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I guess this is a journal

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To Iknewhimtoowell

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Hi, I received your comment on the post that I made about Colin. I just want to say thank you for sending it, I appreciate it.

I deleted the post because I realized that it comes up if you just google Colin's name, and it was kind of insensitive of me to even write and post it without even knowing him. I don't want anyone I actually know to find this account as well, so the post is gone.

As an answer to your question: I didn't really know that much about Colin previously, except for the fact that he was a really great swimmer (which is admirable to me, because I swim and I suck). I remember at the start of ninth grade, I was trying to get a punk rock image and I didn't have that many friends, so when I saw this kid on the bus wearing a black rock band t shirt and Doc Martens, I thought he'd be pretty cool to talk to. I completely wish that I'd gotten to know him. I still think about him a lot, actually.

I'm so sorry for your loss, I can't imagine the pain you must have gone through. I hope that by now you have healed and moved on. We will hold Colin forever in our hearts, though.

Thank you again, please stay strong as well.
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