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Chapter 11

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A while later Franny had fallen asleep and Eddy And I sat on the sofa watching a Simpson marathon on television. "Have you heard anything from Kurt yet?" I asked.during a commercial break. "Nope." He replied and moved closer to me, "Why? Are you worried?" I nodded, "Just a little." "Want me to call the studio?" He asked. "Please and thank you." I said with a smile. "You're welcome." He said with a smile warmer than I was comfortable with. He stood and went to the kitchen phone. After a moment of silence I could hear him speaking, "Hey man... How's everything?... That's good...Yeah she's okay... Fran's sleepin'... Bring your ass back soon cuz your woman's missin' you!... Cool... Bye." He came back into the living room and I averted my attention back to the screen to see Bart Simpson's eyes bulging from his sockets and his tongue hanging from his mouth due to being strangled by his father. Eddy chuckled and sat down next to me, "He said that he should be here within the hour." "Thanks." I said and smiled.
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