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The Chamber

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A mildly kinky Frerard Oneshot. Pure smut. Gerard takes Frank to his chamber. Please take a look

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Just in case you missed the little summary...SEX! SEX! SEX! SEX! Enjoy the story...I hope you do anyway...

Vikki xoxo

"Please...get into the car.."

It was a cold November evening when Gerard Way decided to take a drive around the underbelly of New Jersey. He was looking for the perfect person, he would pick up young men of the night whom he deemed fit and healthy to take home and 'Experiment' with. Gerard was a watcher you see, he enjoyed watching as the men were subjected to pleasurable and often painful sexual experiences. This is how he would find his life partner, a man who could take and even enjoy what Gerard did to him.

A smile graced his lips as he thought of his chamber. To some a chamber of horrors, to Gerard it was a chamber of pleasure, lust and uncountable sin. He looked curiously at the young man beside him. His body filled with a nervous feeling but in a good way. He always got this feeling only tonight was stronger and he was curious as to why, perhaps it was because this young man had a certain naive charm about him, something the others had lacked.

Frank Iero was your typical night dweller with a small difference. His parents were rather wealthy and he was not desperate, he was merely seeking the ultimate thrill. Tonight wasn't the first time he had sold himself, this was were he got his biggest high, yet it wasn't enough. He needed something more permanent and so he was just trying to get another quick fix. An expensive looking black car pulled up beside him and he sauntered over. He always liked to put a little feminine swing in his hips to drive the 'Punters' wild. A man, not much older than Frank was himself, made a proposition that he just couldn't refuse. There was something about this man that intrigued Frank so he climbed in the car and they set off on their way.

They pulled up outside of a large manor house. Vines climbed the outer wall and gave the building an eerie feel. The windows gave no glimpse as to what waited inside but this just excited Frank more. What delights awaited inside? He was almost quaking with anticipation. Gerard eyed the young man, something was drawing Gerard closer to him. He wanted to breathe his scent, to taste him. This was most irregular for him as he was a watcher and not a man of physical contact, he pondered this as he guided the younger man to the door.

Franks eyes were growing wider with every step, he thought his heart would smash through his ribcage it was getting almost hard to bear. Gerard pushed open the door and Frank almost bounced through it. Light filled the enormous hallway adorned in rich mahogony. Frank reached out tentavily to touch a peculiar piece that graced a mantle on the wall before quickly drawing them back as he realised his manners "Feel free to touch I really dont mind" Frank smiled over his shoulder at this and ran his left forefinger down the heavy glass paperweight of which a bat had been immortalised inside "My grandfathers. I find it rather dark but then the most beautiful things contain darkness dont they?" Frank nodded he had to agree with the strange man. There was something rather beautiful about this object and he couldnt quite think of what it was.

It was quite a similair feeling to the one he was having for the gentleman who's home he had entered. He was a thin man with hair as dark as a starless evening his eyes deep and brooding yet his skin was as white as fresh fallen snow and looked as smooth as porcelain. He was a rather beautiful man, Frank smiled at him and recieved a smile in return to which Franks heart fluttered. Gerard observed the younger man and also took in his features. He noticed he was rather small and quite thin but not skinny, much like himself, his eyes like olive orbs with flecks of gold which sparkled in the light. Gorgeous.

"Well now sir, shall we get on with the business at hand?" Gerard couldn't stifle a small chuckle at the younger man's eagerness
"Of course and please, call me Gerard"

"Gerard it is, my name is Frank" Gerard flashed him a smile before taking his hand and leading to a door which led to the basement. What should have been filling Frank with fear was actually giving him a rush and he couldn't wait to see what this evening would contain for him. Gerard pulled a red satin scarf from his pocket and placed it over the youngers eyes. Frank although startled at first couldn't help but feel slightly turned on as his vision was blocked. Gerard gently guided Frank to a door and helped him through it

"Now Frank don't be afraid I'm just going to remove your clothes"

"Oh Gerard, fear is not an emotion I possess therefore I shall not feel it" The confidence of the young man filled Gerard with want. He couldn't understand this feeling and it filled him with worry but nevertheless he removed Franks clothing and guided him to a bed in the middle of the room. He lay frank upon it and strapped his legs apart and his arms above his head. Franks excitement only grew, he didn't understand why terror hadn't yet been felt but he didn't care. This was the biggest thrill he'd ever had.

Gerard pulled off his shirt and walked over to his cabinet of 'Pleasure' his first item was a simple feather. He walked back over to Frank and leaned in close being careful not to touch him "Welcome to my chamber you will feel many things here painful and pleasurable. If you cant take it just tell me to stop and I shall take you back to where I found you and you shall recieve your payment..." Frank smiled at this and licked his lips

"Shall we begin then Gerard?" the older man was shocked by how calm Frank was. Some of the others had cried before even being touched and Gerard found it less amusing than this. He was going to enjoy this evenings activities.

Gerard picked up the feather and ran it gently across Franks jawline and down his throat. He watched Frank swallow hard and bite his lip. He felt his trousers tighten and this alarmed him. It never happened this early, he removed his trousers and continued. He began drawing patterns on Franks chest with the feather and watched his mouth form into a smile. He started brushing the feather lower until he reached his already semi hard member. He made gentle strokes up and down his length and across his scrotum while gently blowing upon it.

Frank emitted tiny sighs of pleasure and Gerard had to fight the urge to take the younger in his mouth, another unfamiliar feeling Gerard couldn't work out. He reached for an already lit candle while keeping the feather tickling Franks now fully erect member. He began dripping hot wax onto Franks chest causing him to gasp "Oh Gerard..." this confused the older as most would have cried out at it. This was clearly going to take something much worse.

Gerard stood up and walked over to his cabinet. He pulled out a red ribbon, nipple clamps and a small whip. He wanted to hear Frank scream. He positioned himself above Frank, kneeling between his legs. He never liked to touch his 'Project' but something about Frank was making him break his own rules. He took the red ribbon first and tied it around the base of Franks hardened member

"Good idea. I dont want to blow to early Gerard, I can go all night" This comment just made Grard more determined to break Frank. He took the clamps and gently flicked his tongue over Frank's nipple before mentally scolding himself and attaching the clamps tightly. Frank whimpered a little but then fell silent again, a smile gracing those perfect pink little lips that Gerard wanted to taste so badly. Next he took hold of the whip. This was where the real pain would start.

"Do you like that Frank? Do you enjoy the pain?" Gerard was whipping Franks chest hard and Frank screamed with every hit. Little did Gerard know Frank was more turned on than he had ever been before

"YES! OH GOD YES! HARDER GERARD HARDER!.." Gerard couldn't believe what he was hearing and how hard he was getting. He decided upon breaking his physical contact rule. He tore down his underwear and placed himself above Frank, his member over Franks face

"Open your mouth" Frank did as he was told and Gerard thrust into it. Frank almost gagged but managed not to. He closed his lips around Gerards cock and took each thrust greedilly sucking and licking at it grazing his teeth along the side and flicking the slit with his tongue. Gerard moaned out loud, never had he felt such overwhelming pleasure. Frank was magical. He no longer wanted to hurt Frank, in fact quite the opposite, Gerard wanted Frank to hurt him. He lifted himself away from Frank and shakily unfastened his ties. Frank sat up and Gerard removed his blindfold

"Hurt me Frank. Make me fucking scream" a wide smile spread across Franks face and he shoved Gerard roughly onto the bed face first. He tied Gerard down leaving his legs loose and looked around the room. His eyes fell upon what he wanted and he ran toward it. He sauntered back over to a shaking Gerard and stood behind him

"You want me to make you scream? Get on your fucking knees" Gerard immediatly obeyed as Frank picked up the whip and the object he had found in the room. He ran his hand down Gerards back and across his smooth buttocks he pulled Gerards cheeks apart and ran his tongue across his entrance "I want to hear you scream"

He took the object, a vibrator, and forced it into Gerard. His scream filled the room making Frank pulse with excitement. This was better than any high Frank had ever felt before. He pulled it out and slammed it back in making Gerard scream louder. This time he left it in and began whipping Gerards back "Is this what you wanted? Is this the pain you wanted to feel?"

"Yes! oh god yes more..."Frank giggled and walked around so he was in front of Gerard and grabbed his hair "Open your mouth now!" Gerard opened his mouth and Frank slammed his cock into the back of his throat. Gerards eyes watered as he held back his gag reflex. He had wanted to taste Frank so badly and now he had he never wanted to taste anything else.

Gerard began rocking back and forth hollowing his cheeks to suck Frank harder. Frank groaned and allowed his head to fall back. Gerard began flicking his tongue along Franks tip. He could feel him throbbing in his mouth he was getting close but the ribbon around his base was stopping him from blowing his load in Gerards mouth.

Frank bit down hard on his lip before pulling from Gerards mouth and untying his hands. He walked around him and pulled the vibrator from him and ran his finger over his puckered hole. His cock ached to feel Gerards heat wrapped around him. He grabbed Gerards hair and pulled him back so he was sitting on his knees "I want to fuck you"

"Please do it fuck me hard Frank" Gerard turned to face Frank and ran his tongue up his neck then bit down on his shoulder and Frank cried out

"Im gonna fuck you so hard for that" he stood up and grabbed Gerard's hair pulling his head to the side and biting his neck he reached down and pulled the ribbon from around his base "Then when I'm done I want you to fuck me" he licked Gerards ear before pulling him up and pushing him over to the cabinet bending him down over it. He positioned himself at Gerards entrance slamming himself into him over and over again, harder and harder. Loud groans and screams filled the air with the sound of skin on skin. Frank could barely contain it anymore and pulled out "Fucking suck me.." Gerard dropped to his knees and Frank placed a hand on the cabinet to steady himself. He gripped Gerards hair tightly as he shot his load into the back of his throat. Gerard was in control now and he couldnt wait to feel Franks heat.

Gerard got to his feet and moved behind Frank. He placed his hands on his shoulders and pushed Frank to his knees. He pushed his head down and pulled Franks cheeks apart. He began licking at the tight little hole and pushing his two fingers in and out, scissoring them as he did so. He slipped his tongue just inside the tight ring of muscle making Frank whimper. Gerard pushed himself in and dug his fingernails into Franks slender hips. He felt pleasure surge through his whole body as he slammed into him repeatedly, slapping his ass and leaving bright red hand prints on his pale skin. Frank loved it though. This was the ultimate thrill for him he never wanted it to end.

Gerard slammed in a final time and shouted out as he came inside of Frank, groaning as he felt his hot cum fill Frank. When he had finished milking his orgasm he pulled out and ran his fingers across Franks entrance gathering up his cum and pulling Frank into a sitting position. Frank licked Gerards fingers clean before kissing him hard there tongues dancing together as they moved in sync.

They lay on the floor side by side, taking in as much air as there lungs would allow. Frank turned to look at the beautiful man to find him staring straight back at him
"You're the one"

"Excuse me"

"This chamber was what I created to find my perfect life partner. You're him" Frank smiled at the older man

"If sex like that is what your into then we are suited perfectly" Gerard laughed at the younger man before turning serious
"Will you stay here with me Frank?" Frank leaned over to Gerard and tenderley kissed his swollen lips

"I never wanted to leave..."

THE END!!!! :D

Ok this has been edited and rewritten a little but I did it on my phone so it may not be perfect. Yes it was a little rude but all in good fun :D Anyway could you please please rate and review for me please please please with lots of candy covered Ray Toro's on top xoxo
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