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Chapter Nine.

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She thinks he needs help.

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For fall, the temperature had dropped extremely low, extremely quickly. It was barely even October and already there was snow falling from the seemingly endless grey sky. It wasn't enough to cover the ground, but there was a thin layer of ice covering most, if not all, footpaths. It made it extremely hard to go out without slipping.

Frank had fallen at least three times on the way to school and in result, had to hide his ass with his messenger bag. Grey jeans just wasn't a great idea this morning and it didn't help when his Mom didn't tell him it had in fact snowed during the night. That was the cause of the first fall. He walked outside and slipped down the steps. His dad had laughed too hard to help him up.

But he wasn't too upset about having to make sure his bag stayed over the large, dark wet patch on his butt. There were plenty other students with the same problem, only they didn't exactly realize they were wet too. It took the humiliation off him a little and all the eyes weren't on him, watching as he awkwardly shifted his bag around. He'd never hear the end of it if they noticed.

"Hey Frank!" Jamia said happily as she stepped out in front of him with a smile. "Are you still coming over after school?"

Turning so his back was facing the lockers, he scratched his head and said "It depends on the weather I think" as one of his extremely lame replies. "I mean, you know, the ice and stuff"

She nodded. "It'll be no problem! We don't have to walk, my mom said she can take us considering the roads have had the ice melted off" she smiled. "So I'll see you later then!"

Forcing a smile, he nodded. "I guess so, um..." he looked up across the crowded hall. "I should be getting to class"

She nodded. "Okay, so I'll meet you at your locker after school?"

Nodding reluctantly, he answered with a small "Yeah" and shifted his bag again, readying himself for the walk to class. If he was late everyone would see him.

"Okay, bye then" she pretty a happy kiss to his lips and stepped back into her group of yapping and giggling friends, watching Frank as he started his awkward walk to class. He had to wait longer than usual to wipe her horrible tasting lip gloss from his lips. He felt bad that she had to actually kiss him. If I were her, I wouldn't want to. he thought as he shook his head.

Maybe you should dump her some of the cells said. He could just picture them in cute cartoon form with arms crossed and a pout on their small, unneeded faces. You're just making it worse. The longer the lie, the bigger the fight.
But then Mommy and Daddy will want to know why the other cells said meanly. Then they'll find out your life long secret!

Frank frowned. His cells couldn't just make the decision making easy. In fact, shouldn't they be the ones actually making the decisions? Not him? They shouldn't be arguing every hour, confusing him more than his trigonometry class. As he reached the classroom door, he was starting to consider some miraculous brain cell transplant. Well, he started wishing those existed. Okay, he would have been wishing it existed if his brain cells hadn't have started brain war fifty million in side his skull.

He rolled his eyes as he walked into his classroom. The cells had just brought up a fight they'd had from a few weeks ago and frankly, he was sick of it. It was almost like his brain cells were a married couple yelling at their kids. It really pissed him off. But what got to him more was the fact that when they were yelling and screaming about insignificant things, he was making annoyed faces, rolling his eyes and sighing at them, forgetting that no one else could actually hear them too. It just made him crazy. Like now. His Homeroom teacher was watching him walk to his desk in the back weirdly. She's called the nurse once before because he'd whispered for them to shut up when he was the only one sitting in class with the teacher. She thinks he needs help.

Sighing in relief, and ignoring his gawking teacher, he finally relaxed in his chair, happy that he no longer had to hide his jeans with his bag anymore. All he had to do was stay seated and make sure he didn't forget about it when the bell went.

"Morning miss!" he heard Cara say happily from the door as her feet tapped across the lino floor. He looked up from his bag just in time to catch her disappointed face when she noticed him sitting in the back.

"Good morning Cara" Miss. Anderson said back, smiling politely before looking back at Frank with narrowed eyes. Almost like she were waiting for him to burst out in a satanic ritual. It's like she wants a reason to send him away. Sometimes, he wanted her to.

Frank sat semi-miserably as he watched his fellow classmates pour in, his chin resting on his palm in an almost bored like state. He wasn't bored. He actually quite enjoyed school. Well, for the learning part. He hated the people. But lately, with the war in his head and the rest of his mind being on the historic center, he couldn't concentrate on his work long enough for it to sink in. School was pointless at the moment.

As Miss. Anderson started taking the register, Frank looked down at his bag and sighed. The voices were still going at it.

He should break-up with Jamia before she gets too attached one side said, arms crossed as they glared across at the others. She's just a teen, she'll think the world is over!
Too attached?! the other side screached, almost laughing at the stupidity of the other side. They've been together for a year!
Then the other side was at it again. It's going to get worse! It's already gone too far!

Shaking his head, he sat back in his chair annoyed. He was tired of these voices not being able to get along and make a good decision for once and he was sick of having his teacher and everyone else around him looking at him like he was crazy when he tried to stop them. But out of all of it, he was sick and tired of the headaches they gave him. Sometimes he thought it would be better for everyone if he was decapitated.

As Miss. Anderson started on her usual school news and up coming events talks and passed out a few forms for certain classes field trips, Frank stared down at his bag and shoved his hands into his hoodies pockets, furrowing his eyebrows when something brushed against his hand.

"School is off tomorrow for freshman and seniors" Miss. Anderson announced as Frank took the paper from his pocket. "You guys don't have to come in, which means two days off for you"

Thank God, he thought, happy that at least he wouldn't have to hang around Jamia for the next two days at lunch and recess break. If you broke up with her, you wouldn't have to the cells said meanly. Well... that's true.

Shrugging, he looked down at his glove wearing hands and unfolded the small piece of paper, smiling when he recognized the slightly messy curly writing that was Gerard's. How could he have forgotten about that? It's all he had stared at when he went home. He could practically make an exact replica of the note just from memory. With his eyes shut. That wasn't creepy, right?

Suddenly he didn't care that he had no way in getting out of going to Jamia's house that afternoon. How could he feel down when he knew that whenever he wanted it, he could have a free tour with the guide he just happens to be obsessing over? It was just impossible. Suddenly his horribly started day became happier.

Apologies for this I've been bed ridden sick for days. I'm just recovering now and well yeah. So sorry for the crapness, I'll try and update again tomorrow. The next chapter I think will have more interesting crap. xx MAX
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