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This Is What Happens When You're Me!

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They’re shallow,
Not like the others.

There’s more than ever.
Thrice what I’ve had before?

Those were slow.
These are fast.

It’s not what I'm used to.
They sting more.
They’re tingly.
They’re numbing.
It’s all I can feel now.

These shallow wounds caress my hips and stomach like a warm embrace. It’s familiar, but not the same. I didn’t have time or patience today. I used to go much deeper. Take my time. Feel the pain.
Today I just wanted the pain to go away. I wanted to numb it. To stop feeling the only thing I can still feel. Just for a little while. Just so I can sleep. Just to get some rest.
All so I can do it again tomorrow. So I can paint that smile on, laugh on que and go through the motions.

I'm Sorry, i just needed an outlet and i didnt mean to clog up the catergory :/
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