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Chapter 34: End of the world? Hardly

“It’s been a month,” Lindsey hissed, looking a bit vicious. Nearly instinctively, Gerard’s hands went to guard his privates. When Lindsey was angry - which was about every day - she threatened to rip off his balls. Gerard found it quite disturbing. “A month, and she still hasn’t said a word about it. I can’t take this anymore. This family is falling apart!”

In Gerard’s personal opinion, the only thing falling apart was his wife’s mental health. But she did have a point.

It had been a month since Gia and Lucas broke up. Yeah, Gerard had always wished they would, but that was because he hadn’t thought it would affect his daughter, not to mention the rest of his family, so much. Gia was completely closed down. She hardly went to school anymore, refused to go to therapy, walked around looking like a ghost and ignored everyone. It was getting on Lindsey’s nerves. Gerard had advised her to let the girl be, thinking that she’d get over it, but in hindsight.. Well, letting Gia wallow in her misery wasn’t the best idea he’d had.

He was getting worried. He had been through difficult depression, and he knew that as a result of his less than perfect parenting skills, Gia’s mental health was probably quite prone to crashing.

“You know what we need to do, right?” Gerard said with a very serious tone of voice. “If we want to cheer Gia up... There is only one person who can do that.”

“Gerard, we are not putting Gia on Doctor Phil!”

“No! Not Doctor Phil!”

Suddenly Lindsey’s face cleared up from all worry-lines as she realized what her husband meant. “You’re right. We have no other choice. But it just seems so cruel...”

“It has to be done. She needs it.”

Lindsey nodded, took a deep breath and picked up the phone.


“WHY in the name of Zeus’ tight butthole didn’t you call me earlier?!” Frank Iero screeched the second he entered the house. Somewhere within the building came a high-pitched echo of the word ‘butthole’, and Lindsey rushed away to lecture Bandit about using swear words.

“I wish we had,” Gerard sighed. If there was one person who had always been able to cheer Gia up, then it was Frank. Those two were worlds apart, but somehow they just clicked. “She’s in the backyard.”

“And how is she?”

Gerard sighed, shrugging. “Honestly, I think you need to bring your A-game.”

Frank mentally prepared himself for the task, like a gladiator who knows he’s just about to be eaten to death by some lions if he doesn’t chop their heads off. Then he followed Gerard to the back door.

Gerard stayed inside. He watched Frank cross the yard to the stone bench where Gia was hunched up, wearing the same sweatpants she’d been wearing since Halloween, and one of Gerard’s old hoodies which he had owned since high school. Inside those loose clothes, the girl looked even tinier than she usually did.

Her long blonde hair was up in a messy bun, and not the kind of bun that hipster chicks wear, but the type that tells people ‘yeah I haven’t washed or combed my hair in six years’. And the worst of all, she had a lit cigarette between her fingers, and with an empty look on her face, she took a drag from it every now and then. Before the break up, Gerard had had no idea his daughter was smoking. Sure, now that he thought about it, there were signs, such as her always smelling like cigarettes and how his packs always seemed to somehow empty a lot faster than before. But who could’ve seen it coming?

At first Gerard had freaked out, but Lindsey, feeling bad for the girl, had kicked him in the nuts and told him to nag about it later. As time passed, the nagging got pushed back.

Frank sat down next to the girl, and she didn’t even look at him once. Gerard couldn’t decide if he found his daughter pitiful or if she was just acting ridiculous. In the end, did it even matter? As much as Gerard hated the guy, Lucas seemed to matter more than even Gia would ever admit.

“Long time no see,” Frank said as he sat down. He tried to sound cheerful. “You’re looking... good. I guess. How are you feeling?”

“Fuck you,” she said, taking another drag. Frank nodded understandingly.

“Yeah,” he said, leaning back on the cold stone bench that was basically freezing his ass off. “You wanna talk?”

“No,” she replied, taking yet another lungful of poison.

“Are you sure? It might help to tell me what’s wrong. You might feel better.”

“If I tell you, you’ll just think I’m a bitch, too.”

“You’re not a bitch. You are just human,” he said, lighting his own cigarette.

Gia was silent for a moment. They sat there, just breathing in that cloud of toxic tobacco until she finally said: “I broke up with Lucas.”

“Yeah. Your dad told me,” Frank nodded. “Why did you?”

“Because everyone at school-” Frank cut her off.

“Stop. Just, stop right there. Everyone at school? Are they somehow in charge of your love life? No, they aren’t. Your love life is between you, Lucas, and your father when he decides to kill the boy. How many years have we taught you not to listen to those high school kids? They’re no good. You don’t live to please them.”

“Frank, I stole him from the girlfriend he had before I got here! She’s really popular. Now everybody hates me and it’s horrible. And Lucas doesn’t even care! He just wants to fuck and that’s all he ever wants.”

“So what? You’re crowned queen bitch? Girls in highschool look up to the queen of all bitchiness.”

“You aren’t a girl in high school! You can’t know!”

“I’m as close to being one as a 30 year old man can be,” he reminded her. “Stop sulking. Suck it up. If you love Lucas, and he loves you, you should be with him. If you don’t, you can at least get over him.”

“I can’t get over him,” she admitted. “I know what you’re saying is true but... I want to be with him and at the same time, I don’t. Is it just the idea of him that I love? Do I really even love him? I don’t know! But still, when I was with Mom, he was the only boy that I ever thought of. Even when I was with Sean, it wasn’t the same. But how can I know?”

“That’s love, sweetheart. Come on. You sulking around the house has gotten you nowhere. Lets go get some ice cream!” Frank said, sounding excited as he got up from the bench and grabbed her hand, trying to pull her up.

“No!” Gia argued. “I don’t want ice cream.”

“Then what do you want?”

But Gia didn’t know the answer to that question. What DID she want? Even if she wanted to get back with Lucas, would he be willing to do that? Had she completely destroyed her chances with him? Would he even forgive her?

She was still wondering the answers to these questions when Frank had admitted his defeat and left. Gia had barricaded herself up in her room again, laying on the bed and absentmindedly browsed through a magazine.

The door to her bedroom burst open, and Gia’s only girl friend stepped into the room, dressed up for a night out. “Get up, bitch!” Hazel shouted. “We’re going out!”

“Did my dad call you?” Gia asked, sighing in frustration. She rolled to her back, but remained on the bed.

“No, your uncle Frank did.”

“How did he get your number?”

Hazel shrugged. “We’ve been texting. He’s fun. Something that you lately haven’t been. So get your ass up from that bed, put your face on, throw on some sexy underwear and a dress that will make your daddy kill himself, and come out with me. Please!” When she got no reply from Gia, in neither words nor actions, Hazel sighed. She sat down on the floor next to her bed , her upper body leaning on the bed, and looked at her friend sadly. “You look like an emo kid. You need to get out. Let’s go make out with some college guys, okay?”

“I’m not going to make out with anyone anytime soon,” Gia said.

“It’ll be alright. Just brush your teeth and they’ll all want to stick their tongues in your mouth. And other body parts.”

“That’s disgusting, Hazel.”

“But it’s what you need! It’s been a month. Get over that bitch already.”

“I don’t want to.”

“Then do you want me to get Lucas drunk so you can hook up with him again?”

“No,” Gia sighed. “I think I’ve messed him up enough as it is.”

Hazel frowned and stood up. She looked amazingly tall in those high heels she was sporting, and that made her look even more menacing. “I refuse to be best friends with you unless you get your shit together.”

“That’s not very supportive.”

“Gia, come on! Drinking! Having sex with strangers! Wondering how many STD’s you caught the next morning! How fun would that be?”

Gia nearly, very nearly smiled. “As appealing as you make it sound... I think I’d rather stay here and I dunno, read or something.”

Hazel gasped. “Read? Instead of being drunk and promiscuous with cute college guys? What did Lucas do to you? Oh, Baby, I’ll fix it!”

“Where are you going?” Gia asked the girl as she stumbled out of the room as fast as was humanly possible in those heels, but her question was left unanswered. Well, whatever Hazel was going to do, it didn’t matter. Gia grabbed the edge of the blanket she was lying on and rolled herself into it. Then she just laid there for the rest of the night and wished she had accepted that offer to drink her brains out. Complete drunken annihilation didn’t sound so bad, compared to this.


Outraged, Hazel marched up the two flights of stairs, down the short corridor, and knocked on the door. Well, it was more like pounding.

The door opened to reveal a very annoyed looking young man. Danny stood there, wearing nothing but his jeans, his hair a mess as always, and a look of pure hatred on his face. “What?” he demanded, snapping at the girl.

Hazel didn’t bother waiting for him to let her into the apartment, and instead she barged right in there, pushing Danny out of the way rather forcefully. “Where is that son of a bitch?” Hazel asked with flames of fury in her eyes.

“Who are you and what are you doing in my house?”

Hazel stuck her chin up in the air proudly and replied: “I happen to be Gia’s best friend. And I’m here to kill the bastard who destroyed her.”

Danny snorted. “Are you kidding me? She’s the one who broke up with him! And I’m the one who has to collect the pieces of whatever is left of him. Lucas is a mess, thanks to that whore.”

“Don’t you dare call her a whore!” Hazel said through gritted teeth and then proceeded to scream: “LUCAS! I’M GONNA KILL YOU SO BAD YOU’LL WISH YOU WERE DEAD!”

Danny couldn’t stop the furious lady from opening every single door in the apartment in search of a victim, but when she finally found the door to Lucas’ room, Danny practically threw himself on top of her before she could gauge his roommate’s eyes out with those claws she had on her fingers.

“Uh... Should I give you two some privacy?” Lucas asked after watching the two of them wrestle and call each other all kinds of colorful names on the floor. The boy himself was just calmly sitting on his unmade bed which had basically been his own little nest for the past month. “Yeah, I think I’m gonna go...” he said when Danny pinned Hazel down onto the floor, with much difficulty.

When she saw that her primary target was about to escape, Hazel kicked Danny really hard in the crotch with her knee, giving him a world of pain. She crawled up from the floor and followed Lucas into the kitchen.

“You!” Hazel screeched out when she reached the kitchen. “You are such an asshole!”

“Me?” Lucas asked, laughing mockingly. “Look, I’m not the one who got all bitchy and paranoid. Gia broke up with me, not the other way around.”

“Well you didn’t have to go announcing to everyone that she got pregnant! And for the record, you completely destroyed her! Sure she’s kind of pathetic but she doesn’t deserve you messing around with her like that! I don’t know what she ever saw in you. You’re not even that hot. And let’s not even mention that thing with your dick.”

“Wait, what did she say about my penis?!” Lucas asked in shock.

“That doesn’t matter! What matters is that as Gia’s best friend, I’m required by law to castrate you and rip out your heart. Okay?”

Lucas sighed. He sat down by the kitchen table and suddenly Hazel noticed how tired and sad he actually looked. “I’m sorry, okay? I didn’t mean to tell everyone about that whole pregnancy thing, it just... It came out. I was angry because she was saying all this stuff about me still being hung up on Janie and how I didn’t even care about anything and how I just supposedly want to have sex... Well I guess that last part is true but the other stuff is just in her head.”

“See how crazy she is?” Danny, who had managed to get into the kitchen during this little speech, said. “You said it yourself, it’s all in her head! You don’t want to be with Gia! She’s not even hot, why waste time on someone so stuck up?”

“Hey!” Hazel snapped. “Gia is a perfectly alright looking girl! Sure, I have no idea what is up with that boob thing, like girl just get some padded bras or something. But she is NOT stuck up! I’ll have you know that she is really fun! Or at least was fun, before this jackass here decided to wreck her!”

“Lucas didn’t do that!” Danny argued. “Gia is the one with all the drama! How can one person even have a life with so much shit? It’s like she’s living in a constant soap opera, why should Lucas have to put up with that?”

“Danny, she’s right,” Lucas groaned. “I never should’ve said that stuff. I should’ve been more considerate... And yeah I want to get back together with her, I always have! But why would she take me back?! She can get anyone she wants, boobs or not! I mean I’m no Johnny Depp. Hell, I’m not even Orlando Bloom!”

Determinedly Hazel and Danny ignored the boy’s words, and instead continued their own argument. It was like they took every offending word towards Gia or Lucas as a personal insult.

“Lucas doesn’t even really like her! And what is there to like anyway, that bitch is colder than the Antarctica!”

“Oh, really? Well maybe Lucas should stop trying to put his tiny dick in her and maybe then she wouldn’t have to act so negative all the time.”

“You claim that all Lucas thinks about is sex but you’re the one who can’t stop mentioning it!”

“Yeah, because it really offends Gia!”

“Well maybe Gia should get off her high horse and admit that she’s a slut!”

Hazel gasped. “Hey! No one except me can call her that!” She ended the sentence by swiftly slapping him right on the cheek. She stared at him challengingly, with her jaw clenched and hands ready to bitch-slap that bastard again.

“You call that a slap? That was so weak!” Danny said, but his cheek had gone crimson and it was obviously aching.

“Yeah? What are you gonna do about it?”

Danny stared at her for a moment, panting from all the yelling. Then, without warning, he took a step forward, reaching his hands to her hips, pulling her forward so that her body crashed to his, and he kissed her. Hazel didn’t waste time being shocked, and instead kissed back with just as much vigor, and to an outsider the kiss might have looked more like a fight for dominance rather than something romantic.

Danny easily picked her up by the waist and set her on top of the table top. With her hands, Hazel wiped away all of the items from the table, and the bowls, boxes of cereal and half-filled glasses crashed on the floor.

“I mean what am I supposed to do?! She’s never going to forgive me! And why should she? Are you guys even listening to me?” Lucas asked, finally realizing that he wasn’t exactly the center of attention in the room anymore.

Hazel’s legs wrapped around Danny’s waist and she gasped when he kissed her neck passionately. He began to unzip his jeans, and this was the point when Lucas jumped up from his seat.

“Yeah fine, I’ll just deal with this by myself. You two need to get a room! At least don’t do it on the table I keep food on.”

The only response Lucas got to his words was the sound of Hazel moaning. Shaking his head, Lucas decided that perhaps, just perhaps, it would be best to give these two some privacy, and he left the apartment - but not before throwing a condom at them from one of the emergency stashes they had hidden around the apartment. Always be safe.
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