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A witness to what the author who wrote the diary is up to. Foreshadowing time!

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Jinxx was worried about Andy. The younger man had seemed down, for the past year or so, but in the past few months, it got worse and worse. Sometime over the summer, he suggested that Andy take up journaling, saying that it might help. Andy had told him it did, but it wasn't some magic fucking cure all or anything.

In fact, now that Jinxx thought about it, he had only seen Andy a few times at school, and he always seemed to be running, and hiding from someone or the other. Even though Jinxx was rarely if ever unsure, he would say that something was bothering Andy to the point that it was driving him crazy. He had tried to call and text, but Andy never answered his calls, and if he replied to any texts, which was next to never, it was short, usually one worded, and sometimes up to a month after the original message had been sent.

It wasn't typical Biersack behavior, and Jinxx was determined to get to the bottom of this, one way or another. Even if he had to use a motherfucking shovel to get there. He knew that Andy had issues. In fact, pretty much everyone knew that. There was no use in pretending that he didn't. Kids picked on him about it. Jinxx would tell them off, except for the fact that any time he tried to intervene, things seemed to get worse for Andy. So Jinxx was forced to stand on the sidelines as Andy was picked on and tormented, insulted for being who he was.

And while Jinxx hadn't seen Andy often, that just made the changes he saw more profound. Other people, seeing it every day, wouldn't notice it, unless comparing really wide time lapses. Jinxx could pick up on these changes on a week to week basis, considering he saw the other man all of a half dozen times a month.

For starters, Andy looked like he was getting thinner, which was a problem, because he was already pretty fucking skinny as it was. In fact, he was getting to the point that he was a skeleton. This was probably the most major thing that Jinxx had noticed over the past 2 months. There were huge dark circles and bags the size your great aunt uses for traveling below his eyes. He wasn't sleeping much, if at all anymore, which said something, because Andy used to love his sleep to the point he'd take a nap every day straight out of school.

Every week that Jinnx saw him, he could swear that the other man's eyes were getting more and more bloodshot. It meant Andy was crying about something again. The last time that he had cried that much, to the point where, for a period of nearly 4 months, just twitching the wrong way could set him off, the outcome of it wasn't pretty. No, it was really fucking ugly if Jinxx was going to be an honest Smellybones.

While it was nearly February, Andy was still wearing his thick jackets and gloves inside the building, where they had the heat cranked up high. When the guitarist had seen him at a pep-rally in the gym, where it was the heat all the way up, plus all those people crammed together like tuna in a can, it was the same fucking thing. That could only mean one thing. It was nearly as hot as summer time inside the school building, yet Andy acted like he was out in a snowstorm, even though he was oftentimes sweating. The rare times that Jinxx had suggested taking off his jacket, he was met with a severe glare.

Andy used to love texting, now he barely ever replied. He used to knit like crazy, and now you're lucky if he puts out a hat a year. He used to draw and write, until his teachers yelled at him to pay attention in class. Now, he just sits there like a fucking zombie. Walking down the hallway, or sitting next to him, or being in the same general area, even in the same bathroom, he'd usually be singing, oftentimes something by the Misfits, or Kiss, or Motley Crue. Now, he wouldn't even chirp.

These were things that Jinxx had picked up on rather quickly, while other people still hadn't even noticed it, because to them, it had tapered off gradually. For the guitarist, it had disappeared all so suddenly. It was making Jinxx worried, because the last time that things got like this, it got worse. And while Jinxx and Andy still had a lot of issues left over from last time, Senor Smellybones wanted to work out the issues from the last time, before any new ones were added onto it.

So a concerned Jinxx walked down the street, resolving to finally get to the bottom of this before he was too late.

Little did he know that he had an ally who might be more than willing to help him, on almost the other side of town, even though he didn't know he had an ally, or even who it was, and his ally didn't know that he was going through the same thing, and probably didn't even know who he was.
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