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Her abusive step-father pushed her too far; he was a fresh start..MARIANAS TRENCH FIC

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"I'm sorry." The girl croaked, tears falling past her face, breath coming in hiccups.

"Don't apologize; I just never realized that you would do this." He whispered, kneeling down to the girl.

"I fucked up so bad..I'm-" Sobs taking over her voice.

"Hey come here, it's going to be alright." Just as he was about to pull her into an embrace, the scene changed.

Once again she was in an alley way.

"WHAT'S GOING ON?!" She screamed, spinning a 180.

"Wake up bitch." A voice slurred, 
"I SAID WAKE UP!" A harsh kick to the ribs awoke the girl from her nightmare.

"What?" She groaned, looking up too see a drunken step-father hovering over her.

"You are so fucked up." He started, grabbing her arm, pushing the sleeve of her black Linkin Park shirt up to reveal scars.

"Bu-But." She couldn't explain..not even if she wanted to.

"LITTLE BITCH!" He slapped her, gripping her hair and pulling her off the bed.

With a yelp she fell to the floor, greeted by another kick; this one hitting her stomach.

"You worthless little hussy." He slurred kicking, missing her abdomen and hitting her chin.
Tears dripped out of her eyes, falling to the floor below.

"You are a fucking worthless whore, understand me?!" He yelled, once receiving no reply from the sobbing girl, he gripped her throat pressing her against the wall.

"ANSWER ME WHEN I TALK TO YOU!" He bellowed, ringing her throat before dropping her on the ground.

"Honey what happened?" Her mom ran in, conveniently after Charlie had left.

".." She tried explaining everything, only to realize her voice wouldn't come out.

"Kass now." Her mom pushed.

Crying, sobs causing her throat to erupt in more pain, her mom rolled her eyes.

"Fine don't tell me." Getting up, leaving her daughter to suffer in silence.

BOO! You don't have to take their shit, just.leave Smiling at her friend's text, she did just so.

Pulling on a black Fix Me shirt and red and black plaid PJ bottoms, along with her grey beat up converse, she left.

"WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!" Charlie yelled, as she ran outside into the cold Vancouver air.

"KASSPER GET BACK HERE!" He yelled, chasing her.

Tripping over a crack, she fell face first, nose crunching against the pavement.
"You won't run away ever again, and to make sure you won't I have to teach you a lesson." Gripping her hair the man slammed her face into the sidewalk.

Kicking and pushing him away, Kassper had tears falling down her face.

"You're not fucking worth it. Damn you can't even talk!" He yelled, leaving the girl bleeding and crying on the pavement.

Please god, kill me now She prayed to anyone who was listening.

"Hey dude, is that a person?" A male voice asked, obviously finding her broken figure.

"Shit Matt, I think it is." Another voice answered, concern filling his tone.

"Hey are you okay?" The second voice asked, probably kneeling over her.
Keeping her eyes tightly closed she nodded.

"We need to get to the ER, she looks half dead." The guy, probably named Matt suggested.

"Yeah, okay this might hurt." The unnamed guy told her, gently sliding his arms under her, lifting her.

Whimpering in pain, she heard a car door open, and the warmth of a vehicle surround her.

"Can you tell us your name?" Matt asked, once again nodding she pointed to her probably bruised throat.

"Can't talk?" The still unknown guy asked.
Nodding she heard a sigh.
"Well if it helps, I'm Josh, and that's Matt." Josh explained, worry filling his tone.

"We're here." Groaning, knowing what pain awaited you.

"I know, I'm sorry." Josh apologized, lifting her broken figure once again and bringing her into the building.

"Oh god, what happened?!" A nurse frantically asked

"We don't know. We were walking back to our car and she was laying on the street.

"Well bring her here, she needs immediate help." Leading them back, the nurse commanded which bed Josh would lay her on.

"Well we can't really just leave her." Matt awkwardly explained.

"I know." Josh stood, pulling out his phone.

"Calling the girl?"

"Yeah, she would probably rip my nuts off if I didn't tell her I wasn't coming back tonight."

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