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While The Twin Is Away

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Sasuke is about to get what he wants... Ukon/Sasuke. Hard R, but no acutal sex. Written for Jenken on LJ.

Category: Naruto - Rating: R - Genres: Erotica, Humor - Characters: Sasuke, Other - Warnings: [X] - Published: 2006-07-19 - Updated: 2006-07-19 - 600 words - Complete

Sasuke tugged against the handcuffs that kept his arms up on the headboard, letting out a soft moan as Ukon licked and nipped his way down his chest. After a few minutes of this, he tried removing his blindfold by rubbing his head against his arm. Having failed this, he groaned, kicking his leg to get Ukon's attention.

"That's enough foreplay."

The other nin frowned, but it wasn't like Sasuke could see it "Are you crazy? We just started."

"Fifteen minutes ago."

"Yeah well... You didn't complain last night."

"Actually, after the first hour, I did. You just didn't listen."

And it seemed as though he wasn't listening again since he'd gone right back to what he was doing. Sasuke lifted his knee up, grinning when he heard Ukon's pained yelp.

"What the hell is your problem?!"

"What's my problem? You're taking too long."

"Look. If you complain about foreplay one more time..." Ukon didn't get get to finish his statement though as Sasuke had sat up as far as the handcuffs would let him to kiss him. Well, due to the blindfold, he missed his mark and got Ukon's jaw. Damn. Close enough though.

"We've fooled around," Sasuke started "but we've never actually had sex. We've sixty-nined, and given each other more handjobs and blowjobs then I care to count, but we've never actually had sex."

Now that he knew where Ukon's mouth was, Sasuke was able to hit his mark, kissing him briefly before pulling back to whisper against his lips "I don't know about you, but I'm sick of all the jobs. Why don't you just fuck me all ready?"

He heard Ukon gulp, felt him lick his lips... His heart seemed to stop, every muscle in his body tense. Then Ukon nodded, hands working on removing Sasuke's pants "Fine."

If he wasn't himself, he would have cried with joy. Finally! But just as Ukon got his pants off and started to pull down on his own, the door open.

"Ukon! I'm back from my mission!"

Sasuke's heart dropped as he quickly rubbed his head against his arm like he did earlier, trying to rid himself of the blindfold. This time, he was able to make the thing hitch up so he could see with one eye. Sakon was standing in the doorway, his arms outstretch, and a shit eating grin on his face. Sasuke mentally counted down, glaring at the damned cockblock.

Sakon had known what they would do when he left. Sasuke got as much as he could from Ukon while his brother was away. The thing was, if Sakon was around, he was always 'conveniently' in the way. So while he could, Sasuke used his time alone with Ukon. How did that phrase go? 'While the twin is away, the other will play'? Oh well. It didn't really matter.

"Sakon! You're back!" Ukon jumped from the bed, practically leaping into the embrace of his brother.

Sasuke's countdown had predicted Ukon right down to the exact second too. Damn again. Looks like he wasn't getting any tonight. He twisted his wrist and freed himself from the handcuffs, rubbing the sore spots before he jerked the blindfold the rest of the way. The twins had all ready left while he wasn't noticing.

Well shit.

He sighed, making his way to the bathroom to take care of himself. He'd have to see tomorrow if Orochimaru could send Sakon further next time. Suna didn't seem like a long enough trip. Maybe to Mist. Somewhere where he'd be gone long enough so Sasuke could finally get some for once.
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