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The Divorce

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Lily makes her choice and reunites with Severus.

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It took her several more days to breech the topic with James. He thought she was joking at first, and then he was furious. After they argued he stormed out and spent the night with Sirius, who calmed him down and convinced him that it was the right thing. In the morning he came home and told her to find somewhere else to live. He would be keeping the house, and Harry would be staying with him.
Lily was willing to live by his terms for now. It was not the time to negotiate. She arranged to stay with the Weasleys, although she desperately wanted to be with her best friend. She was afraid of the rumors that might spread if she were to move in with a man right away.
She spent her nights with the Weasleys, and they were happy to help her despite Molly's complete disapproval of her choice. The days, all of them that Remus had off, she spend with her best friend. There was never any greater comfort than Remus. His temperament soothed her, his wisdom balanced her, his presence reminded her that she would always be loved.
Within little time Lily began to grow outside the confines of her old boundaries. There was nothing overt, nothing inappropriate, but she and Remus began to stay up late and cuddle as they talked about this and that and nothing at all. Their comfort with each other found a natural, affectionate hold. Their feelings may have matured and mutated if given a lot more time, but that was not to be.
As much as Remus loved Lily, he was falling in-love with someone else much faster and much harder. A young Auror could not keep her ever-changing eyes off of him, and after weeks spent with him in disbelief that she was really looking at him and not simply past or around him, she made a very bold and direct move. From there Lily and Remus returned to their old boundaries - still the best of friends, but no more snuggle parties. Lily began to spend her nights with the Weasleys again.
It took her less than two months after she moved out of her home to figure out the next step she had to take in her life. It was on her mind constantly, and Remus was always encouraging her. She had already lived this many years holding herself back from what she wanted - how much longer would she wait, and what the hell was the point now? Still acquiescing to James's demands, she would not be greeting Harry at the train station for winter break. James would be explaining the divorce. Harry loved her - she knew that. When it was her turn, he would give her a fair listening to despite James's unfair attempts.
Instead of being with her son the first evening of winter break, which is what she most desperately wanted to do, she decided to try to move on with her life goals. As she had just over fifteen years ago, she showed up tonight on Severus's doorstep entirely unannounced.
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