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Soul Bond

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It was the wedding of Fleur and Bill but things don't go as planned. (This is a revamped version I hope you like this one)

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It was a nice day at the Burrow as William Weasley was about to marry Fleur Delacour. Everyone was there except one, Harry Potter wasn't there, or at least that's what everyone thought. No one noticed a young man in a sleeveless bodysuit, gloves and a black trench coat. He was leaning at the back of the tent where the ceremony was being held.

“If any one here believes why these two should not be joined, speak now or forever hold your peace.” Said the minister, just then Fleur suddenly spoke up.

“Non, I can not.” She said, everyone was in shock.

“What?” Said Bill.

“I am so sorry William, but I can not marry you.”

“Let me guess, Harry?”

“Non, well e is part of et but not ze main reason.”

“But why Harry?”

“Ze 'Tri-Wizard Tournament', e saved my life.”

“Who else is stopping you from marring me?” She was about to answer when a patronus came in.

There's been an attack on the Ministry building! Now, it's on the way to the Burrow!” It said once Harry heard that he quickly was gone.

Death Eaters had entered the grounds and started to attack. Just then, arrows impacted in to them. “COME ON!” said one of them. “HE'S JUST ONE MAN!” Just then, he was shot in the head with an explosive arrow, blowing his head off. Then another when in to another Death Eater went on the 'next great adventure'.

Meanwhile the guests were fighting off Death Eaters, but then one had an idea of how to stop him, grabbed Fleur and took off. “FLEUR!” Screamed her father.

“You are coming with us!” Said a Death Eater.

“PAPA! ARRY! ELP!” She screamed. Just then Harry looked up and saw Fleur being taken away by Death Eaters and he took off. He was fighting them off left and right. Arrows going through them and exploding them. He was ducking, dodging and leaping over 'Killing Curses' and firing back with quick arrows. The Death Eater that had Fleur looked back and saw that Harry was catching up.

“Damn!” He said, he fired a 'Killing Curse' at him but he dodged and fired an arrow at the Death Eater. It hit right in his black heart, he fell with Fleur and to their deaths. Harry poured on the speed, dove right at Fleur, caught her and then threw a grappling hook at the ledge and they repelled safely to the ground.

Fleur grabbed on to him and Harry shook her, “Fleur? We're down.” He said, she opened her eyes and she did.

“We are?”

“Yeah, that was a close one.” Just then they were attacked by more Death Eaters attacked them. “Here we go again!” He picked her up and took off. “We got to get away and fast,” he smiled. “This is 'Phenom' I need transport NOW! Sending coordinates.” He put Fleur down and pressed some buttons on something on his arm. Just then there was an explosion and a create dropped in front of them about a mile from them.

“Arry? What are we going to do?” She said, then they looked and saw a motorcycle in front of them. He grabbed her hand and they took off.

“Come on!” They headed for a motorcycle and got on.

“Hang on,” he said and they took off. Death Eaters were firing at them and missing. Fleur was looking behind him.

“Zey are getting closer!” She said.

“Don't worry, we got this.” He went right for a ramp and hit it perfectly. They jumped and were flying through the air as they were, he pressed a few button and the motorcycle turned in to a rocket cycle. Fleur held him tightly enjoying the feeling of his body against her. “This is 'Phenom' to the Helicarrier, come in Helicarrier.”

This is the Helicarrier 'Phenom', are you done with what you needed to do?

“Not completely, but I do need help.”

Come on up and explain it to the Director. The others are here as well.” Harry grimaced.

“Shit! What are they doing here?”

They wanted to help.

“Ugh Roger,” then he looked at Fleur. “Hang on.” So they headed for the Helicarrier. Once in, they landed and he helped Fleur off. She still looked beautiful in her wedding gown even though it was ripped in places and she lost one of her heels. “You alright?” She looked at him and got a better look at him, he was not the 'little boy' she used to know.

He was a very handsome young man, he was buffed, dressed in an all black, sleeveless bodysuit, boots and shades. He had a quiver strapped on to his back and a bow in a holster. Just then a black man walked over to him. He was bald, had a black goatee, was dressed in all black; a bodysuit, boots, gloves, trench coat and an eyepatch.

Harry stood at attention and saluted the man. “You want to tell me the problem Agent Potter?” He said.

“Sir! My friend's wedding was attacked buy a terrorist group after they attacked the ministry building.” He said.

“At ease son,” Harry stood with his legs spread and hands behind his back. “Who is our guest?”

“Fleur Delacour sir,” said Harry. “I had saved her life during a tournament my fourth year.” Just then a couple of men walked over to them. One had black hair, and was dressed in a polo shirt, jeans and boots he had something on his chest it was an arc reactor keeping him alive. He also had a mustache as well.

The other one was blond and was dressed in a shirt, jeans boots, was blond and blue eyed.

“Well,” said the black hair man. “Looks like the 'kid's' got himself a girl. What did you do, snatched her from her wedding?” He laughed.

“Gee Stark, how'd you guess?” He said and Tony was stunned. Fury rolled his eyes.

“Welcome to the Helicarrier Ms. Delacour. I'm sure 'Phenom' has been keeping you safe?”

“Oui, e as but, why do you call im 'Phenom'?” She said.

“That is his code name: Phenom. The second best marksman on the team also he is one of the most powerful members on the team.” Fleur looked at Harry in a new light. Then she remembered something.

“Arry, I need to tell you something.” Harry looked at his friend and raised an eyebrow. “I could not marry Bill.”

“But why? I thought you loved him?”

“Oui, but not like e wanted me to.” She said, “zere were two people stopping me from marrying im.”


“You were one, ze ozzer was Molly.”


“Oui, she did not like me.”

“Because of what you are?”

“What is she?” Said Fury.

“I am a 'Veela', Director Fury.”

“A 'Veela'?”

“You've heard of succubi? A veela is basically the child of a succubi and a wizard.” Said Harry.

“I see, go get cleaned up and changed for your debrief.” Harry saluted,” Ms. Delacour we will provide you with clothes.”

“Wait, can you marry us?” They looked at her.

“What?” Said Harry.

“The woman wants to marry you Potter. I say marry her.”

He looked up to her, “you really want to marry me?”

“Oui arry.”

“Okay,” he said and Fury got a priest and they were married.

“You may kiss your bride,” he said and Harry kissed her.

“I can't believe the kid did it.” Said a man with blond hair and gray eyes, he was dressed like Harry but he also hand a nose and mouth mask around his neck as well. This was Hawkeye, he went over to his protege and gave him a big hug. He was there for him after Sirius had died. “Your parents and 'Padfoot' would be proud of you.”

“Thanks Clint,” he said. Harry took Fleur's hand and they went to his quarters. Fleur wrapped her arms around him.

“Well, we did it.” She said, just then she remembered. “Maman! Papa! Gabrielle!”

“Calm down, I'll go and rescue them.” He said, he took off and got in to a jet car and took off. 'Hang on guys, I'm coming.”

Note: I will explain how Harry became a member of the Avengers in the next chapter. This
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