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Phase Four

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Bob loves Frank. But to Frank, Bobs just his best friend. Plus, Frank is too occupied with Gerard.

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AN: I'm sorry I've neglected ficwad (I shant bore you with details or excuses). This is a small one shot, I had an idea for a story, but life is too much right now.

His smooth hair tickled my neck as I held him. He's crying again. Crying about something Gerard did, again. Thats they're never getting back together and that its the last straw. Again. I squeeze him tighter wishing I could wash all his pain away. It hurts me when he's hurt. I hate that this happens all the time.

Every single time I have to see the tears well up in his eyes, his bottom lip quiver, the fearless ever lasting energy I call my best friend breaking. When he breaks it breaks me to, except I have no one to cry to about my problems. I have to stay strong, for Frank.

Frank is weeping frantically. Crying into me, ruining my new shirt (as if I could care less). Occasionally he'd let out incoherent words like 'Didn't know' and 'Why?'. I ignored it, its always exactly the same. Same problem, different day. He calmed down, getting Frank Phase #3 out his system. "It's all my fault Bob, if I wasn't so stupid and useless..." It angered me and slightly confused me that he could say, let a lone think any of this. "You're not stupid or useless. Did Gerard tell you that?"

He shrank away from me, making me regret my harsh tone. I'm seriously annoyed though. 1. He's not following the phases I'm use to. Frank is confident. 2. Has Gerard really torn him that bad? "It's just, I love him. I really love him."

I unwrapped my arms from around him. I could deal with a lot and I have dealt with a lot. But Franks never used the L word before. Giving me the delusion that maybe one day I'd have a chance. I'd never have a chance. "What'd he do?" I ask simply, I'm even sure what I'm asking. What'd he do for them to break up again? What'd he do to make the one I love fall for him, even though Frank is much too good? But Frank does know what mean, he always does, because he's my best friend and I love him.

"He makes me feel like I'm his everything," Frank sighs "He makes me feel like I'm less nothing." He gives me a slight smile and shakes his head. "Why do you keep getting back with him?" Frank stares at me like I asked the stupidest question in the world. "Because if I didn't, I wouldn't have anyone."

Frank. Sweet, innocent (looking, innocent-looking, he is NEVER actually innocent), adorable, slightly evil, silly Frank.

How come I'm always here and never noticed? The background to the show. The one you hang around till someone better comes along.

"You have me Frankenstein." I nudge at him. "That, my friend, is different." His phone started ring. His voice piping up instantly. I played with my fingers, trying to act like I wasn't listening.

"Oh, hey."

I bet its Gerard, you can practically hear the smiles.

"Oh yeah, me too."

Me too what?

"I'd really like that Gee."

Great, they're back together.

"Oh right, of course. I can do that."

He voice attached sad tone to it. I wonder whats going on. Suddenly I hear a crash through the phone.

"I'll be right there, promise."

He hung up with a sigh. "I hope you realize how stressful it is when the only side of the conversation I can here is yours Mr. Vague Iero." He chuckled. "Stop being a snoop Mr. Eavesdrop Bryar."

He stood up and left."Something urgent going on at home." He muttered. Re-using his last excuse, to think he was ever good at excuses.

There goes Phase Four.

I'm alone, again. Another piece of my heart burning into dust. But what does it matter? I'll always be the best friend. A movies not a movie without an extra.
(AN: Frank Phase is something Bob came up with around the fourth time Gerard and Frank broke up.)

The Frank Phase
by Bob Bryar

#1 Frank and Gerard happy and in love. Frank gushes over Gerard, tries to be the perfect bf. Never stops talking or thinking about Gerard. - Happy Phase

#2 Frank and Gerard fight, so one of them says its over - Angry Phase

#3 Frank runs to me, like I can fix it and cries for like three hours. - Sad Phase

#4 Frank calls Gerard after telling me he's moving on and they get back together - New Beginning/Hopeful Phase

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