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Profile of a newish Ficwaddian :)

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Profile of a deranged bookworm, also a shout out for a beta!

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Guys! Guys! Before you read this, anyone fancy beta-ing my story that I've finished and hope to put up soon? Just so there's no mistakes?
If you're interested drop me an email at:

Thank you!

Real Name: Flash... Well, that's what everyone has always called me since I was little :)

Username: NoPainNoGain

Gender: um... Female? Though my friends all think I had a sex change after my twat of an older brother convinced them that's why I'm a bit of a tomboy....

Country: UK

City: the Dartmoor area I think :)

Religion: Shadowhunter.

Relationship status: well.... Recently changed from forever alone to TAKEN! I'm now in a relationship with the amazing HomeofSaints! (Gaaah, I melt into a mushy mess everytime I think about it) xx you're the best Optimus x

Favourite musicians/bands:
My Chemical Romance,
All time low,
The Midnight Beast

Favourite movies:
Sweeny Todd
Nightmare Before Christmas,
Grown ups,

Favourite TV shows:
The Big Bang theory,
How I met your Mother,
Me and Mrs Jones
Adventure time,
And I have to admit I love Young Justice...
I watch a lot of tv...

Favourite Books: Jesus, here we go...
Harry potter,
Eragon, eldest and Brisingr,
Percy Jackson,
Blood Ties,
The host (so much better than the twilight saga, despite being from the same author)
Girl, missing,
Any terry pratchet,
Lord of the Rings,
The mortal instruments,
The infernal devices,
A series of unfortunate events,
I am Number four,
The power of six,
Warm Bodies.


All of MCR
J.K Rowling,
Jackie Chan (no idea why),
And my Grandad, he's amazing and Chinese and great!

Bandoms you write for:
Only My chem and the minute but I might write a few all time lows maybe :)

Pairings you ship:

In your opinion, what is the best story on Ficwad you feel you've ever written?
I haven't actually written any yet but.... I am fond of the idea of the xmen cross over I'm working on :)

Sample of your writing:
This is a sample for one of my upcoming stories:

It was midnight. At least that's what Gerard Way's watch told him. He flicked his long black hair from his wide eyes and hurried along the street, eyes on the bright lights of the towns only 24-hour coffee shop. It was the only salvation on nights like these when his parents argued through the night; his brother, Mikey, had not returned home for weeks.

Arriving at the small shop, Gerard pushed open the glass door, the bell tinged. The girl at the counter glanced up from her book at the sound and smiled. She was pretty with sweet, elfin features and long mahogany hair that cascaded around her shoulders in waves. But closer you could see her strange violet eyes that always seemed glazed and dreamy.

"The usual, Gee?" She asked, using the nickname she had given him on his second visit.

"'Course, Hallie," There was no one else in the shop; Gerard shrugged off his jacket and slid into one of the leather booths. He rested his long arms on the table and sighed, shaking his head rapidly as if to rid it of the yelling voices.

"Here's your coffee... Are you okay?" Gerard looked up as Hallie placed the coffee onto the sticky table and sat opposite him. Her eyebrows were drawn down into a frown, her eyes searching his haggard face. Gerard cracked a lopsided smile and reached out two fingers to smooth the crease between her brows, causing her to giggle slightly. As he pulled his hand away, Hallie caught hold of it and pressed the knuckles to her forehead.

"um... Hallie? What are you doing?" Gerard asked. Her eyes snapped open and for a second she seemed aware of everything around her.

"I'm sorry I just..." her frown was back, she seemed to be battling with something and Gerard couldn't help but smile at how cute she looked.
Her enigmatic eyes widened when her small thumb brushed the webbing between two of his fingers, then they filled with an emotion not unrecognisable: Lust.
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