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Oneshot for Tiara (Mcrroxursox45)

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Here's your sad 'lil brotherly fic! :)

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I'm really sorry, but this is kinda fluffy, and short, and not that great. :/ I wrote it kinda fast, so I might write you another one later.


Mikey sat in the clean, white hospital bed, waiting in the clean, white hospital room.

He had been waiting for a long time, but he could wait some more.

After all, this time waiting meant more time with his brother, who had an entire life ahead of him. Meanwhile, Mikey had days. Days to count, think, laugh, cry, wait in what seemed to be Death's Waiting Room.

"Mikey?" Gerard's eyes fluttered open, his head rising from its resting place on his shoulder. He shifted in the hard plastic chair that was next to his brother's bed. Mikey was sitting up, looking ahead at the clean, white wall in front of him. After a moment that felt like eternity, he blinked, and slowly turned his head to face Gerard.

He was so thin. Dark circles hung fom his eyes. His hair had begun to fall out; his bones becoming impossibly more prominent than they had been previously; his skin was so deathly pale and gray. Next to Gerard, Mikey looked like death itself.

Gerard stared into vacant eyes. "Mikey? Mikey! Are you okay?" Panic took over.

The younger man's eyebrows drew together, and his eyes weren't so empty. "Yeah. I'm fine. Been better." He smiled humorlessly.

Gerard pressed his lips together and closed his eyes. Mikey sighed: these were the telltale signs that Gerard was going to cry. Gerard had always worn his emotions on his sleeve; meanwhile, Mikey had always been the reserved one.

He had also always been the strong one, though, and just because he was dying didn't mean he should stop.

"Come here," he said to his brother, smiling weakly. He scooted over in his bed and gestured to the space next to him. Gerard looked up with red rimmed eyes, and wordlessly, he climbed in next to Mikey, taking him in his arms and beginning to sob into his shoulder.

Mikey let him. When he quieted down, Mikey kissed Gerard on the top of the head, and they both settled down next to each other, laying on their backs and looking at the clean, white ceiling.

"Gerard." Mikey cleared his throat. "Gerard?"

Gerard didn't move. "Yeah?"

"Remember the Black Parade?"

The older brother smiled as he reminisced. "Yeah, of course. That was a good era."

"Do you still believe in that... concept?"

Gerard looked at Mikey through the corner of his eye. "What do you mean?"

"Like... do you still think that death comes in the form of a person's fondest memory?"

They were both quiet for a few minutes as they seemed to look beyond the ceiling and see the stars.

"I hope so, Mikey."

With that, the two brothers nestled against each other and found comfort in their dreams.


Mikey woke up in the middle of a grass field. As he stood, brushed himself off, and looked around, he realized he was in the park near the neighborhood in which he had grown up. The air was chilly and the light was fading.


Mikey turned around, and found the source of the noise. "Gerard?"

A very young child with raven black hair and a round face ran up to the man. "Mikey, the sun's setting! Come look, it's so pretty!"

Young Gerard grabbed Mikey's hand, and in a sort of half-run, led Mikey to a small hill overlooking the rest of the park. Laughing, he plopped down onto the grass and crossed his legs.

Mikey sat down next to him. Hugging his knees to his chest, he watched the sun set with his older brother.

Gerard sighed. "Mikey, look at all the colors. See the reds, and the pinks, and the oranges?"

Mikey smiled down at his brother's earnest face. "Yeah, Gerard. It's beautiful."

Gerard grinned, and turned back to the sunset, leaning on the taller man. They continued to watch the sun paint the heavens.

But something quite peculiar happened. As the sun sank lower into the ground and more colors filled the sky, everything seemed to grow brighter. The light flooded his senses and Mikey closed his eyes. As he felt Gerard's hand slip into his own, he smiled, and the light grew brighter.


Gerard woke up in the clean, white hospital bed, in the clean, white hospital room. He turned to look at his brother. What he saw surprised him.

Mikey didn't look at all like he was dying. His body seemed strong; his skin was no longer such a sick gray; his hair was shining, no longer dull and limp; his face looked so peaceful. A smile lingered on his lips.

What had woken Gerard up had been the incessant whine of Mikey's heart monitor. It was flatlining.

And yet, when Gerard looked at his brother's face, he knew that Mikey was better off. Gently, he climbed out of the bed, kissed his brother goodbye, and as nurses came running into the clean, white room, Gerard slowly made his way out.
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