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Spy Auditions

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I'm so sorry about all this story vomit, but audition if you want. :P

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Hello. So, in school for the past few days (today was a PJ day for Children in Need tomorrow, and I went in my MSI tour shirt. PERFECTION!!) and I was thinking about a new story. Shayla, if you're reading this, HURRY UP WITH THE SEX SCENE I WANT TO START WRITING HCH AGAIN!!! Haha. XD. Anyway, this story is going to be about 5 guys (MCR) and their girlfriends. The guys know each other are spies, and the girls know each other are spies, but when Frank and I are selected for a mission together, we all find out. So, as you can tell, it's going to be another Franina... sorry... but I just can't stop. I'm going to need a few parts.

Gerard's girl/boyfriend
Mikey's girl/boyfriend
Ray's girl/boyfriend
Bob's girl/boyfriend - (although I think we all know it's going to be you AJ.)
The top spy boss person - (S/He's a badass.)
The criminal gang - (I think 4 at most.)
The criminal leader

Okay, and this is what I'll need:

Spy name:
Anything else?:

If you're the spy leader:

You're title (Like on the spy programme thing, the guy's called The Examiner, so something like that. Maybe start it with a "The."):
You're real name that will probably be revealed at the end. (Please try to make it as embarrassing as possible if it's an OC, I think it would be a funny ending.)

If in the criminal gang/the leader:

How long have you been wanted by the spies?:
What got you in to being a criminal?:
What crimes are you into?:

I think that's it. I made schnitzels in food tech today. I love schnitzels. "Catch a falling schnitzel and put it in your pocket, never let it fade away!" - Princess Diaries song lyric change I think... sorry about my weirdness recently. I'm just crazy and I don't know why. Haha. XD xx
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