everybody. If you stay here, then he’ll go softer than a bunny. Witches like him aren’t aloud to be soft. Or he’ll be murdered…He likes you…He said you’re his favourite.”

Frank heard Gerard say that before, but he didn’t think much of those words. Bob always seemed like an honest and good guy. Why would he lie?

“Really?” Everyone nodded.

“With his normal prisoners, he would enjoy torturing the fuck outta’ them. But he hasn’t even touched you…” Bob added. Holy hell, everything clicked in Frank’s mind. Everything made sense. He like the taste of Pelissier, the look in his eyes when killing him. But the look in his eyes when speaking to Frank. That was something rare.

“Look in here. If you want to escape.” Bob pointed to the big box that Frank saw in earlier nights. That’s why Bob was here guarding it.

No one else spoke because Gerard had re-entered the room. Everyone held their breath.

“Ray, Mikey, why don’t you show Kaitlin the barn?” Gerard asked. Frank was actually glad he could get alone time with Gerard. He was sucking ecstatic. The three left the room like they knew what was going to happen.

“Gerard?” Frank asked. Gerard looked back into Frank’s orbs. His face was puffy and red with tear stains. That only proved Bob’s theory.

“What?” Gerard wouldn’t even come with in five feet of Frank. Frank knew what he needed to do, and he was going to do it.

“Come here.” He put on his best baby-seductive voice and battered his eyes. Frank could’ve sworn that Gerard was actually scared.

“N-no?” He hesitated because Frank acting like a Barbie doll is just creepy but so…erotic?

“Please?” Bob crawled away into a hidden corner so his vision and hopefully, his hearing was gone.

“No.” Here comes the water works. Frank began to cry. Gerard loves seeing pain, this’ll open him up!

“Please? I need you! I need you so badly! Please? I’m desperate!” Frank sobbed. Literally, sobs and chokes. Tears ran down like the Mississippi River.

Gerard was concerned. He was concerned on why Frank was acting so weird and needy. Rank never ever in his life acted like this. Gerard almost knew better, but he doesn’t. He walked over to Frank and stupidly un-tied his arms. Frank on the other hand, immediately hugged Gerard as hard as he could.

“Please Gerard.” He quietly sobbed into Gerard’s chest. Gerard hugged Frank back. Bob was totally right.

“What? What, Frankie? What’s the matter?” Gerard whispered and cooed into the sobbing boy’s ear. Frank suddenly stopped crying. He held still into Gerard’s arms. Rank looked back up into Gerard’s eyes. Gerard didn’t look like a cold, heartless, bastard. He looked like a man in the wrong place.

Frank did something Gerard hadn’t expected. He kissed him tenderly on the lips. Gerard kissed back with full passion. Frank could feel both men’s blood gush down south. Frank was the first to pull back from the kiss.

“If ‘m going to die. I want it to be n your arms.”

“You know what I’m talking about.” Frank started to rub the fabric on Gerard’s crotch.

“Oh…” Gerard moaned quietly into Frank’s hair. “Ohh…” Gerard moaned more passionately when he realized what Frank really meant.

Frank began sucking on Gerard’s pallid and tender flesh. The taste was nothing rank had tasted before. It was bitter but yet still so sweet. Next, Frank tried to take off Gerard’s jacket, but no avail – Gerard wouldn’t let him.

“Frankie…” Frank hummed into the older man’s chest. He gave up on the stripping of Gerard’s velvet black coat.

“Frank, you know I haven’t had sex in fifteen years…” That gave Frank more confidence to try and steal off the coat.

“Yeah. I haven’t had sex in five months. So we’re even.” Gerard giggled at that.

“Frank.” He said in a stern authorized voice. “Stop.” Frank did.

“Why?” Gerard didn’t respond. In stead, he yanked Frank out of the room, and into a dark wet hallway. The hallway looked like something out of an abandoned asylum or warehouse.

After trudging thru the hall, Frank was lead into a bedroom that was much more clean and posh than any other rooms. There was black master bad in the size of a fat king. Black curtains swept around the room walls. Diamond red carpet with a wardrobe in the corner. It was absoulutly stunning.

“My goodness, Gerard…It’s so…so divine and posh.” Gerard pulled Frank onto the softest bed ever. Finally, Frank was able to strip Gerard of his clothing. The two both helped each other out, roughly, to be naked.

Both naked men began bruising each other’s lips with kisses. After a minute or so of the spit swapping, Frank moved his hand onto Gerard’s fully erected cock, stroking ever so lovely.

“Are…you…ready?” Gerard moaned. Frank nodded. Gerard jumped on top of Frank and began penetrating his ass. It hurt so badly at first. After a few more thrusts, the moans of pain turned into moans of lust and pleasure.


Frank woke up naked and sticky in a bed. He just assumed that this was all a dream. No such thing as Baba yaga. But, when he looked around, he saw that he was still in Gerard’s bedroom after having glorious sex.

“Frankie, are you okay?” Gerard questioned, sounding sleepy. Frank’s heart just melted into a fiery pit of lava. After barely a night, Frank was madly in love with Gerard. Hearts were practically shooting out of his eyeballs.

“I’ll be better in a minute.” Frank slyly jumped on top of Gerard and into a straddle position. He harshly smashed his lips onto Gerard’s as if he was actually hungry for him. Frank whispered in a dark seductive voice, “Are you ready?”

“What?” Gerard whispered in utter confusion. He was so tired and Frank just wanted to make him feel better. Frank slammed their lips together for a second. He rubbed his hand around Gerard’s cock to get it hard. Next, he climbed lower to envelope the other’s dick in his mouth. Gerard moaned loudly. Frank stopped and moved back to eye level because Gerard was hard.

Frank shoved a finger up Gerard’s rectum. Gerard’s eyes grew wide. He tried to push Frank off, but to no avail.

“Frank! No! Stop!” He screamed. Frank smirked. He thought that Gerard’s yells were noises of pleasure. He was wrong.

Frank licked his hand and started to jack himself off. After another minute, Frank shoved his hard member into Gerard’s ass. Gerard yelled in pain. Truthfully, he had never been taken before. There was a great reason to why – he didn’t want to, and vowed never to let it happen.

Frank thrusted harder; hearing the beautiful cries Gerard was making, made him even more horny.

“Frank…” Gerard gasped between gasps and actual tears. “Please…stop!”

Frank thought that he was doing a good thing; he was head over heels in fucking love with Gerard. He would gladly take his life for his new lover. After that thought, he came with a loud moan, collapsing on the bed, ready to sleep again.

Day ten

Frank woke up on a hard, cold, cement floor, next to Ray, Mikey, and Kaitlin.

The others soon woke up together. Frank painfully sat down on the table chair along with the others.

“Frank? Where were you yesterday?” Ray whispered, fearing Gerard would hear him. Gerard never does come out of his room, not until dinner time.

“I banged Gerard.” He replied blissfully. But Frank also had a sadden expression; Gerard hates him. Because, Frank had raped Gerard last night. He stupidly watched his master cry as he shove his dick in Gerard’s ass. Frank felt terrible for that. He was glad that he got the death sentence. Frank deserved it…

“You banged him? As in, ass fuck?” Kaitlin starteld Frank. Her eyes were huge and possibly judgmental. She wasn’t a homophobic- just probably against witch-human. Was that beastiality?

“Yes.” Frank pouted. He could only think about the guilt of raping the man he was in love with.

“Are you in love with him now?”

“Yes.” Frank wasn’t ashamed to admit it.

“You idiot! You know that, if you sleep with the Baba yaga, then you become his thrall. As in, you willingly become his slave!” Kaitlin yelled. Frank didn’t like the way she worded her thoughts. It was sort of rude. She didn’t understand the love they –or Frank- had.

“I don’t care.” Frank pouted again.

“You now belong to that-that beast! Don’t you-” She was inturupted be Frank yelling to the top of his lungs,


“Frank! No. You don’t understand. He owns you now. You idiot, why would you do such a stupid thing?” Ray piped up.

Frank began to sob real tears. How did they know that Frank put his dick inside Gerard when he didn’t want to. Frank cried hysterically. Choked sobs close to a tantrum. “I don’t know. I-I…” He whispered into the table.

“FRANKIE!” It was Gerard. He ran straight to Frank’s side, aiding the boy with comfort. “Frank, areyouokaywhohurtyouIloveyoustopcryingpleaseFrank!” Gerard yelled at lightning speed and full of worry. Ray, Mikey, and Kaitlin shared a look that said, ’holy shit! I’m impressed! Frank stole Gerard! Gerard belongs to Frank!”

“Uhh…Frank?” Mikey made the stupid decision of speaking.

“MIKEY YOU SONUVABITCH! Why would you hurt Frankie!? You vile monster!” Gerard yelled.

“MIKEY! Why would you make Gerard yell like that!?” Frank stood up and yelled. Mikey knew these two were insane and blinded by some sort of curse.

“Gerard!” Frank yelled again. He turned to face his master; he hugged Gerard so tight, never letting him go. “Gerard,” Frank sobbed again. Gerard returned the hug. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to hurt you last night! I just wanted you to feel good! I love you! Please forgive me!”

“I love you too, Frankie! I don’t ever want to leave you!”

Day eleven
Frank’s execution

Yesterday, Frank and Gerard spent the whole day with each other in the bedroom. It was nearing dinner time again. Gerard and Frank still haven’t discussed his fate.

“Gerard, when I’m gone, I won’t ever forget you. I will gladly take m life, if it makes you happy.” Frank whispered into Gerard’s lips. They were both sitting at the dinner table along with the Mike and Ray…


“I lived a great life, and you made it perfect.” Frank whispered again. They heard some clinking and clacking, but ignored it.


“Gerard. Don’t speak. You’ll make it more tragic than it needs to be,” Frank placed his lips onto Gerard’s to hush him.

“Frank. I don’t want you to die,” Gerard whined.

“I know. You do. You already have the date planned, and I’m going to follow by the rules. It’s okay.” Frank smiled.

“No. I change my mind. I don’t want you to die. You can’t and won’t. I’m nothing without you.” Gerard whined again. “You’re going to stay here with me forever.”

Frank emitted an awkward squeal and hugged Gerard tightly.

“But it goes against your rules? You can only have three prisoners. Not four.” It was Bob. Bob was standing above them with a metal heavy chain in his hands. Frank whimpered and held Gerard tighter for protection. “Someone has to go.”

Bob whacked Gerard in the head with the chain. Next, he grabbed Frank and started to strangle him. Frank’s back side was pressed up close onto Bob’s chest. Frank gripped the chain and hopelessly struggled for oxygen.

“Stop! He didn’t do anything to you!” It was Ray this time.

“Exactly! And neither did you! None of you tried to fight for freedom! So I’m going to kill you! You didn’t even try! You just sat there and watched your friends be beat and massacred! That’s why I’m going to kill you all!” Bob screamed. He loosened the grip on Frank, but didn’t let go.

“Bo-” Mikey was interrupted by Bob. Bob threw Frank hardly to the floor. Frank ran to hug Gerard. Bob swung his chain at Mikey, hitting him in the guts. Mikey struggled for balance. Bob reached into the big box –the one that has the way to get back to the real world- and pulled out a heavy metal sword.

He plunged it straight for Mikey’s heart, the latter dropping to the ground instantly. Mikey was now dead. Ray gasped loudly; Frank and Gerard just sat on the floor hugging each other, not even phased by what just happened.

“For being related to him,” Bob pointed at Frank and Gerard. Next, he stabbed Ray in the heart, dropping with the same fate as Mikey. Kaitlin began to cry silently. She was only new, why did she have to go?

Bob skipped her though, and walked straight up to the love couple. He hit Frank in the head with the sword handle to get him off of Gerard. Bob yanked Gerard up by the collar and threw him at the closed furnace door.

“You mother fucker! You asshole! You killed people in the worst way imaginable. You made people die a death no human should ever die! And Now…Now, you’re going to die!” Before Gerard could respond, Bob opened the door to the fire. “Any last words?”

Gerard hesitated. “I deserve this. I do. Just don’t hurt Frankie. I love him. Set him free. Tell him to stay beautiful and keep it ugly. Don’t be afraid to keep on living or to walk this world alone. I belong in the fire. Nothing going to stop me goin’ home.”

Gerard stood up and Bob pushed him into the fire. Frank sobbed and screamed a loud “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!” He nearly killed Bob with the volume…

“Gerard! I love you!” Frank screamed. “BOB! YOU KILLED HIM! YO- I” Frank screamed, ready to kill Bob. Bob won’t die. He pushed Frank into the fire to join Gerard. Bob heard two screams of agony inside as he locked the door.

Kaitlin just stood there shaking and crying with fear. Bob opened the big box again and pulled out another object. A mirror. He handed it to Kaitlin and said, “You can go home if you want to. Just think of home, and you’re free.”

“W-wh-what?” She trembled.

“Go home. I won’t kill you. Here.” Bob replied like nothing happened. “Thanks. You helped me escape. Go home. And hurry. I’ve got someone new arriving soon.”

“Are you just going to run this place? By yourself?” Bob nodded.

“I killed the old Baba yaga. I’m the new Baba yaga.” Bob smirked as heard the dying screams of the ex Baba yaga.

“No. I want to stay here with you.” Kaitlin and Bob smirked.

Day one

“Hello, Patrick.” Bob said to the cowering blond boy in front of him. Patrick had a scar on his hand. Kaitlin hugged behind Bob as the two begun their new legacy as: Mr and Mrs Baba Yaga.

Finally finished! I really hope you enjoyed!

I felt bad for Bob’s character in the beginning of the story, that’s why I made him have to good ending.

Is that really a good ending for Bob? I think so.

Sorry, I wanted to have auditions for this, but I didn’t have any time! SO SORRY ABOUT THAT!

Soon, I will post the epilogue of this story. What it is really, it shows how Bob and Kaitlin run the new underworld with The Patrick –Fall Out Boy! FTWWW!- so yeah. Hope you enjoyed, and sorry if I offended anyone here. I am! I try not to!

Thank you all! I had fun. I feel accomplished. Anyone else loving Conventional Weapons, Number One?
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