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A Pointless Plan of a Father

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George comes up with a plan to get Dhani to spend the day with him instead of go to school.

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George wanted to take his son, Dhani, on a yacht so they could sail away from their home for a while. He wanted to divulge secrets he kept hidden from the world with him; after all, he knew he could trust Dhani. He also wanted to explain to his son how introspection worked and how it could help him with meditation.

Satisfied with his plans, he approached him. “Dhani,” he said, “how would you like to take a yacht and escape the world for a while instead of going to school today?”

“That sounds gear,” the young boy replied, “but we’re learning about participles! Bye!” With that said, he left.

George was disappointed that his strategy didn’t work. He figured all children hated going to school; he knew he did. Oh well, he thought, I guess there’s always tomorrow.



This is based off of a quote about George:

"He used to say to me every day, 'You don't have to go to school today. Do you just want to go on a yacht in the South Pacific and run away forever?' A lot of people would probably say, 'You're an idiot for not doing that,' and maybe I am..."
~Dhani Harrison
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